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Today on Power Rangers: the Ranger boys are so obsessed in naming basketball dunks that they don't realize Squatt and Baboo have created...well, it's a mutant turtle but it isn't teenage or ninja; Bulk and Skull unleash insectoid fury upon Angel Grove High...while the best Rita can come up with is a spider and sleep powder moths; and the space witch unleashes her most petty and infamous plan yet: making Tommy build a float for the nation of Indonesia! (it works, trust me, it works...)


The Trouble with Shellshock: aka: It's Name Your Basketball Dunk Day!

OK side comment before the review itself begins: why "Teenagers with attitudes"?  These kids are as clean cut as we're going to get and even Tommy, with his problems last time, is going to fall in line with the idea.  What attitude does Zordon mean when he says "attitudes"?  OK, with that said, on with the episode.

Ah basketball, something Zack can finally prove himself superior in.

Tommy, an undershirt...please...

Wonder who Squatt bet on in this game?

OK, that's a long title, Zack; can you abbreviate it to something Michael Jordan can say in a post-game?

And if it didn't go in, then he would have been winded and Jason would have crushed him.

Squatt and Baboo make a when does Finnster leave the shop?

Rita's probably exhausted after the whole Tommy fiasco last time; I say we let her be.

Yeah, Rita's not a problem.  If you're screwing with monster making, that's a Finnster problem.

Squatt doesn't believe it because Baboo is being vague as hell.

Ah, a turtle.  Maybe if you give it nunchaku and a bandana, you'd have an entire comic empire.

A traffic light.  For those really long stops. (eh maybe it was made for Butler, PA)

Hoo boy, I think Squatt's going to give it something''s...

Wait...something tells me this is going to end up like the time Mimete tried to make a Daimon.

What's the shock in Shellshock supposed to mean anyway?

And its' the smelliest monster ever before it even emerges!

Round 2: Zack vs. Tommy.  Let's see if Black or Green will be the superior Ranger color?

Two-on-one?  Seriously, Zack needs a teammate!  I say Trini, she hasn't done much lately.

And the Putties appear right where the basketball lands.  Was that intentional?

Caught them off guard how?  Putties tend to appear at any opening the Rangers have.

Hey, Tommy hit the Putty in, never mind, that joke's lame.

And what's throwing the basketball between it's legs supposed to do, Trini?

And he dunks.  Putty battle and Zack decides to dunk.  He has his priorities. (eh, maybe they were just sent down there to see a Zack slam)

Um what?  Putties are cowards, isn't that something that's the laws of nature?

Wait, so karate that Tommy's own training?  Or is he taking over Jason's class?

Oh great, a hot dog cart...and here come Bulk and Skull...

Eh, why not bring your own ball if you want to play; there are probably other courts around here you can use.

What circus?  Do they have clowns...oh no, not Pineapple again!

You have her, Skull, don't let her go!

And right into the dogs.  Let's hope it isn't the ones Trini ordered.

Well it isn't on the ground so no ABC...but Bulk is rather hammy.

Eh, they're not Chicago they sell those in Angel Grove?

At least this probably gives Bulk and Skull their first ever job...that's resume material.

Yeesh, Squatt is such a spazz.

And the go beam...makes a basketball explode?  What, does it make the molecular structure too hyper that it loses all physical nature?

Too late, Go Beam's being fought by the Go-Go Beams!

And here comes the Sentai side...and thus after no focus, Trini is on the run like Boi.

Love how Tokyo Tower just magically appears behind the Power Rangers now we're in Japanese footage.

I knew it; he hated basketball cause he's a baseball fan!

(in George Clinton voice) STOP LIGHT!  YEAH!

Those explosions behind Jason...he missed.

Um...there are two...well three with Tommy but Trini's still there but...running...

And Goldar's the expert on Rita's feelings...why?

Hey they were more active before you, Goldar, so don't say never.

And now Goldar's upset...told you she's not fickle.

They're like those painted statue guys in a park!

No known cure...well it is a new monster so...

And...even if there's no known cure...Zordon knows a cure...figures.

Oh the flower grows in one place in the universe...and Trini's already going there.  Seriously, Zordon, your micro-managing is getting out of hand.

Before Rita destroys them?  This is a new monster so how would she know!?!?

"Rita will never defeat the Power Rangers"; cut to "I will defeat the Power Rangers!"  It's like they're all psychic!

And no warning or nothing, let's just grow Shellshock.

Teenage mutants...nah that's you, you're the Turtle. (so...he's Slash?)

