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Today on Power Rangers: Kimberly and Trini babysit a brat so mean and evil that you'd swear Rita sent her down as the mean she didn't?; Billy helps out the science project of a boy...who shares his name; Trini's evil doll is transformed into an adorable but incompetent monster; and Rita is the only one who remembers Zack's birthday...and her present: a powerful knight with a cardboard sword to kill him!  At least it's better than whatever his teammates can give him!


Big Sisters: aka: Real Heroes Drive Beetles!

A little girl, in the juice bar with all those older adu...teenagers? What is this, Beetleborgs?

Hoo boy, Zack's trying to get the girls in the place with his shirt off.

No helping, Zack, until you get that sweat off your body!

"Volunteering" to be big other words, not trying to give them real families, Zordon would kill them?

Really, "hot water shut off"? Um...wouldn't it have both water pipes in the same place?

And more male toplessness...seriously, who decided this was a good idea?

AAAAH, IT'S A GREMLIN! No seriously, that girl looks disturbing, like she's a midget and not a real girl!

Rita, the franchise just started, how could you be sick of the Power Rangers after 6 episodes?

What the heck is Maria drinking anyway?

Get your attention...with it being the boys' bathroom, maybe its early puberty.

Seriously, Kim, it's just a picnic with Trini and the evil girl, what could possibly go wrong?

Ancient Power Eggs, are those...oh no, not that stupid Zyuranger plot point!

Who the heck would put eggs into a chest...then again...

I say feed them to Squatt so we can ruin some unhappy kids' day.

Only a child can open it...this makes little to no sense without knowing the context.

Ruthless, nasty and, a monster lawyer?

Chunky Chicken...let's be glad it isn't Chokey Chicken.

I don't think Finnster would mind living as a sea slug; no Rita.

That is the most metal "Old MacDonald" I've ever heard.

Seriously, Maria's pigtails and skirt just seem to spell "I'm evil".

Yeah, Trini, listen while munching on those chips. That tells her "I care".

And now the boy talk. See, Kim caught on she's going through puberty already.

Or not...hey, maybe she has a class filled with Billy's.

This is a cool fight scene, with the girls protecting the brat from the Putties.

Hey Putties, tell Rita you can have her!

OK, Goldar finally has his real voice; all is right with the world.

And Squatt and Baboo remain hilarious.

And thus the juice bar continues to break health violation codes with it's non-juice meals.

And...Zack is going to eat all of it? How much does Hip Hop Akido burn?

Um, Billy...why would Rita want to do anything?

Oh great, Zordon's tower's down. Now what?

Hoo boy, Billy's got a surprise. Considering last time, who knows what it could be.

RAD BUG! Finally, HERBIE can get some real use in the 90s!

Yes, but can you make it travel through time, Doc, Cranston?

The Rad Bug is way better usage of stock footage compared to...a lot of what's been done so far.

And...right through the portal straight down.

Should have fallen on Alpha.

"It's an old car?" Yeah, that was great deadpan.

10 millenia? Those eggs have been there that long?

I don't get it? Neither do I, Zack, neither do I.

The Morphing Masters. So that's what the 5 tribes leaders are called. Can't wait until we get to Jason's guardian killing a black knight to make him his son.

Ancient ancestors..older than 10 millenia...jeeze they've been around for a while.

But why a child? Other than stock footage usage, it makes no sense.

Return them to the sea? Um, Rita could retrieve them again in the sea. Don't you have a plan B?

At least they're in driving distance. Should have been a Studebaker now that I think about it.

I'm with Squatt; I'm in the mood for a good omlette today.

We really need the Power Rangers to go on a road trip in that thing.

At least Jason knows "hey, let's morph once we're out of that thing"...still think it's hilarious that with all the cool cars Sentai has had, the Power Rangers are using a VW Beetle.

This stock footage usage is and random considering it was a 2 parter Sentai story.

IT'S MORPHIN' TIME...while still in the Rad I love this. (though if they run Goldar and the idiots over, it would be over already)

Hey neat, the blaster finisher; they never used it that often but it was neat.

And into the float for eternity...without anyone realizing they're still there...

Hey, Rita's going after it. At least she remembers she can do that.

I hate when they need to go for an exact match with the Sentai.

And now Chunky Chicken's in a hat...yeah footage but it's still bizarre.

Rita...why did you decide to watch the torture? You could just go after the Power Eggs like you were doing!

TIme is running short? For Rita or the Power Eggs?

