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Today on Power Rangers: Rita creates the Frankenstein Monster at the same time the Power Rangers attend a costume party...well at least someone is trying their hardest to win compared to some people (cough, BULKSKULLALPHA, cough); Jason and Tommy must work together to gain some weapons they'll never use in order to wrestling; and the spinning wheel of Kim's grandmother becomes a sentient wheel...that no one really fights but is so powerful that it leads to the revelation of the Power Rangers' ultimate weapon! (not bad for having no limbs...or torso...or anything really...)


Life's a Masquerade: aka: Frankenstein In Suburbia (or: Bulk and Skull '68)


Did Ernie just look at Kim's butt?

What costumes? Sure Skull's not in his beret with his question mark pin but it's more or less typical outfits for those two. (hey, that's an idea for the next Doctor regeneration!)

At least Ernie knows how to be a pusher when he has to, work pusher, not...yeah, the smoothies.

Wait, Angela? Where's she been since her only appearance so far?

Zack, that's going to tear...put your work priorities ahead of your hormones!

And Tommy's doing much can be said about that...

Staplehead! Staplehead!

Rube Goldberg at it's finest. (with how Jason turned around, I almost thought he'd get hit for once)

Um...he doesn't look much like a ghost...maybe a mummy if he did it right...

Super Putty? Wait...that plot point? Without explaining it? Eh, Finnster must have kept a stash just in case.

FRANKENSTEIN!?!? Hoo boy, Finnster's chosen a great one! (and he can talk...more Karloff than Glenn Strange then)

Frankenstein running around a costume party...I can see where this is going.

Kimberly = Pink Princess (eh she can save herself but tradition)
Zack = Pharaoh (respectful though...he needs a shirt)
Billy = Sherlock Holmes (makes sense)
Jason = Robin Hood (not sure considering he's more noble than a thief but...)
Trini = Um...Native she another stereotype!? (Tommy's so going to be offended)

Zack will win first prize more for physique showing off than a costume.

I know just what I want Tommy to be: A BLUE RANGER! (one of the few colors he isn't)

Wait, Bulk needs to lose weight that way? For a guy who once held a bench press record, he really should just do it at the Juice Bar.

Skull's on costume duty...long as it makes Bulk look ridiculous, he won't care.

Is Bulk borrowing Jason's Robin Hood hat? There are so few props they can use I suppose.

Eh, Bulk can't pull off the Mary Martin bit anyway.

Bulk is the horse's many things can be said about this.

OK I think they're on to something with Elvis: Skull can be Kurt Russel and eventually move on to "The Thing" and "Big Trouble in Little China"; and Bulk can be Bruce Campbell and fight a mummy with Bones' pimp hat!

Hey, below the waist. At least the show has moved on since the real 50s.

Eh considering Bulk as Tracey Turnblad's mom back in "I, Eye Guy", Skull probably is the smarmy host from "Hairspray" more than young Elvis.

And...Frankenstein doesn't like Elvis. Must be a Buddy Holly fan.

Meanwhile, people generically waving their arms and having a good time because of something Ernie spiked in the punch!

And Angela's an Egyptian woman...why? Did Zack know and try to match up?

If Zack was King Tut, he'd be dead.

If the king isn't good enough, then Bulk and Skull are probably going to fail too.

Speaking of which...I guess Kim's put-down earlier just made them skip the costumes.

And Ernie's a all we need is a werewolf and bandages for Zack and we can have a monster mash.

They knew because...well you're the only one running this place.


This plotline is neat considering it's been done but least put a mask on Alpha's head or something.

And here comes Frankenstein. Wonder who his bride will be?

Ernie better not be looking at Frank's schwanzstucker.

And now Finnster goes to mine the Super Putty. See, he was already getting it prior to Frank.

Pink smoke? What exactly is in this putty?

And it emerges as this a lot of ultisol in it I suppose.

And Alpha suddenly has a harem...must all be AngieYaz's posse.