What "we", you're the only one fighting now Jason!

Now it's a pirate baseball turtle!  Seriously, this is just getting genius.

And meanwhile Tommy's playing with sticks...priorities.

And meanwhile Ernie's giving towels to least he isn't bored.

Seriously they really needed a better explanation behind Trini's running.

Yeah, at this point Geki needed a more powerful formation so...

And meanwhile Zordon's playing god again because he can (and to speed things along)

Sabre Tooth Tigers aren't known to float flowers.  I still say Zordon's screwing with her.

And after that wackiness, he finally calls Tommy.

Eh just a Dragonzord apperance but hey, that's the footage and it at least lets him do something.

And the tag team combo is in the house!

How the heck did they hurt his eyes?  Or is that what the yellow light is for?


BILLY!?!?  Is Trini that exhausted that she doesn't know whose fighting?

This really shows how flat chested Boi really is.

Um, Alpha...were you faking being still?

Eh, if you were a mannequin, I suppose you could be at the Gimbels in Philly.

It's not impossible, just Zordon's meddling winning again.


So...did Shellshock just become pollen?

They didn't tell you anything, Rita.  You just overheard them.

You know what they say: two heads may be better than one...but if they're both dunces, then those two heads probably don't mean much.

And thus they bought another basketball...or is this on loan from the Youth Center?

If you ever see another happy none of you are Space Rangers.

Tommy, you missed lunch!  Either make it dinner or back down!

And here we go again with that basketball move...

I swear the name just stuns the opponent.

Great, now Billy wants a turn?

And now Billy has his own super-move!?

It's just a dunk so...

Thoughts: And thus we're back to episodes that have nothing to do with anything, either the main story or the Ranger side to things.  I did like the ideas of Squatt and Baboo making a MotW due to the original episode, but the handling was terrible, especially with just how it randomly turned into a Trini scenario when most of the early part of the episode (and the end) was Zack's trash-talking on the basketball court.  It just feels like they're shoehorning Boi's focal episodes in with generic stuff while ignoring Trini altogether, even as Kimberly gets all of her episodes both in unmorphed and morphed the writers of MMPR not have any ideas what to do with their Yellow Ranger?

Itsy Bitsy Spider: aka: Fun with Household Pests and Vermin

Here we go again with another Trini petition; at least she's good as a rabble rouser.

Bulk; do you even know the history of your own city? (or at least the stock footage used for this city?)

A barbecue pit?  Um...isn't there plenty of space in the park for both?

The forest spirit protects Angel Grove from bugs?  What about the good ones?

Are tarantulas native Angel Grove pests?

Wait, so the insects are good...except when they're not...I don't get it.

And random cockroaches...yeah those are native but I doubt from the park.


Insect infestation at Angel Grove High; all that money for the barbecue pit's going to be transfferred to an exterminator!

Aww...the cute tarantula wants to be friends with Zack...

Nice leap; doubt we want that thing dead just to alleviate Zack's crazy talk.

Oh boy, karma...that's not going to end well for Bulk and Skull.

And...Squatt and Baboo again.

And the statue is going to the moon...for what?  To prevent Finnster from any more bug monsters?

Three ants and a cockroach.  Maybe if you look around school, you'll find the rest crawling in the walls...

Hey maybe you can go into a roach motel or two for some replacements.

Smart; picnics are good for ants...and bears...

Wait, first bugs and now a mouse?  Is this crazy critters day in Angel Grove?

And Billy's new assistant is a mouse...I fear what experiments he's going to be for.

Do we need more Bulk and Skull ruining things with weird animals?

He said "humanoids"; last I heard Bulk was human.

Obstacle course?  That's the oldest trick in the book!

And the target is Skull.  This won't end well.

He's doing the Elvis wobble!  Remember this, folks.

Sure Jack didn't crawl into something a bit more...personal?  Hope not.

And...Kim continues to think they're "a thing"...

An hour?  I doubt humans are that good at art, Finnster.

Oh goody, new art...WHAT, ANOTHER MONSTER?

Where did they get the moths?  The spiders I believe but moths?

Oh, the old Sleep Powder bit.  Eh, just cross your fingers they don't know Whirlwind or anything.

Oldie but goody.

And thus the Power Rangers go bug hunting.  Maybe they should start small like...snipes.

I don't get it; Bulk and Skull didn't release all the bugs; just the creepy ones.

Good old nature manual.  Never leave the garage without it.