Wait, Dinozords....already? There's no giant and you still have Rad Bug!

Kim just likes being contrary to the others.

Rita, just chase after the Power Eggs like you were doing! Why did you stop to do a death trap with the chicken?

Yeesh, the slow rope cut torture? How cliche.

How the heck did Japan spend money on a giant hand for that scene?

At least we get a growth on Earth. That's rare.

Seriously with that hat, Chunky Chicken reminds me of a rasta.

And there's that green panel again! Why do they keep wanting to make me think there's a Green Ranger coming?

Hey, Rad Bug's sentient...or is Billy controlling it by remote control?

Wait, why did it take so long to at least admit Chunky Chicken could cut through reality?

Um Rita, you'd be ruling Earth if you...oh I don't know...KEPT CHASING AFTER THE POWER EGGS IN THE OCEAN!

I wonder if she got the jumbo-sized asprin bottle?

Wait, the recycling this referring back to "Teamwork"?

And now the media's gotten hold of Rita. Yeesh, next you know they'll be sending reporters to the moon.

Wonder what Ernie put in his chili?

That looks nothing like know how TV gets.

Wait, Skull...I thought we'd have an ep without him or Bulk?

Oh Veggie then was Zack's split non-dairy earlier?

Hey, Bulk did nothing this episode! Why the hell did you do that to him?

(whiny horn) Waaa...waaa...waaa...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thoughts: Terrible episode for the most part. The usage of the footage, particularly from a two-parter that was rather bad in Zyuranger already, just made it even worse and nonsensical, made all the worse with Maria. The only brilliant thing was the first appearance of Rad Bug, probably one of the coolest things that PR got right in adaptation in keeping that thing around instead of just this two-parter.

I, Eye Guy: aka: The Mind-Scrambling Horror

He's wearing suspenders and in Billy's house


Don't say "Morphinominal" in front of public, Trini, they'll be suspicious.


Still better than real VR.

So the pennant is "Graceland University"? Wonder why they chose there.

Willie? William's just "Billy" longhanded so...

Steal the boy's intelligence? Why not Billy's? He's the genius.

Just noticed; Putty boots are rarther...loose.

You're getting dizzy, Willie...very dizzy...

And Billy's just...bobbing.

I guess Jason's been teaching them tactics.

Billy's not fighting. That Putty just fell over on its' own like it tripped!

And Billy hand slapped it like he wasn't even trying. Why even bother.

That box really doesn't look secure.

Hey look, it's that girl from the Dora Argus episode.

Makes more sense than Zyu's idea that somehow he was a vampire.

Who gave permission to use the TNG font for the banner?

Those VR posters look nothing like Willie's.

I think the suspender pull makes it work as well as Gentarou's friend-shake.

Oh neat, Eye Guy isn't just a creation. come the puns.

Seriously aren't there other meeting places in Angel Grove so Bulk and Skull can have their Ernie chow?

Hey, you could get sick from the experiment so it's like a regular fair.

Yep, room full of know you want to be one.

Nerditis could make the two of you smarter.

Seriously that kid looks nerdier than Billy!

Be thankful Bulk wore his undies today; we don't want to go there.

So....invisibiltiy or instant acid?

Really Bulk, with the guy you stole from, Billy isn't even the nerdiest looking guy in Angel Grove.

"This is all the IQ I need"...nice comeback.

Terrible Jason; I thought you meant a real club of friends?

Seriously not in a room filled with sciency parts!

He walked right into that throw.

Kim, Trini, where were you two?

Hey neat, a fashionable nerd girl.

TENSHIN DA! (oops, season too early)

Didn't they just steal that from Willy Wonka?

They look like they stepped out of "Hairspray" is Bulk Tracy Turnbladt's mother?

What about the other high heel?

Um, Willie wasn't at fault; what about fashion girl?

That is the rudest science fair guy I've ever seen.

Hey Willie, you're about the same as Billy with your luck so...

Maybe you should work on your intonations, Trini.

Wonder why the girls want to stay at the science fair though?

Wonder what Willie's other inventions were.

Hey, I'm a disembodied eyeball, be amazed!

Hey, now Willie's training for NASADA's next space flight!

Um, and now Kim and Trini are leaving the science fair...why?

I knew that cap would come in handy.

Yep, Zordon knows where he usual.

I'd like to see how Eye Guy can see with that spinning thing in him.

So how do you gain control of Willie's mind with a gyroscope?

Yeah, Alpha would say that.

I'm happy they didn't use the Zyu story but why keep the Baboo footage?