Wait, how come Alpha can get away with this and not Bulk and Skull?

At least Frank's staying in character. Zack has right to worry.

He's big, makes weird sounds, has acrebic acting...I think Billy's on to the Tommy possibility.

I think Frank wants to do Shermie's Frankenstein bit. So who's dancing like Snoopy!?

And there's the bride. Probalby named Elizabeth.

Such reflexes; and strong enough to hold down a monster; she should be a Power Ranger.


Yeah he just doesn't have the moves for this party.

Dart gun? Ernie probably prohibits flamethrowers.

Eh, his lumbering around probably just makes it all the easier for anyone to dodge, even Bulk and Skull.

Eh, no one cares. Costume parties get that way.

And there goes Frank. Confused monster out in the world; who knows what will happen.

Did Sherlock Homes ever fight Frankenstein? I know some fiction mentioned Dracula and Jack the Ripper but I can't tell if Frankenstein's been done.

Huge gaping cave, yeah, not suspicious at all.

And here comes Rita, demanding as ever.

They really need a defogger for this cave set.

An alarm? Do evil witches have the technology for such things?

And here we go: Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein: WHO!? WILL!? WIN!?!?!?

Deductive reasoning; eh, I think it was obvious from the moment he showed he sucked at dancing.

IT'S TIME FOR MOLECULAR TRANSMUTATION! (not gonna catch on as a catch phrase, Billy. Leave it to Jason)

Now this is a good usage of stock footage. Way better than "oh yeah, there's a special clay under a restaraunt Dan happens to be working at!"

Moving Super Putty opens the Earth up how?

I don't see this working as a good mode of Rita transport. Stick to the bike.

Amazing Rita's making these threats and no one of note in Angel Grove is paying attention.

And there's the earthquake at the juice bar. Took long enough.

And people leave as Billy arrives...SUS-PIIII-CIOUS!!!

Earthquakes are common in Angel Grove, so the cynicism is respected.

Oh yeah, still no Tommy...again...

Zordon: Greetings Power Rangers..(chuckles) You look ridiculous! (bursts out in hysterical laughter)

Wait, Frankenstein's problem 1, the Super Putty is problem 2? Shouldn't the Super Putty's problem be higher?

Nearly indestructable? Well the regular Putties didn't fall apart or anything so...

And now Tommy arrives at the Juice Bar, and not even in costume.

Nah those aren't Putties; they're costume party competitors

It's time for molecular, Morphin Time.

And that's for earlier, Billy.

And Rita's been standing there that long...why?

Wow, the bolt chain becomes a ball and chain when grown. Nice upgrade.

Megazord power? Shouldn't you just let the Dinozords show up first?

Franky? So it's Sinatra? Must have heard Bulk and Skull wanted to go as Elvis and wanted to one-up them.

I don't consider a sword as firepower; more like metalpower.

Meanwhile back with Tommy...

One goes down and the others flee. Perfect timing.

Don't you have an auto-correct for the Megazord?

No, not the paper-mache building!

I think Rita's seen enough; either the Rangers will make a comeback or this really is a loss.

And there goes another section of Angel Grove property values.

Ouch; hitting one Zord with another; that's painful.

Franken-breath! Enough to wake the dead.

There are the bolt chains again.

Regroup with the Mega Dragonzord. Nice idea...just hope it works.

Blade strike! Too bad Frankenstein's too tough for that.

Yeah, they won...maybe...

Hey maybe Frankenstein didn't die and he'll come back as...wait, there isn't a failsafe option!? Then what the heck is Mutitus' page in the monster book doing alongside Frakenstein's?

Too bad people aren't going to notice Frankenstein's not back. But...costume parties.

And Tommy's in the contest as...himself...meh, Bulk and Skull did it, but this is just cheap.

Seriously, Alpha should take those three in as assistants. Make them his COMBOY girls.

I think those two would be shocked to know what Alpha is.

Tommy's costume is a clone of Frankenstein!? Then where did Rita's come from!? (or is he "The Clone of Dr. Funkenstein?")

