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CoE '17 - 10/16/17 (Mason)
Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates

October 16: Mason (Bioman)
One of the reasons I decided to do a special month on subordinates is to try and get villains who become hidden by more famous or infamous villains.  For example, when people talk of Bioman, they tend to talk about the merciless pursuant android Bio Hunter Silva...or the tragic villainous leader Doctor Man.  Little is mentioned about the Big Three, a squadron of androids invented by Doctor Man who work as his generals in trying to show his mad science power to the world.  The leader of the trio is the focus here; and while Mason isn't as evident as his partners (the feminine Farrah and the hilariously classic brute Monster), he probably is the most traditional when it comes to the actions of the group.  Mason is a pure general through and through, leading his warriors of Mechaclones and Beasanoid partners into battle and fig
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This One's For Her - Marauder6272 by Strangerataru This One's For Her - Marauder6272 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 34 2
Ataru Reviews - Fresh Pretty Cure! 5-8
Fresh Pretty Cure, 2nd Harvest: a trio of boys decide to go out with a trio of Cures girls on a why are they the weaklings and the disadvantaged ones in the situation?; Love and her mother get into the biggest arguement of their lives over...Love's crappy knowledge of cooking dinner; Eas decides to closely investigate the Cures in order to figure them out and take them Kiriya...and the Kiryuu sisters...and Regina...yeah she's doomed, isn't she; and how do you make taking care of a baby fairy all the harder?  Simple: have the only means to feed it from one place and the only means of getting it is to translate ferret gibberish...Tarte, can't you just talk instead of making things that much harder for them?
Fresh Pretty Cure: Ep. 5: Hearts Racing at the Amusement Park! Those Exciting Date Feelings?!

Seriously, the amusement mark has their own Cure team; sure they may be ripoffs but try them first before using the real Cures!
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PR Franchise - Zeo 38-40
Today on Power Rangers: Remember when Tanya mentioned her parents went missing when she was living in Africa?  Well they're finally found...then again, was Tanya speaking as in modern Tanya as herself 10 years ago...or were they really gone for 10 years?; Bulk and Skull end up throwing the monetary value of objects in Angel Grove for a loop due to a truly "golden" retriever; and the all-too-brief reign of Louie Kaboom finally comes to an end...and who would imagine a bomb would fall due to...a pair of really huge torpedoes?
The Lore of Auric: aka: Spandex and the Perspectives of Good and Evil

Those rocky outcrops...meh, nowhere near Angel Grove. Pass.
Wait, machines, people of African descent in jungle explorer clothing...Tanya, what have your parents been doing all these years?
Hey, no slithering by unless you can become a staff!
A rope trap? I don't think Cogs are smart enough to even know what rope is!
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PR Franchise - Zeo 35-37
Today on Power Rangers: Skull proves that he's a connoisseur when it comes food!?  Is there something you're not telling us, Skully-boy?; a pretender to the throne of the Machine Empire finally emerges in the vacuum of power brought about by the loss of King Mondo...should we tell them who actually sent the thing; and the Power Rangers stink.  Then again, so does Machina's smelly ideas for schemes without her dead hubby! (eh, he just has a flesh wound...then again robots don't have flesh so...)
Mondo's Last Stand: aka: The King Gets Junk'd (or: Triangle Man vs. Robot Man)

Great seeing Austin back in the credits but that shirt...just feels...not that Jason. (oh and way to spoil the Super Zeo Megazord before it shows up!)
Jason: Me fighting some guy in green; this is just so familiar somehow...
Thank goodness at least that Adam feels like a worthy rival; Zack worked too but he was more just a buddy who danced.
It's great to hav
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Ataru Reviews - Avatar LoK - Change 5-6
Avatar: The Legend of Korra: Book 3:
Ep. 5: The Metal Clan & Ep. 6: Old Wounds

Yep. It's a metal banana. No way to get around it.
With Korra going separately from the potential Air Nomads at the start of 5, her next stop on her search for Airbenders takes her to a new city in the Avatar world: Zaofu, the "city of Metal" and home to a group known as the "Metal Clan". The leader of the Metal Clan and the main focus of the two-parter is Suyin Beifong...yes, Lin's (half-)sister and another of Toph's daughters; the invitation is both due to wanting to meet Korra and because the new Airbender is Opal, her daughter (and another love potentail for Bolin). Despite the "hardness" of the new location, Zaofu is more or less a town that reminds me of a hippie commune, where there's this obsession with expressing oneself and doing what one sees fit just as Suyin has. This sort of irks Lin the most due to her own hardline attitude in following in Toph's footsteps in being a cop in R
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CoE '17 - 10/15/17 (Sir Kauler)
Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates
October 15: Sir Kauler (Flashman)