The main eye is closed...when you have that many eyeballs, you don't necessarily need it all the time.

Collapsable. That's convenient.

Were those nipple beams? With the eyes where they were...luckily it isn't female.

And...Zordon again figures it out.

Hurry, or else Willie will puke inside Eye Guy and his puke will blind him!

Nipples with teeth...that is disturbing.

And then Billy is suddenly there...and there's that girl from the Dora Argus ep again.

Aren't you lucky the Power Lance is a long pointy thing?

At least she grows Eye Guy without it dying first.


Bug eyes wouldn't count unless it had a face to bug out with.

Seriously you have eye beams in your tank mode, use them on Eye Guy and you're even!

Engage? How many terms do you need for the Sword? was open the entire time Billy.

So where's the gyroscope? And why isn't Willie sick yet?

The Global Positioning System Explained? GPS? In 1993? (probably but still, just shocking)

Figured: they suspended Willie cause they wanted to play with his stuff without judging it.

Yeah you should have figured that out sooner, dumbass.

What? First Prize? What about that invisibility spray? Or the fashion machine! That roller coaster bit's been done to death!

The handshake again. Let's beat some Zodiarts now!

Um, wearing women's clothing isn't bad enough to take a shower you too.

Does anyone know how to do laundry that isn't a bullying Power Ranger?

Thoughts: The footage got really weird in that there really is no reason or explanation behind why Rita wanted to steal Willie's intelligence; but the episode was still better than the Zyu counterpart. Really I think the whole thing was just set up for the whole "Bulk and Skull at the science fair" bit and they built a flimsy episode plot around that one set piece.

For Whom the Bell Trolls: aka: Question Marks: Why Do We Need Them?

Wait, a new starting point? We're finally getting Angel Grove High and not just the Juice Bar? Eh...bout time. (at least we got a California flag to prove where it is)'s Hobby Week. In High School. Yeah, I can see what people say about Miss Applebee being a kindergarten teacher.

Hey neat, dolls. Maybe she has one that can kill people.

This doll is from you can't fap to it.


I think he's choking to hide the screams.

Yeah, zoom right on in to that killer doll of death. Like we don't need to sleep tonight.

Seriously, Rita, just go to Finnster's lab and play with his clay, then you'd be playing with dolls!

Hey, you should have gotten voodoo dolls from your mom. It works.

Jason's hobby: poking things with a stick. Yep, that's Jason for you.

See, even Bulk can do it!

Zack's hobby...humping the desk? No, it's EXTREEEEME SURFING! (like I'd forget the most insane Dynaman bit)

Kim's hobby: that's more "competitive" is that a hobby if its your life?

Not near the, do it near Ticklesneezer, we have to destroy that thing!

I'm with Bulk and Skull and their deadpan enthusiasm.

Billy's hobby: quick-build volcano!

Pink slime...bubblegum flavor!

Hey, DARE poster on the back. I had their T-shirt as a kid.

Question marks: why do we need them? Do you think it would be wiser if we asked this to someone like Dmitria? (then again it would be funny if someone wrote a 500 page essay on this and handed that in to Applebee tomorrow)

He got the it Bulk! Put it out of it's misery!

And...obvious joke.

Pepto-Bismol for everyone!

Hey Trini, that teddy looks cute. Bring that next time instead of Ticklesneezer!

See you in your nightmares, Trini!

And...back to old Goldar voice.

Cool, Squatt's got this.

All that green energy...hope it doesn't go radioactive.

And now it looks less scary than before in it's Zyu suit.

Where the heck did Ticklesneezer get the camera?

Book of legends? Wait, when did Trini's family get a legendary doll like that?

I actually like Ticklesneezer's voice. Sort of wish they kept the original plot but it would make no sense here.

Fish-eye shot! Scary!

Eh it isn't Rad Bug least it fits stock footage.

So that's how ship in a bottle works.

And now he's in Tokyo...stealing Tokyo Tower...unless Angel Grove has a great replica.

Not at school, not at the youth you guys hang out anywhere else?

Great capture sequence. I always liked this monster and seeing him here capturing Billy and Trini does keep it working.

Little goodies! At least Billy and Trini have a purpose to him.

Wouldn't worry about Ticklesneezer crushing you. He isn't that harmful.

You do realize you're going to have to take care and feed them if they're in your collection, right?

Does Rita realize she has two Power Rangers right now?

And meanwhile...more bro time for Jason and Zack.

I thought he was a pro, so how could he be getting good?