Don't give Tommy ideas; he may come back as Kyoryu Gray!

Whoever you are. Seriously, Angel Grove people are idiots.

That's not a costume, Bulk so...yeah, losing really was going to happen.

Convenient can opener coming up!

And thus the girls follow. I think we got new command center workers!

Thoughts: The DoraFranke arc in Zyu is probably one of the most memorable battles and of course the fact that its literally Frankenstein as the monster just makes it an easy one for Power Rangers to adapt with the costume theme. I sort of wish they went more into how important Super Putty is to Finnster, but I do think the Frankenstein was from an earlier batch. My only regret: they didn't make this into a real arc and we have to wait a few episodes until we see the rest of Frankenstein's another monster.

Gung Ho!: aka: The Ninja Pre-Encounter

Team Ninja? They're not ninjas...yet anyway.

Bickering bitties. At least the original interest keeps them in line.

Computer aided training program? Jason and Tommy can handle that without your help, Billy.

Headlock! Headlock! Illegal ninja maneuver!

Teamwork? Wasn't that something we already did 20-something episodes ago?

And now American Gladiator staffs...

They'll never get into the Wind Ninja Academy at this rate.

Can't we call it the "every samurai for themselves" competition" and move on?

Wait, now Chinese philosophy!? WHAT IS TRINI'S ETHNICITY!?!? (though she's right...outside when it stands for a 1986 Michael Keaton comedy about Japanese corporate takeovers)

Chinese philosophy for a Japanese style combat final...yeah, that works considering ancient history.

Finally, the Super Putties! Will they make that classic Putty sound too?

7.8 seconds. After the Green with Evil arc, I think it's progress.

And now Bulk thinks hes a WWE manager.

At least they can slam their fists synchronically.

Wow, real ninjas! Can they dance?

Do ninjas need managers? I thought they had a code.

With how often the Power Rangers win, that's really not the right thing calling them losers.

So being ninjas mean working, in a workout routine?

I don't see Jason fighting ninjas. He won't be around during any ninja periods. (Tommy on the other hand...)

Notice Skull's head bob.

POWER KICK!!! And..right into Bulk.

No they aren't Supah Ninjas. Why would anyone want to reference that show?

"Yeah, and they won't lose either!"

Amazing how you can mass produce Putties...too bad the same can't be said about monsters.

Completely invincible? Didn't Zordon say last time they were practically invincible? Which is it?

But they look like regular Putties! At least make them a different color or with some special attribute.

Wait Zack practicing now? So shouldn't he fight with Jason?

Time to Gung Ho! (that won't work as a catch phrase either)

They don't feel like they're any different to me.

And the training is...let Tommy hold the punching bag. Yeah that works.

The Park really is close to the Youth center, huh?

Neat battle tactics...but how are these Putties any different? (outside the weird bigger hands)

Six teleportations. Neat, that's different.

And Zordon can see what happened on the moon? Can someone just tell him to keep his eyes away from anything?

At least its a real quest and not "here you go, Power Rangers" for once.

Torn up map? Um...who tore it and shoudln't that have been a quest too?

Now they feel like Super Putties. Thanks, stock footage!

So one dies and they split into two? Great, they're not putties; THEY'RE AMOEBAMEN!

If you keep using up clay, it will eventually run out of material.

Meanwhile around some craggy cave...

That marker looks so fake.

They're nearly there already? There really is no quest element to Zordon's methods.

A test in working they need to work together at the Juice Bar...Zordon, are you talking with Ernie behind our backs?

Hey their hands can become swords! Clay is just such a wonder weapon.

That monument...its our Zords so I think we're on the right track

And enter giant brachiosaur...what, no Japanese pop culture quote?

And...the brachio's angry.

Shaky cam! Shaky cam!

Whatever it looks like Zordon sent it and not Rita.

The fireballs...he eats a lot of Mexican I say.