Today, Joji Nakata is one of the most prominent “deep voice” actors in many anime and tokusatsu; but prior to then, he was a major villain actor in the Super Sentai franchise.  Yet while he ruled the roost as Great Professor Bias in Liveman, he first portrayed the most important adversary of the Flashman: the Alien Hunter Sir Kauler.  Kauler is the reason Flashman exists: he’s the one who abducted the Earth babies 20 years prior to the series for Mess’ experimentations, ultimately leading to the salvation of five by the Flash race and thus giving birth to the human heroes of the five alien worlds.  Thus, when he comes to Earth at Mess’ invitation, he ends up becoming their greatest adversary, being the one behind the scheme leading to the first ever defeat of a main Sentai mecha with the strategy tha
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CoE '17 - 10/14/17 (Lije)
Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates
October 14: Apostle of Dawn Lije (Abaranger)

The situation with Wicked Lifeform Dezumozolrya is very bizarre in the weirdness that is Abaranger: it’s a single-cell organism that has “evolved” a massive army to conquer one dimension and attempting to control another, but it still needs to show itself as a force! Thus it decides to literally “parasite” the unborn daughter of a captured Saurian woman who becomes his general (and who secretly is connected with the main force against them, AbareBlack), and then forces that baby once born to instantly grow into an adorable but evil little girl to be its main emissary for its Evolian forces!  That little girl is Lije, and for the most part she is typically seen as the “leader” of the Evolian because of Dezumozolrya parasiting off her.  The strange thing about Lije is that while she is Dezumozolrya
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Ningyojo Seiren - Jcdr by Strangerataru Ningyojo Seiren - Jcdr :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 51 2
CoE '17 - 10/13/17 (Grifforzer)
Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates
October 13: Grifforzer (Zyuranger)

Goldar: a name well known to Power Ranger fans as the original “fearful general” of the franchise.  Obviously he did appear in the original Zyuranger toku, but he wasn’t quite the same as he was depicted in the American footage and depictions.  Whereas Goldar de-evolved from a powerful general who tormented the teenagers with attitudes before becoming Lord Zedd’s bootlicker and Rito Revolto’s straight man, Grifforzer was simply just a powerful griffon-themed warrior who worked under Bandora and was sealed with her after her rebellion in the past and emerged with her in modern times.  He was powerful but more ruled by animal instincts; generally just hanging out with Bandora’s forces and going down when he felt like a fight or when the space witch told him to do so, even infamously deciding to lay down to ta
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Denshajo Toden - Jcdr by Strangerataru Denshajo Toden - Jcdr :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 19 7
CoE '17 - 10/12/17 (Dongoros)
Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates
October 12: Galactic Merchant Dongoros (Fiveman)

With a franchise that is as long lasting as Sentai, you’d expect greed of monetary value to be a factor that villain groups would touch on more often; yet while we see groups like CRIME and the Londerz Family partake in them, it’s much less seen in grander villain squads as an aspect of evil.  This sort of makes Dongoros the exception than the typical, in that his entire focus within Zone is his greed and his desire to both covet the money he makes and what he can use it on.  It’s weird that a group of villainous conquerors such as Zone would even have a need for money, but it’s sort of made apparent from early on that the universe of Fiveman is not quite as cheap as you’d want: with the means of growth, the Gorlin, costing quite a bit of Dolyuns, it probably worked to their advantage to have someone who
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The Sweetheart Grows Up
I suppose the tale sort of began back 10 or so years ago.  There was this girl who lived on my block; Betty her name was.  She was two years younger than me, always hanging around like one of the guys despite being a girl and a bit younger than the rest of us.  I remembered her back then: a shrimpy brunette whom puberty hadn't hit yet, with thick pigtails in ribbons, sky blue on one side, pink on another.  She tended to wear overalls a lot instead of the more girly outfits; and was more or less a little string bean.  She was in grade school and just sort of hung around whenever me and some of my friends at the time just spent time around the lamppoll to hang out before the sun went down and our families told us to get back inside or we'd get a whuppin.  Betty was more or less like one of the guys, sucking down cherry pop while we did the more caffinated stuff, listening in as we spoke about video games, monster movies and who knows what.  We tried not
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CoE '17 - 10/11/17 (Yamimaru)
Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates
October 11: Wandering Boma Yamimaru (Turboranger)

Sometimes finding your place in the world can lead to the best and the worst aspects of a person, especially when they don't fit in anywhere they try to go.  Such is the case of the Wandering Boma, beings who exist half-Boma, half-human, who don't appear to fit in either world and who try to make their way in one or the other.  The first of these to emerge is Yamimaru, a being who has existed for over 20,000 years since the Boma/Fairy war and who has wandered throughout the world without success of finding anywhere he belonged until the Boma revival brought him to Musashino High.  Due to his youthful appearance, he became able to join the school as "Hikaru Nagareboshi", where he directly encounters the Turboranger in their own high schooler guise and clashes with them time and again while they try to work to make him understand
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CoE '17 - 10/10/17 (Neziranger)
Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates
October 10: Jaden Sentai Neziranger (Megaranger)

