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Futari Max X 9: It's Nagisa's birthday why the heck can't we just tell Fujimura so we can just spoil the fun for her?  Then it's class field trip time to Kyoto, where Nagisa and Honoka can finally just have fun, spend time with classmates and not have to worry about Shiny Luminous holding them back...except for the fact that she has to run to Kyoto to follow...and the Guardians follow does the boy...seriously, can't Hikari handle anything by herself!?  Oh, and Pollun and Lulun get adopted by a little girl briefly...yeah, Hikari really can't do anything by herself, huh?


Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: Ep. 33: Summon your Courage! Nagisa's Troublesome Birthday!!

I wonder if anyone has made Nagisa and Uragaros as their OTP?

I don't get why this series keeps trying to push Fujimura into the forefront, especially considering he's in high school now and they want to make it appear like that we've moved on from it when they keep trying to push this stupid love element that never works in a franchise like this. But then again with this episode being about Nagisa's birthday and after what happened last season (then again a lot of that had to do with hunting for chestnuts with some other guy), Nagisa unfortunately thinks that her birthday means that Fujimura will be able to give her the time of day. It also doesn't help that Honoka is also friends with Fujimura like before and thus is able to arrange said meetup between the two of them. So...yeah, here we are again, Nagisa's still awkward, Fuji-P is still acting like Fuji-P...and we're just stuck watching the trainwreck that is Cure Black's emotional life. Oh...and Uragaros shows up to break things, which in this episode I consider a lifesaver. Oh and speaking of the Guardians: somehow without us knowing, the Guardians have noticed something has changed within Baldez and that he can somehow hear the emergence of the Dark King, which he thinks soon something important will happen...that and really this is the first we've seen Baldez since he's returned to the mansion, so how the heck do they make it like they know he's changed if this is the first we've seen? What is with this season not showing us important things like this...while we get the continued dull stupidity of Nagisa's non-existent love life? (though she does get two cakes out of this birthday so she did at least make out like a bandit on that front)


Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: Ep. 34: Friends On a Journey! Zakenna On a Field Trip!?

Maybe someone at school should have sited Natsuko and Kyoko on a violation of luggage; then maybe we could have seen improvisational costuming in action!

Kyoto: a popular destination when it comes to kids' media, particularly regarding needing to find a place to spend for a field trip for characters that close buy but still so different. It's the Verone Academy third years' turn with it and basically most of the episode, mainly from Nagisa and Honoka's perspective, is just about enjoying themselves, having fun, and just getting into mayhem with the rest of their classmates instead of always hanging out at a takoyaki stand with their first year teammate Hikari. Unfortunately...Hikari ends up in a situation where she seems to always needing to be babysit by Nagisa and Honoka, though in a way you can sort of say you can't blame her with all that's going on. Simply put: Baldez has gotten to the point that thinking that by simply releasing "the boy" from the mansion into the real world, he can encounter Hikari again and bring about some sort of reaction that he believes will end up making things better on their end in potentially dealing with the power of the ligth brought about by the Queen that she represents. With the idea that the light and darkness are two sides of the same coin, releasing the boy and having him face Hikari again will potentially lead to the eventual showdown where one or the other will finally be victorius While it really leads to a lot of weird elements in this episode (the worst of which being that the boy is obviously around Verone Academy, leading to Hikari thinking she can get away to Kyoto to be protected by the Cures...except the boy follows her there too), it seems like Baldez has resigned himself to the idea that this has to eventually end and that if the ways things were going are too slow, there are ways to speed it up. I really think Hikari should have found a way to deal with things until the third years got back to Tokyo, but unfortunately when they won't even let her fight for herself, this is sadly the only thing she can's still dumb but what can you do. (at least it allows Wishun to appear again; who I still claim is the only worthwhile Heartiel of the whole mess of that stupid plot point) Oh and Uragaros makes an idiot of himself while in the acting part of town and we get to see the girls in geisha outfits...yeah I should have mentioned it sooner but unfortunately not much of interest happened outside the whole element of Baldez speeding things up between Hikari and the boy.


Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: Ep. 35: A Seriously Terrible Field Trip! Memory-Making has a Dangerous Scent

I think Uragaros really had a partner in that tiger...really he should have just found a way to keep it in that form without it just being a one-episode minion.

Whose fault was it that Hikari suddenly decided to join the 3rd years on their class trip to Kyoto? Obviously the plot considering Hikari can't literally do anything on her own if this season has anything to say about it; but ignoring that, obviously with the pursuit of the Guardians and Baldez's latest gambit regarding the boy, she sort of does need some place to protect herself. It isn't fair that she can't just handle it on her own without Nagisa and Honoka's help, but what can you do, what's done is done. Of course just because Hikari is around doesn't mean that the girls can put the rest of their break on hold, considering Nagisa, Shiho and Rina have a lot of souvenier sweets to buy and even Honoka has her own weird little quirks to embrace during this Kyoto trip, which for her is...riding on a street car for some reason. But considering the plot and the situation, obviously something important is bound to happen...and in this case, it's basically more or less the factor that the forces of darkness can appear anywhere at any time and things are always going to get screwy regardless. And if the Guardians can do it with the Cures (see Uragaros' little speech), then so can the boy...who once again appears right in front of Hikari causing things to get freaky rather fast. It's impossible to say what exactly Baldez's little plan is and why pushing the boy and Hikari is going to work out in the long run, but the same thing as before happens and it just ends up leading to the Cures trying to protect Hikari and being there while at the same time dealing with Uragaros and the latest Zakenna. Unfortunately nothing really happens this time other than a rerun (oh and somehow Uragaros realizing that you have to stop that stupid speech for the Sparkle Bracelets...which is a smart move considering I always say that giving a stupid long speech to activate a power is just going to screw you over), but this is probably a long term operation (and we do still have a quarter season left to go) so the problems are just beginning.


Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: Ep. 36: Go Back to Where You Came From! Pollun and Lulun's Big Adventure 

Considering her age at the time, let's just be happy they didn't get found by...Itsuki.

The mischievous element of having both Pollun and Lulun on her side is something that Hikari unfortunately has to deal with day after day amidst trying to work and play and Cure duties; especially when Lulun is just a little too obsessed with her big brother. Of course with that sort of problem, it's bound to happen that the two would eventually get lost while Hikari is working and end up being found by someone who would adopt them as the "cute profitable dolls they just happen to look like". In this case it's a little girl and of course the whole situation is just an insight into the girl by way of the lost fairies: her father is coming back early from a trip and she did something that ended up breaking a model of his, thus she has guilt of his return and doesn't really want to fess up to the crime; heck at one point she decides to just go all out and run away from home thinking that her dad is just going to punish her. (ending up in the same playground place that I know Potpourri was in for one episode when that spazz ran away) Obviously the two end up helping the girl out, sort of helping her to gain the courage to be able to confess her crime to her dad, which ends up not really being that big a deal to him but of course it's the whole "you're more valuable" element these types of episodes tend to have so it's a rather cliche ending in that respect. My only real complaint of the episode aside from it's genericness is probably just about Hikari's usage: obviously Pollun and Lulun want to protect the girl after what happened, but really all they do burst of light and that's it. No Heartiel Action, no Extreme Luminario, and we have to sit through the whole Sparkle Bracelet sequence yet again and it's rather long dull element as Vilblis tries again to stop it...really if they want Hikari's help, why not give her more to do?
A review of "Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart" episodes 33-36
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