Eh that's nothing. Ippei Akagi can break ice!

And...chocolate cake...near Bulk...

I never knew popcorn was that hard to crush.

And joke coming in 1...2....well it's well sliced.

Seriously, we need to know how the board battle ends, Zordon! Can this wait?

And again with people knowing things...though in this case the doll did look like him.

ANA: flying in Angel Grove since...never.

Um, you forgot Zack, Trini.

Yeah, she sent down Squatt and Baboo. That's a reason to panic and morph!

I'm with Ticklesneezer: this is just getting too bizarre.

And...there goes a trip.

Nice catch, Kim.

There's always a train coming when you don't want it. What can you say.

Hey even Ticklesneezer's worried.

Nice save, stock footage!

Too bad, Ticklesneezer. Maybe you could just give him the car back as a consolation?

Weird; you had other bottles, why do you need that one in particular?

Yeesh, what a taskmaster that Rita is.

Least they didn't have the really weird part of the giant fight here...yeah, the giant kid.

Really, Megazord against Ticklesneezer? This isn't like he's that harmful.

Yep, Megazord is an awesome goodie.

Don't kill him, he's not that bad.

And why is Squatt floating? Oh yeah.

Time and place? Ticklesneezer broke the space-time continuum? Should Time Force be notified?

And...he had a building too....yeesh, he really was busy when we didn't see it. was a dream sequence!? I knew Ticklesneezer was the stuff of nightmares!


And there it is...on the floor...with those horrible eyes...and that horrible smile.

Mr. Ticklesneezer: a doll only Trini could love.

Wait, those two get their hobby together? Um..why?

"We like parasites!" Yeah...this isn't the best way to start a presentation.

Flea circus? Well it's sane...except there's no cover...

Well that explains Applebee's itching earlier.

 The Zyu version of this episode was one of the really, really bizarre making it all a dream for Trini was probably the best way to approach it. I still say the Zyu suit is more adorable than that...thing...Trini kept as a doll. And yeah, while we finally get Angel Grove High, it isn't helped that Applebee's class is a literal grade school class in high school clothing.

Happy Birthday, Zack: aka: Cake Is Not a Science

Cake-o-Matic? That probably explains where all the Bulk and Skull ammo comes from for Ernie.

I'd figure Billy would need headphones to block out the noise of that cake machine.

And...dishwashing suds.

You have to give it to David Yost in making Billy's awkward geekiness work as a character trait. (with Billy-speak and all that)


Who goes through more of this mess: Ernie or Bulk?

Hey, maybe we can serve Ernie as the cake.

You hate machines...don't say that in front of the super-genius inventor.

Wait, Finnster knows it's Zack's birthday? WE DON'T EVEN KNOW IT'S ZACK'S BIRTHDAY YET! (yeah, title but at least say it on screen first!)

Trini's turning taskmaster, this isn't good.

Nah that's not a warpath. A warpath is if the entire juice bar got sudded out.

Surprised? At least Zack's sleeping tonight compared to these four!

Hoo boy, PR talk...this is going to get awkward.

Thing is Batman can do things on their own compared to these five...when he doesn't have Robin...and Batgirl...and Bat-Woman...and...

Aliens, Jason? Go on.

Least no one from Aquitar, Triforia or KO-35 was in earshot of Jason's little "accusation". (let alone Police, Hummard, Anubis...)

And what are these two doing up this late?

Nerd patrol? Last I saw, only Billy's the nerd.

Seriously, bullying Bulk again? He likes Zack too you know.

That much calligraphy, Trini?

OK, I want to see this "fun" Skull is into with Trini.

Bulk's in a bad mood, Kim. See what happened to that balloon?

And there goes the balloons. Eh, too much an environmental hazard anyway.

Great, even Billy's laughing. The Power Rangers are jerks!

Skull in the slop? Would have expected Bulk.

A giant fruit fly with an attitude. Would be cool.

Wait was that Snizzard? We haven't seen him yet. Or the Genie!

Page 12. At least he remembered where in his logs are his works.


Yep, Kim's lost. Trini isn't but at least they know Billy's too advanced for them.


The Cake-o-Matic too? That's not suspicious.

And where the heck did that popcorn come from. SUS-PI-CIOUS!

My "work": eating this entire bowl of popcorn to deal with my constipation problem!

Really, they could be there without saying "we're working on your birthday party". They don't have to just vanish off the ether.

Hey, don't steal Ernie's "Work", Kim! You didn't deserve any kernals for that!