Despite how long Super Sentai has been going as a franchise, there are still quite few actual, legitimate (non-clone) evil Sentai teams.  The Neziranger are one of these few, and easily one of the best that pushed the concept to the limit.  On the surface, they appear to be horrible monsters, twisted versions of the Megaranger themselves created by Doctor Hinelar to pursue them and take them down, with the power to easily defeat them and a particular drive of insanity to push them forwards and keep pursuing no matter what obstacles get in their way.  However, their usage are much darker than this: the Neziranger are literal monsters, but the suits used for them were created by Hinelar back when he was still Professor Samejima of INET and were intended for the Megaranger themselves, showing the already decayed state he had reach
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Happier and Haughtier - Chicken-Yuki by Strangerataru Happier and Haughtier - Chicken-Yuki :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 20 3

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OK, I just realized I put in the wrong BoF idea. So let's fix it: which BoF cosplay would you want? 

13 deviants said Liu Zhen (BoF 1 Hero)
10 deviants said Lily Coleman (Rinpu, BoF2)
8 deviants said Hispanola Naga… (Bleu, BoF 1)
6 deviants said Hilda Hoffman (Momo, BoF 3)
-Sometimes it feels like all I'm doing at times is doing things for everyone other than myself.  I don't mind helping people out or giving people ideas, but sometimes there are those out there who just ask too much of me.  There are moments I don't mind helping out others because of what it can do: being a nice guy, having some sort of personal benefit.  But I really need to stop doing so all the time at all times because sometimes I sort of just want to do for myself or take a break.  There's such a thing as being nice, but I wonder if there's such a thing as being too nice?

-It turns out there's an audience of interest for "bimbofied brainwashed Quinn"; thing is I don't want to ruin her or Hydie in the process.  I have an idea for Christmas to maybe get through some of these issues...but it's an idea, which means it may or may not come to fruition.  If it does, I do know that it will be 5 years since the 12/21 incident and somehow it would be an interesting way to mark it.

-If you want something alongside my villain overlook "Career of Evil" I've been doing for Sentai villains for the last two years and are a Sailor Moon fan, you should read :icondjnetwork:'s journals about the Daimon of the third season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon S.  Yeah biased due to having some of my fave MotW of any series, but it's just a fun thing to read over IMHO.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Career of Evil '17: SUBORDINATION!
A Look at 31 Super Sentai villain subordinates

October 16: Mason (Bioman)

One of the reasons I decided to do a special month on subordinates is to try and get villains who become hidden by more famous or infamous villains.  For example, when people talk of Bioman, they tend to talk about the merciless pursuant android Bio Hunter Silva...or the tragic villainous leader Doctor Man.  Little is mentioned about the Big Three, a squadron of androids invented by Doctor Man who work as his generals in trying to show his mad science power to the world.  The leader of the trio is the focus here; and while Mason isn't as evident as his partners (the feminine Farrah and the hilariously classic brute Monster), he probably is the most traditional when it comes to the actions of the group.  Mason is a pure general through and through, leading his warriors of Mechaclones and Beasanoid partners into battle and fighting to pursue Doctor Man's ideals all while fighting against the forces empowered by Planet Bio time and again.  Probably boosting his credibility as a threat is Hirohisa Nakata, who actually was the main villain in the second half of Kamen Rider Amazon despite being a major but not the major threat here.

Yet as loyal and devoted as Mason is as a general, that didn't mean he had his rebellious streaks.  He and all of the Gear forces were built as machine warriors for their leader...yet Doctor Man, their leader, was a human. (or at least born as one)  In probably one of his few rebellious moments, he realized that by deposing of Doctor Man, a true machine version of Gear would be formed that would prove their true might and allow for the Big Three triumverate to rule over all.  It worked...for a time, until it's revealed that Doctor Man faked his assassination by Mason and his partners as a means to test their own mental concepts of free will and ultimately remove it.  Considering how Doctor Man gained paranoid of free will development due to a lot of problems he had with some other experiments, revealing that Mason had it and then removing it was a bit of a failsafe to make sure that even his most "loyal" machines didn't start gaining true conscious.  It's tragic but the brief rebellion showed that Mason did have his intentions of perhaps a more "pure" machine empire even against his creator's will.

Effectiveness: While not as memorable as so many other forces of Gear (let alone Silva), Mason's accomplishments could get lost on the day-to-day.  But he did mostly listen and do what Doctor Man asked of him, and the rebellious streak of the one incident did at least show he did have some greater ambition even if it was to be crushed.

Downfall: When you're loyalty is only to Doctor Man, you're basically just going to die for Doctor Man and his ambition.  Thus when the white whale known as Balzion (the infamous Anti-Bio mecha) finally emerges, the scientist sacrificed one member of his army after another to keep hold of it and prevent Bio Hunter Silva from retaking his ultimate weapon for his own crusade against Bio Particles.  In the end, Mason was the last one standing, trying his hardest to prevent anyone from taking it...only for Silva to shoot him to his final destruction.  One Balzion was found, nothing would stop Silva from completing his ancient mission, not even Doctor Man or his greatest generals.