And here are some specemins of the rather prevalent grey blubblering claymovers...

Ah yes, the net.  The perfect way to capture such a species.

Billy should just stick to fighting Metapods.

Yeah, Putty sighting generally means Rita's screwing with them.

Meanwhile, Zack's finally showing off that one scene from the opening we hadn't seen yet.

If Zack keeps showing HIp Hop Akido around, why doesn't he just take students?

And if not for self defense, you can use them to be the life of the party.

Orange belt?  Does Hip Hop Akido have belts?


And thus he leaves to take part in the usual.

Dang that smoke looks nothing like moth powder.

Let's hope no one is feigning sleep listening in on Zordon.

Made of sleeping powder?  Not even organic!?

Leaving it to Zordon...they're so boned.

They're not bugs; they're moths formed out of sleeping powder!

If Zack became Rip Van Winkle, would he see a better world when he reawakened...or would Vernon Wells be rampaging through the streets? (then again: 1993 + 20 = 2013...right in the middle of the alien bug invasion of Earth...yeah that would suck)

Hey, he remembered the plot point!

The moment you see bugs everywhere, run and panic.

Saved by ornamental design.

Time to exeterminate.

And thus giant tarantula.  After the first segment, it won't end well.

Yeah, figure Goldar would be the safer of the two threats.

Between Putties and Bugs...least they're not Magnerappa

Oh great, do we have to go with the bugs?  Where the heck can we keep them where our containers won't blow away?


Oh no, defeated by a children's novelty joke toy!

Knew the bug zapper would work better.

And now...THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION! (then again it isn't a VW Beetle)

Maybe they can use the goop for washing the Megazord (stlll doesn't explain the silly string)

Transformation complete?  You mean transforming back to five separate Zords?

Frozen spider popsicle...not sanitary I suppose.

The zords, they're just...standing there!

Tommy has a lot of time to himself lately.

Seriously, Tommy's just a secret weapon to summon the Dragonzord, it's boring if he can't fight otherwise. (and without Burai's weird excuse)

The web doesn't look that much like it captured him.

OK so you're all together, now what?

Neat, the Mega Dragonzord!  Then again...why did it take two episodes since its intro to use it again? (outside...a certain episode that won't really be used)

At least without Tommy in there, we can count on Zack in getting the victory instead of Jason.

I say put them on B-12, it's good for you.

Like that boy's Nike's, Just Do It.

The statue reappeared?  Wait, did Rita just get bored of Finnster hoarding it?

Well no arguments or politics, just a magic petition and it's saved.  It's the only thing Trini's good at in town!

And...why wasn't it Angel Grove's "historical landmark" prior?  What changed their priorities?

Hey, finally saw Zack's missing finger...weird.

OK, where did the tarantula come from this time?

Oh ha ha, Tommy. You do realize Zack has issues with tarantulas, right?  Jerk.

And right into 90s "laugh it off and executive producer credit"...

Thoughts: After last time messed up big time in integrating plots, we actually have a stronger combination of elements here between Trini trying to save the statue, Zack's fear of bugs, the hunt for more bugs by Billy and of course the Tarantula monster Rita sends down.  It really doesn't have anything overpower any other plot and feels more cohesive with the Sentai plot...though as I said, they really should have explained better where the statue returning came from since I doubt anyone in Angel Grove would believe it. (and why Tommy just keeps vanishing outside certain moments aside from the obvious Burai element)

The Spit Flower: aka: The Things Greens Do for Love

You're leaving Tommy in the Juice Bar with Kim, Ernie?  Don't you know how X-rated things can get in an hour without you watching over them!? (oh yeah, they still have Zordon)

That is one...atrocious float.  What's the theme: chaos with petals?

What in that float stands for "world peace"?

Eh, Bulk and Skull more or less live at the juice bar so...

If you don't like the float, Bulk, why are you smelling it?

Least the snot really hasn't come out yet.

Rita has no understanding of the complexities of Earth that prevent true world peace...then again neither do the Power Rangers.

Cool flowers?  Does Kim know what they're called?

How do you recycle flowers from the parade?

Well that makes sense: Kim's parade float: coming to a craft store near you this winter!

And here are the Putties...yeah, I remember hearing how ridiculous this plot was.

And there goes the parade least keep the tiger and claim it's a symbol for ferocity in the face of Earth indecencies.

Don't leave any of them open to cause any more chaos guys.

Tommy, button the shirt up before doing this sort of thing!