Trusting Tommy with a sword? I wouldn't.

Red Ranger with Dragon Shield...that feels right somehow.

Don't worry about Tommy. This happens every other week for him.

Tommy really just unleashes with two swords, huh?

Hey those weapons...they're called Zyuranger!

We're back with these nifty obliterating slingshots!

That was quick...and how did Jason get down there that quickly?

Hey Rita, you know what would have worked? If you kept Frankenstein around for those things to be of use on him!

So with ninjas, they decide to go skins to their shirts. Not a fan of that strategy.

What teamwork? It's still just a routine.

Um Zordon; this isn't the time.

Titanus was just faking it? Eh, and it would have been cool to have a grumpy brachiosaur as an occasional enemy.

Corners!? Um...I thought it was a demo, it's actually boxing!?

I remember those gloves back when I took karate. (well...Tang Soo Do)

Scoring already? They didn't do anything yet!

Tag out! He's too much for you!

Come on, come on!

Oh brother, this tournament makes no sense whatsoever.

Chuunin Exam this isn't.

Least the jump kick didn't work this time.

Bo staffs...with the occasional kick.

The problem with ninjas is you can't tell who is facing who. Would be neat to see them really switch places over and over.

Two-on-two time! Still with Shinai?

That was quick. And if the ninjas win, it would be a shocker.

Hey, Tommy won a trophy! Hope Jason lets him have this one after the whole Green with Evil thing.

And...I saw that coming.

But whose going to give the ninjas water?

Thoughts: Amazingly I think this episode actually worked better than last one even if they didn't use the Frankenstein element and it's basically introducing a weapon that will have no use outside this episode (blame both defeating Frankenstein last time and the only other monster stopped by it...was Madame Woe, who they already faced) I did like the idea of Jason and Tommy still having problems working together and thus coming together in the face of danger, even though I do find it extreme that Zordon would know the problem and use this mission and Titanus to get them to finally get where they need to be. I wish they spelled out what the "Team Ninja" battle was before the climax, but at least having Bulk and Skull as wrestling promoters fit in the end.

Wheel of Misfortune: aka: 99 Various Uses of Hemp for Evil Purposes

What the heck is Mr. Kaplan up to this time?

Um...Rumpelstilskin? Is this for a grade school performance?

Look at Skull tormenting poor Kimberly.

Jason blew on his scepter. Must want to clean it while not on screen.

Bulk's Rumpelstilskin? From his look, I'd go with Tommy myself.

90s, I still say Bulk's out of the 50s.

He's not that small. He's Bulk.

I think Bulk's improvisation adds something to the role.

That was her grandmother's!? Looks too much like a prop to work as one.

Sure she's still alive to say anything, Kim?

She gets pissy about anything; model floats, spinning materialistic.

And Rita suddenly has a spinning wheel too? Really, she must be bored up there to just worry about Angel Grove teenagers' private lives.

That was a long establishing shot at the youth center.

And Kim's long, it's rather typical for her these days.

Some teenagers talk about their problems and feelings: Kim talks about granny's old spinning wheel. Was any of her clothing made by it?

Great, relying on Tommy again? Is he the handyman to Billy's tech wiz nature?

If your spinning wheel is evil, why do you need Kim's?

And Goldar already knows about the Wheel of She must tell him her plans first.

Wait is this the first time an object was turned into a monster? Well...wait until Rita's boss shows up, then it will be a consistant.

Yeah it vanished into thin air. That's a reason to worry more than breaking it.

Lets ask kids at the Youth Center...hey, maybe the school will have kids you don't see at the Youth center, isn't that logic?

People in Angel Grove are just rude.

And Bulk just made the popcorn bowl unsanitary...with plastic.

You're Rumpelstilskin, Bulk; SPIN YOUR OWN STRAW INTO GOLD!

Really, so Bulk's prime suspect already? That's...short-sighted.

He's right: he has no purpose for a spinning wheel. Tommy's about as rude in accuasations as the others.