Final Thoughts: As said, I sort of wish there was more to say about Mason.  He's not vanilla and has his strengths, but is just sort of camoflagued by how much Bioman gives us in the name of villainy.

Next Time: He had one objective: to crush the Sentai squad that keeps assaulting his group.  It's too bad his group is obsessed with evil science and he just wants to fight!
CoE '17 - 10/16/17 (Mason)
Career of Evil day 16: If this were like his last major villain role, Doctor Man would be fake and he'd be the real final villain! least he has some spoiler moments.

10/15/17: (to be added)
10/17/17: (to be added)
This One's For Her - Marauder6272
Susan Parker grew up in a world of temperance: her father was a preacher born and raised in Missouri, her mother was born in Kentucky but moved for marriage and now worked for the Salvation Army, and she and her sisters were drilled to resist the temptations of the world such as sex, gambling and booze.  When she chose to attend a Presbyterian university in north-central Missouri, she continued to believe in her parents' teaching, despite the world of sin surrounding her and her own shyness making her nervous about the world around her.  But on the night of her 21st birthday, Susan succumbed to peer pressure to go out to a local bar to at least try her first beer, expecting to hate it.  But as the night went on, the truth became evident as to why she never drank before...and why such resistances were placed in her mind and body; bit by bit, she became a massively busty, muscular Clydesdale anthro!  It was the first time in her life Susan felt free...but by the time the morning came, so did the hangover...and the five-foot girl returned to her normal state with no idea what happened.  Was it all a dream...or was there something she didn't know about...or that her mother never told her about her family secret?

This is sort of a gift for someone due to some recent stuff they've been through, but it's based on my own girl created here (SFM - 87)  Shockingly she actually got a ton of good feedback as she was being drawn; so I may need to use her a bit more after this and explore regarding what she is and why she has this "condition".

Susan Parker, copyright :iconstrangerataru: (based on a concept by :icongenericaccount4885:)
Art, copyright :iconmarauder6272:
Fresh Pretty Cure, 2nd Harvest: a trio of boys decide to go out with a trio of Cures girls on a why are they the weaklings and the disadvantaged ones in the situation?; Love and her mother get into the biggest arguement of their lives over...Love's crappy knowledge of cooking dinner; Eas decides to closely investigate the Cures in order to figure them out and take them Kiriya...and the Kiryuu sisters...and Regina...yeah she's doomed, isn't she; and how do you make taking care of a baby fairy all the harder?  Simple: have the only means to feed it from one place and the only means of getting it is to translate ferret gibberish...Tarte, can't you just talk instead of making things that much harder for them?


Fresh Pretty Cure: Ep. 5: Hearts Racing at the Amusement Park! Those Exciting Date Feelings?!

Seriously, the amusement mark has their own Cure team; sure they may be ripoffs but try them first before using the real Cures!

If there's one thing I've come to realize with a franchise like Pretty that the males tend to be tokens if they're neutral or good, particularly when it comes to being love interests (Fuji-P, the Yes 5 fairies when not doing interesting good things...heck even Kazuya Mishou but he at least worked). Amazingly, this episode actually introduces male characters of the same age of the trio who actually feel more like actual males and not like these "idealized bishonen" that tend to inhabit a franchise like this. All three go to Love's school and get involved with the girls due to Yuuki (the shrimp) deciding to visit the Labyrinth fortune house to get some advice on how to win over Miki, with Westar surprisingly giving him some sound advice on being himself and going all out. (I'm a bit surprised he and Soular did this since somehow Eas seems the only one who has actual divination abilities) This leads to a triple date at a local amusement park, where the boys basically seem to feel like actual boys but ones who seem to really feel weak compared to the Cures despite their good intentions: Yuuki is stuck being a knight to the princess-like Miki and failing in chivalry, the glasses-wearing Kento gets scared in a haunted house where Buki recognizes the animals; and leader Daisuke keeps wimping in giving a set of Trinity tickets to Love. I'm happy we actually have males close to the age of the Cures for once and ones who aren't perfect and trying their best despite the failures that they keep dealing with because the girls are just that good. Add in Westar attacking the park and you have a bit of a fun situation, culminating with Yuuki actually fighting to save Daisuke from the latest Nakewameke but Cure Peach obviously coming to their aid in the end and becoming his new source of adoration. Unfortunately despite the ups and downs of the date...Yuuki like everyone else doesn't realize Miki's brother isn't her boyfriend so they all consider it a failure in the end...but they did get a free doughnut out of it.


Fresh Pretty Cure: Ep. 6: The Missing Hamburger! Protect Your Favorite Things!

I said it with Aguri and I'll say it with Love: carrot cake = no problem!