And thus one Putty remains to wreck the float...just as planned.

At least they escaped once their job was done and the Power Rangers showed up.

Oh no...the model of the float I was going to build...seriously, did you draw plans of this on paper!?

You can still build the float; just get blueprints!

Well Trini tried but Kim's right: Rita's petty about what she wants.

Stop the pity party and just build something!


Yeah, Jason knows the right things to say at moments like this.

A monster after the float model destruction?  Eh, I guess humiliation goes hand in hand with stock plots.

A giant cucumber with bad breath...Squatt, never stop being imaginative.

And another Pudgy Pig.  They really do love that stock footage.

Doesn't look like a flower; more like a big-chinned lizard with petals surrounding it.

Oh well, time to stop fixing Pudgy Pig...again...

Food, that's the perfect cure for any solution.

I've got an wait, need to leave because the show depends on it! (that Tommy)

Yeah, leaving it here isn't a good idea.  It's a bit too...abstract in current form.

Wait you need them now?  Why not tell them about Spit-Flower before going there?

Flower Power Peace Parade?  Is that seriously what they're calling this pathetic thing!? (and not a hippy in Angel Grove)

Evil sunflower...must not have grown in the summer.

How is saving peace on Earth involving stopping an annoying flower-changing monster?

Zack's still got bugs on the brain...

And here comes the Spit-Flower..and the Audrey IIs.

Beaten by flowers.  This is pathetic.

Let's wriggle in terror and hope people sympathize!

And thus let's grow it before we lose the factor that we're actually winning.

Multi-colored smoke!

Tommy, what are you doing at Billy's lab?

Dragon Dagger laser!

And there go the flowers.  It's going to be more boring than usual in Angel Grove.

Dragonzord power?  What about the rest of the Zords?  Or is there an actual strategy?

Ah, Dragonzord Battle Mode again.  Smart strategy I presume.

And Jason has to activate it why?  Why not Tommy?

Using the drill to blow the flowers away.  Smart move.

Who knew Flower Power could be an evil thing?

And then it shrank down again?  Why?  Did Rita just think that it wasn't effective as is?

And cut to Bulk and Skull with flowers on them...that was random.

Dracula teeth! (from his hand, it's like he did the puppetry himself)

And now it's taking a bite out of Skull.  Ouch.

And again with the Power Bow being the key.  No explanation of Mei's archery skill or anything.

Tommy you must stay here....yeah, they really just have a hard time figuring out what to do with him with the lack of footage of Burai.

And thus they go down and arrows fly.  Really, what took them so long to figure it out?

And Power Cannon time.  At least they get another use of that old thing.

You're asking Alpha's assistance, Tommy!?  He's the last one I would have asked!

Wrench...yeah, as I said Tommy: Alpha's the worst choice for this.

For being so technical, handwork isn't the robot's thing.

Did Alpha realize the cap was off or anything before giving it to Tommy?

This...was your doing Rita.  Really, the whole parade float scheme; that's you.

Eh you'll win someday, Rita...just give it time and a few seasons.

Well, back to Jason and Zack sparring.

Speaking of the parade?  How long has it been since the model was due and when was the parade by comparison!?

Patriotism: that's an Israeli billionaire bringing over a Japanese TV show for American audiences to be consumed worldwide.  Now that's real patriotism.

Billy...just invest in the zoom button.

Wait...Beauty and the Beast?

She doesn't have to do anything, Tommy.  That's free will.

All those animals...wait this isn't from Angel Grove, it's from Turtle Cove!  They confused the names because they sound alike!  (AND IT SAYS 'INDONESIA' AT THE BOTTOM!!!!)


So if Tommy built his home truly Turtle Cove?  Would explain some things if he read about the Animaria legend.

Give Skull some sugar!

And Zack's trying to elude with he's from Briarwood?

And there goes the allergies again....maybe they were better with the wrecked float.

Thoughts: If anyone wants to write about how petty Rita's schemes get, this is probably the prime example; she's so jealous of Kimberly that she's willing to ruin a model of a parade float (not an actual parade float, a mere MODEL!) just to screw with her.  It is interesting they use Tommy to try and boost his character and relationship to her, but they do it in such a ridiculous manner to the point that she...he...they "win" the competition (in a bizarre manner).  And the Spit Flower...once again, another Mei-based Zyu episode more or less reduced to bizarre interpretations.
A review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episodes 22-24: The Trouble with Shellshock, Itsty Bitsy Spider & The Spit-Flower
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