Squatt's the foreman? This is going to be a disaster, I can feel it.

Babbling's probably important for the job anyway.

It can cut through anything and is magical...and the other side looks like cardboard! (yep, they got it from Exhaus)

That's "knasty", with a "K".

Wait, it was for the sword, not the knight. Why ask for it with that?

No skateboards in the halls!

X shirt...if that's Malcolm X related, wonder how Walter got that past Saban.

Older? It's just been 10 episodes, Zack. Give it time!

Kim you're being non-specific. SUS-PI-CIOUS!

A...poodle? Show me a pic now and prove it!

Dejected over a dumb poodle. Kim, you screwed up big time.

Forgetting a birthday isn't something to make a big deal about...again, are they grade schoolers?

Pull him off...what if he's doing Lionel Richie and dancing on that ceiling? You'd screw his timing!

Zack, you're sounding bratty. Need to talk to a counselor about these issues.

Hey, stay in bed; no school is a good thing to do on your birthday.

Hey neat, Rita remembered. See, she's a better friend than those four!

They brought a video camera; now that shows caring.

Knasty Knight: a present who takes, never gives.

Babboo's commentary really makes the fight more exciting.

That weird music as Rita appears is just so catchy.


From Zordon and Goldar, I suppose this was dubbed earlier than other episodes.

Henchmen? It's a monster, not Goldar!

Where were those four and was Jason wearing that earlier?

All that work for the weapons and they're ruined already. Zordon, your metal's cheap!

Blade Blaster move again...and it failed.

A lot of ground growths this set of episodes, interesting they comboed these here.

Individual summonings, haven't had that in a while but could get repetitive.

And Kim is psychic that she doesn't even need to call on the Pterodactyl!


Well there goes the Power Sword. Any other ideas?

Rita's coaching from the sidelines, nice work.

Sir Buckethead? The mask is more fierce than that.

It doesn't have the fairy tale logic of the original...but it works.

Um, Rita, it followed your're at fault too.

I say this was a combined failure; yours too, Rita.

It wasn't that dark prior to the surprise, Zack. They needed a blindfold.

No, not the Cake-o-Matic again!

And now it's pink. Billy, did you use parts from the volcano this time?

Wait is that Angela? Probably not but need to find out.

It's a happy birthday for everyone...except Ernie and Billy and the whole hell of pink frosting goop everywhere.

Thoughts: Considering the season is trying to avoid the copy/paste of Zyu, they weren't going to have the original intent. The stuff with Zack's birthday was a bit childish, but I did like the Knasty Knight fight (mostly since it's still the Dora Knight fight) and I did actually like the behind the scenes stuff with the other four and the chaos of the Cake-o-Matic, really showing Ernie is just as much part of the comedy as Bulk and Skull.
A review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episodes 7-10: Big Sisters, I, Eye Guy, For Whom the Bell Trolls, & Happy Birthday, Zack
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Noratcat Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017
Oh goodness I remember Beetleborgs. Another example of a show not utilizing their stock footage correctly. Least in the second season. And Morphing Masters? I will say that the first season of Power Rangers was more iconic, but I think they just added things as they went along that never went anywhere. And I remember Jason accusing the Power Rangers of being aliens. He sounded really aggressive in that statement in my honest opinion.
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Never actually saw BB Beetleborgs; but yeah heard good and bad about that.  

The Morphing Masters...yeah, it makes no sense without understanding the context of the five tribes I suppose.  I think they wanted to do something with it and we got...that...the episode makes little sense anyway (blame trying to shoehorn the Power Egg crap in there), but that's what we got.

Wait, Jason was aggressive?  I thought he was more just joking at the time.  Obviously we get a lot of "alien rangers" later but here I think it was just him being silly to Ernie.
Noratcat Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017
It had some good moments, and the second season was better, it's just the second season ended without a resolution.

Well they were just getting started. I guess they were trying to find a way to incorporate the Zyuranger footage and have it make sense.

Maybe I'm just remembering it wrong.
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah heard that about BBB.

Eh, PR is weird in that sort of way.   A lot of things do matter, but there are many elements that seem to be throwing some stuff out there and seeing if they stick.  It also doesn't help that there seems to be a gap between the original 40 episodes and Zyu2 (one of the worst changes in that transition being abandoning Billy's lab and the Rad Bug...but oh well, at least you're still in those first 40)
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
Oh please you think nips with teeth are bad? You should look up lipples sometime
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Was being funny there.
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