With the methods recklessly used by Eas and Westar in dealing with the Cures, Soular decides to place his hat into the ring of dealing with them after getting a warning from Moebius that somehow they're a main reason why Labyrinth may not necessarily get it's hands on Infinity so quickly like they're trying to achieve with their collection of sadness and screams. In order to do so, he actually decides a very psychological approach in collecting the power for the gauge: using a Chalkboard Nakewameke, he uses it to erase things that people, particularly children, love, slowly building it up step by step until ultimately breaking them and gaining the power they need. I do like the strategy despite some of the problems it leads to in the episode, really just showing the slow build that Labyrinth can perform if they strategize instead of just diving out and turning the first thing they can into a Nakewameke for destructive purposes. What hurts the that this happens to happen when Love ends up having a big argument with her mother, particularly when Love decides to make hamburger steak for dinner and her mom, working late at a supermarket, tells her to at least balance it out with carrots. Love does sort of comply but when hamburgers become the first thing stolen by Soular, it just leads to accusations that Love doesn't care made worse that she did prepare to make carrots but couldn't when the hamburgers are stolen. It sort of gets petty and really just ends up trying to create tension between Love and her mom, made worse in the climax when Soular decides to steal parents as the "breaking point" of the plan. It's a cool concept for a breaking point but made worse with how raw it gets for Love due to them pulling this...and the factor that we don't get any such moment of stolen parents from Miki and Inori despite the potential their parents were taken too! As mentioned, it probably isn't a bad scheme on Labyrith's side but with how screwy the Love sub-plot gets, it really just feels much more fake than it does sincere in regards to the turmoil that parents and children go through.


Fresh Pretty Cure: Ep. 7: Setsuna and Love - The Clover of Friendship

So is it a good or bad thing when the random food provider of the season doesn't care that the ferret talks and the baby fairy screws with everything around him? Eh...probably good.

Eas has realized that while dealing with gaining the power of Misfortune is important for the purpose of Labyrinth, the only way to make it al the easier is to eliminate the Cures that seem to keep getting in the way. In order to get closer to figure that out, she has decided to go undercover as "Setsuna Higashi", the girl that Love immediately recognizes as the "fortune teller" that helped her gain happiness in the first place by starting the dance club with her friends. Since Love is Love, she basically wants to throw "Setsuna" into her circle of friends already, showing her around town, treating her to doughnuts and likewise allowing her to just be there like she's there for her. To solidify things, she sort of tries to use the power of her fortune telling to help her gain the "source of happiness" in Yotsuba Town...which due to the four-leaf clover theme, ends up being...what else, a four-leaf clover charm! (you'd think it would be something else I suppose but I guess when you have a promotional stunt like this...) Yet despite Love winning it, she ends up giving it to Setsuna due to her claiming during a discussion that she has no source of happiness: being a servant of Moebius, obviously Eas/Setsuna isn't just going to think about herself and do something for herself willy-nilly. But Love being Love, she wants Setsuna to find it as well...and it sort of helps that Westar screws things up with a Nakewameke in the midst of the investigation, sort of preventing Eas from attacking while of course with her knowing the trio are the Cures, lets her watch them fight without revealing who she is. It's an interesting approach but...let's sort of remind ourselves that whenever a villain gets close to a Cure (Kiryia, the Kiryuu Sisters, Regina), something happens that of course makes them end up turning to help the Cures in the end. With Setsuna/Eas, it hasn't happened yet...but if I were her, I'd hide that four-leaf clover as far as possible so it wouldn't just corrupt her into doing good things.


Fresh Pretty Cure: Ep. 8: Chiffon in a Pinch! Peach's New Power!!

Seriously it would have been funny if that doughnut got thrown into the Cure Vitan all covered in ants. That's good protein for Chiffon I suppose.

The problem with taking care of baby fairies where all the instructions are granted to you in "untranslatable ferret gibberish" is that if you aren't paying close attention to the world, it's just going to screw with you. Somehow or another, the "Cure Vitan" that Chiffon uses as it's meal can run out (compared know, how easily all the other fairy food can show up in this franchise); and with Love in charged of feeding the thing, she has to get more. Unfortunately, Tarte left her a note to "Cure Vitan distributors" the Kingdom of Sweets...that Love ended up writing a note on...and throwing away...basically it's all a bunch of calamities, made stupider in that Chiffon (at first) doesn't eat anything BUT Cure Vitan! So basically with the baby sort of stuck starving (which I consider a good thing), the only way to fix the problem is to make new Cure Vitan, which means taking some rather bizarre ingredients (such as a rainbow egg, a pegasus' tail and the tears of a maiden) and...get them some other way in Clover Town without having to worry too much about dealing with any of Tarte's notes. (he could have written more you know!) Ultimately during a battle with a new Nakewameke that...somehow Westar claims was powered up (how, why...not explained at all), Chiffon ends up seeing the sacrifice Love has been going through to provide food for it and ultimately releases a new power, basically unsealing the Pickrun that went into the Linkrun in the first episode and giving her a new rod that really just feels like a preview for next season's finisher (against a tulip no less!) And after all that...somehow now Chiffon's mature enough to not need the Cure Vitan all the time really it was all for nothing but grief and turmoil caused by more "untranslatable ferret gibberish"...if Tarte wants to feed the thing, he should manage it himself instead of leaving it with the Cures! (then again this is the same franchise with Joe Okada doing what he did with Ai least a ferret doing it still makes more sense than the loser who abandons a third of his former girlfriend!)
Today on Power Rangers: Remember when Tanya mentioned her parents went missing when she was living in Africa?  Well they're finally found...then again, was Tanya speaking as in modern Tanya as herself 10 years ago...or were they really gone for 10 years?; Bulk and Skull end up throwing the monetary value of objects in Angel Grove for a loop due to a truly "golden" retriever; and the all-too-brief reign of Louie Kaboom finally comes to an end...and who would imagine a bomb would fall due to...a pair of really huge torpedoes?