Seriously, that spinning wheel looks nothing like KIm...and now it's a spiked wheel of death.

Everyone in the Kim pose! (does she think it's empathy or parody?)

And random cut to just set up Tommy's big fight scene.

I still prefer dirtbags, not claybrains.

The bag? Does he still have his Frankenstein costume in that thing?

Finally, enough to bring a rope to deal with Tommy! That's his one weakness!


Aren't they going to do something with Tommy in the meantime?

It's been solved Mr. Know it All.

Eh, Goldar needs the spinning wheel for Scorpina. She needs to make him a new outfit....or that.

Why is keeping Tommy out of the way part of the plan? He has no purpose either.

So how do you break this spell? That you're not telling them.

And oh yeah, Goldar and Scorpina are on the rampage...seriously, isn't that important to tell them first?

They really needed to use Scorpina better like Rita.

I just realized Scorpion Scorpina has a Skesis head.

They're not monsters, they're minions. Minions are a lot more indestructable.

Oh no, a net! My one weakness!

Where is Kim in all this? I get the land animals but she can fly!

Tommy knows what he has to do? And what is that, huh? You know everything else Zordon.

That's the problem with rope: a bit of friction and it will fray and break.

Seriously, Putties don't know how a zipper works?

Oh no he's turning green...all around, not just his shirt.


Someone's screwing with Zordon's voice again. ALPHA!?!?!?

Wait, Ultrazord!? It's that bad!?!?!?

A few finger missles and everything will be fine.

And now the Wheel of Misfortune. About time.

At least the Megazord has one advantage: a huge friggin blade to slice the wheel up!

Would have been cool to see the sword land right on top of the wheel...but not to be.

Wait what? It's just spinning there!

Really, they start with Titanus already!? In this battle!?!?!?

This is a little...extreme...

And...the wheel doesn't get seen destroyed. was it?

And the final stock is of the Megazord. Isn't this the whole "don't push the battle unless you're forced to" put to the best example, Zordon?

And random Goldar WWE boast.

And thus the wheel expected.

See, all it needed was to be a monster and it's repaired good as new. Rita's a better witch than we give her credit!

When you defeated the henchmen? There was nothing on Goldar or Scorpina that let the wheel work! (or was it the idea I suggested about Scorpina's sewing habit?)

And what the heck are those two watching?

This report again? It wasn't even a monster, it was a wheel! A WHEEL!!!

I still don't remember a Rumpelstilskin with a jester.

Don't you dare? That's bad luck Tommy!

I still say this is for some kids community theater and not for Angel Grove High. You'd expect serious drama or maybe a musical in high school.

Three piles already!? At least start with one. guessed his name already! Game over, tale over, you're screwed!

Bulk, don't go out there. She guessed your name!

Seriously if Bulk goes out there, then the tale has no meaning regarding the whole purpose!

Really, they're forcing him. Bulk had a right to not go out there since that was the whole purpose of the fairy tale.

Well she's being a pissy maiden.

Bulk wants her to kiss him?

They're mangling this tale badly.

Pig underwear again. Some things never change.

Yeah I doubt you can keep going after all that.

Thoughts: And here we get a big mess of an episode where no one knows what they're doing and they try to make it work without doing so. The idea of Angel Grove students doing Rumplestilskin makes some sense but it really doesn't feel like a high school pageant idea as opposed to something to perform for kids, and the whole element of Bulk breaking the spinning wheel ends up getting screwed over when Rita abducts it and "fixes it" to become the Wheel of Misfortune. I sort of get the need for the usage of the footage here where Ultimate Daizyujin destroys the wheel...except that since it comes prior to the end of the battle with Dora Franke, that means this is where the Ultrazord is introduced...against a wheel that basically barely has combat capabilities. I get the need to shuffle some episodes around, but this was a fail on all accounts combined with just more pettiness and stupidity.
A review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episodes 25-27: Life's a Masquerade, Gung Ho!, & Wheel of Misfortune
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