The Lore of Auric: aka: Spandex and the Perspectives of Good and Evil

Those rocky outcrops...meh, nowhere near Angel Grove. Pass.

Wait, machines, people of African descent in jungle explorer clothing...Tanya, what have your parents been doing all these years?

Hey, no slithering by unless you can become a staff!

A rope trap? I don't think Cogs are smart enough to even know what rope is!



Now that looks familiar: the rocks may scream "some other place", but the cave still gives off the Power Rangers vibe.

From the look of those webs, I say that a Kamen Rider villain's been here a while.

Mrs. Sloan, your daughter's used to these rumblings. Comes with the territory.

Well there's something over there and a skeleton right near by...probably just a Halloween decoration.

OK, I suddenly think this is where Rita and Fred ended up after Mondo kicked them off the moon. (still doesn't explain why Squatt and Baboo are MIA) least someone admits that Gunmazin/Auric looks like a tiki.

I can't believe we abandoned our daughter to some savannah village to be replaced due to some space/time shenanigans and sent to fight robots in SoCal for...this thing.

Yeah...luckily they remember that you need a bag with the right amount of sand in it. Lest a giant boulder comes down to be used as popular stock footage. to prevent lasers from zapping you. That works too.

Not as clean as Ken'ichi Akama, but it gets the job done.

I don't get it: a rock can set off lasers but a whip doesn't? Good reflexes or plot convenience?

And what took years for the Sloans, Louie Kaboom does in three episodes.

Heh, maybe Louie set the lasers up recently considering that shot.

You know what, our lives are more important than this thing. Not like it's going to turn into a Boukenger episode or anything.


Well someone's modified their gas supply...must have still had some left behind by Stenchy.

Well there goes years of our lives...I wonder how our daughter's doing?

Australian mail delivery, here to help you, mate!

It's probably only in the low 60s. If people get too thirsty, Ernie will lose most of his customers due to being drunk.

Hey, he can't take my BFF, I lost my last black-girl owner and I'm not losing this, I mean, mate!

At least they admit she's living with Kat's family...but as we've established, Kat's family has never been seen outside one

Aisha!? Quick, check the post-mark to see where in Africa she ended up! (one thing I can't stand: whenever things affect "Africa" in pop culture, they just seem to mean the whole continent like it's one amorphous blob)

All that for a letter. She wasted postage for that envelope considering how huge it is.

Oh good grief. Her adopted mom gives her the key...NOW!? Plot convenience, thy name is Power Rangers!

So yeah, this is why Tanya's parents went missing. I get wanting to put Auric back together but it does feel a bit weird they weren't looking for anything else if they're explorers like this.

Mysterio Island? Sounds...rather lame, not mysterious at all.

I know what it means: it took her parents THIS LONG to find Auric on one tiny island!?

Wait wait wait...back let's get this straight: Tanya's parents went missing looking for Auric, which is why she went to Africa as a little girl...and yet somehow they survive, in good shape, still wearing jungle explorers outfits for...approximately ten years!? know...Master Vile's spell didn't affect them and it was just less than a year ago?

Aisha I don't trust that map. Turn it in to SGS wait, they're not trustworthy either.

OK so we lost the tiki...think we can find a way out of this cave now? Like before a cave-in?

Zordon, ever have this feeling that my plot's been going on way too long regarding that one line I mentioned back when I was someone else?

Look, I can't have you guys teleporting around the universe just because you can. There's a reason I put a regional lock to prevent you from just going to the middle of Manhattan.

No wait...never mind, Zordon is going to let them use teleportation for "any such thing" like this. Meh, this better be impossible to find like Venus Island so we can see her land on some weird place being chased by cannibals or something.


Kat: Hey, Zordon, do you think you could teleport me back home too? I got to see someone about a wallaby.

Can't say it's smart or dumb to leave the key to Jason. At least it isn't Forgetful, Oliver.

Oh great another message from Trey. Can I skip this part?

Wait, what was the big deal about the Warrior Wheel last time if he's getting Pyramidas in the VERY NEXT EPISODE!?

I wouldn't worry about that bomb; it's a Rita and Fred monster, that means it'll blow rather quickly.

Hey maybe I need to align Auric with this tire in just the right way...


So Klank knows more about Auric than that dummy. Must explain why he's been so silent the last couple episodes.

So you know that it's the key that Jason has already. And seriously, it's with know, the original Red and currently the 6th...

SMELL YA LATER! (Gary music plays)

OK, maybe sending the key to Angel Grove is safer than leaving it with Tanya. I think her parents have had enough craziness for one lifetime.

The tea to the kiki. Must be tasty tea.

It's funny that for a sentient missile, he just keeps relying on eye beams.

Here is the key to your, Auric, beep.

I guess he just left Auric with Klank...probably treating it about the same as he treats Orbus.

Well, Stone's policy came through for him I suppose.

Last week. So in the last week, Mondo died, then Louie Kaboom showed up an Machina sent down that skunk. Either quick turnaround or he had a lot saved up to open the agency.

Shouldn't it be "no way, no how?" You two really need to reverse that.

Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma

GUNMAZIN!!!, random man sounds.

Defender of good and true...yep, I can see where this is going.

Maybe if Louie went with something like "this planet is filled with dangerous monsters who threaten the fate of the universe", then maybe he'd see he cause as...just?

Seriously, shoot first and ask questions later? I have better morals than that.

Come on, I just woke you up; don't go to sleep on me because I have problems with this planet!

Please Auric. These humans only care about war and pollution and destruction. THEY EVEN MAY VOTE A REALITY TV HOST PRESIDENT! 


So...if it won't listen to Louie, what would Sprocket do?

Tanya: This beach looks...wait have I been here before or did Tommy and the others tell me about this place?

Eh, it's cooler when it's just Geoffrey Holder randomly appearing in the jungle with a flute.

Seriously, they should have saved Bara Tarantula for this episode with all the spiderwebs.

Noose trap in three...two...

You didn't have to fall down too, Mr. Sloan. Unless you just did it for compassion.

And burning fire was set there...when? You'd think a trap like that would be defective.

Amazing how these civilizations are considere "primitive", yet they have flame traps and moving walls!

At least taking Auric to the moon is way less conspicuous than using him in an abandoned Earth warehouse.

Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma.

A nice yawn; didn't get the chance to do that last time. Now I feel refreshed.

I'm so small and meek; pay no attention to those evil destructive toys my daddy gave me.

See, that's how you make humans look bad. Equate spandex as bad.

Great galaxies? I know Gunmazin may be from the far past, knowing Saban it probably is "aliens".

I really hope my tearduct upgrade wins him over...

Well at least they found a use for the fresh water on the moon.

Evil Power Rangers? I'M ON MY WAY!

I forget: was I supposed to be in this episode?

Oh yeah, Auric's powerful. No "special wish ability" like Ohranger, just "he's powerful".

At least he's civil enough to rampage without destroying the city.

The Super Zeo Megazord? Sure the regular one wouldn't suffice?

For all we know, he may just want to do a freestyle rap-off, but we hear some other ancient robot called dibs on it.

So Pyramidas already? What about the Super Zeo Zords like what Zordon suggested?

You challenge me with a pyramid? How lame!

There, now it looks like the Gorma Palace. Neat remodeling, huh?

And so, once again, the day is saved. Thanks to...AURIC!

Yeesh, he stole the Sword of Damocles. Maybe he's the new Rocky.

I'm not being paid enough to fight a sentry bot upside-down!

Yeah, let's go back to the original plan. Jason's really not doing it for me.

When in doubt, just merge before anyone misses Super Zeo Zord II.

Tanya: Hmmm...shouldn't I be wearing something protective? Nah, short sleeves and jeans can keep the bugs away.

Footprints. That means...THEY HAVE ACTUAL FEET!

Dang, this cave really is made for Halloween with all the skeletons and webs about.

Nice break shot; seriously, nothing suggests Tanya's doomed than a skeleton hanging on a wall.

A diagonal shot really is a good way to demonstrate they're doomed, huh?

OK, did someone just send Tanya to the "Legend of the Hidden Temple" set and not tell her?

YES, I'M SO CLOSE TO FINDING MY...(teleports away)

Yeah your parents are being burned and squished alive but Jason's blood's rushing to his head. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!

Hey, I expected spandex fighters, not this...block...robot...thing...

Evil's all a matter of perspective, Tommy. You've done dumb things in the past so you should know.

OK can someone cue Auric in on the last four seasons?

Hoo boy he said the Z-word.

"All who fight for good know the name of Zordon"...somehow this feels like it's foreshadowing something...

You brat, you're gonna get it this time!

Sprocket: I don't get paid enough for these sorts of stunts!

You had your chance, Louie. You're not using that again.

And...Billy got it. Meh, again it takes away how Gunmazin worked in Oh but...different show and all that.

Backfist bro bump! We're bros now, right?

Can someone cue Rita in that this magnet's probably going to ruin Fred's radio reception?

So seriously: giant magnet and you're using it on your bomb and not the robots? They're...a lot closer than Louie Kaboom you know.

What is "medieval" to Rita? She's been asleep for 10,000 years prior so she didn't experience the typical medieval period humans know of.

Look, we have a ton of things to deal with: Louie, Mondo's horde, Power Rangers, Zordon, any other loose cannons of the UAE (that Divatox bulletin better be fake news...) so let's just keep our anger restrained for the moment.

Does Finnster even know where Louie is?

And Rito's running it. Calamity in three...two...

ACTIVATE, THE ED-MAGNE...ER, FRED....ZEDD MAGNET! (my mind is just so screwy now)

Again: the machines are on the moon! Why aim it for someplace on Earth just to cause another Stone calamity?

Hey, think we should be doing something other than playing with a dipstick?

Well it doesn't neet brakes anymore...or shocks...or tires...or an engine...or...

Shouldn't Stone have been close by when the car was taken?

Magnetic Vehicle Abduction: October 25th, 1996. And Farmers covered it. (WE ARE FARMERS!)

Stone, it's Angel Grove. Vehicles in this town get trashed all the time.

Well at least they got a new pair of wheels. Wouldn't let Rito or Goldar drive it myself.

Tip Rito: make them Earth coordinates, not lunar!

Funny, the car does have no roof almost works as a convertable?

You screwed up, Jason. 6th Rangers always screw up: it's in their contract.

So now Jason has Pyramidas, the Warrior Wheel and now Auric. Remember when he had cool toys like a giant tyrannosaurus robot that could fight giants on his own? (instead of a growing army of dumb ones)

Adam, better watch Jason. He's eyeing your girl. long was that fight...and are Tanya's parents dead due to that?

That is one...slow...set of walls...


And...another snake. Must be the reason behind it.

I don't think the ancients would have left pully devices in such an obvious location.

Tanya! You've...grown up...

Aww...what a heartfelt reunion...unfortunately, this is their only appearance.

Credits: Oil dipsticks are magic.

Thoughts: I'm a bit surprised it took this long for the series to get back to the whole subplot of Tanya's missing parents, but it just feels screwy that it also has to come about like this. Admission: combining the Gunmazin/Auric plot with their return is fine, but I still think it's ridiculous they'd be gone for this long just due to one dumb island and a random cave instead of just being more active in keeping track of their daughter...and which continent she's now living on. Jason did what he could even if unfortunately that means being stuck in more Tommy-like plots, and the whole thing with Stone's car...again...just felt like a waste.

The Ranger Who Came In from the Gold: aka: GOLDAR-IZED (or: Fred's Tire Maintenance: 30 Minutes or Less)

So we open with...A Chorus Line? (with of these things is not like the other)

Hoo boy, prop problem. Quick, call up Kim's granny, she may have stuff other than a spinning wheel!

Yeah, know propmen are the true stars of ballet, right? (please don't make us dance, Kat)

She's making a ballet about King Midas? Why him? He turned crap to gold then made a literal ass of himself, how do you dance to that?

Um...that's from Delieb's least make it original music before you dance to it.

I feel sorry for them...the funny thing: Coppelia's considered the comedic version of "Frankenstein" so maybe that's a compliment for their line of work.

Tanya, why are they using the ballet bar? That's never been used in my four years working here!

His food, his daughter...yeah, Midas is proof that "money isn't everything". (too bad many in the world don't follow in that humility)

So purple/pink, blue, yellow and red...yep, she's making the Fresh PreCure team.


So he made a left and he hit a crater. Yep, she's trying to break this down too.

Well something crappy happened...send Rito and Goldar out, Finnster's too valuable and the other two goofs are who knows where doing who knows what. (cardboard cutout of Squatt and Baboo) I THOUGHT WE WERE IMMUNE TO THAT!

Hoo boy...and no gas station for a few million miles. (whose idea was it to bring a vehicle with wheels to a surface like this?)

Fred's idea of vehicle maintenance: kick it and hope it still works. Worked wonders with Serpenterra.

If Louie Kaboom's screwing up again, we're using HIM to fix the Winnebago!

Well that was a short honeymoon. I guess after Machina's screw up, Louie just had enough and decided to be a "nice" daddy.

Sadly Louie conquering the empire really doesn't have the impact of the Ohranger version. Especially considering Sprocket...we'll get there.

Seriously: all that work to make my torpedos big as possible and this missile pulls this. WHEN MONDO RETURNS, I SWEAR I'LL BE BIGGER THAN YOU, LOUIE KABOOM!

And like his Sentai version, Klank's about as much of a bootlicker as Goldar.

Here's my plan: free Golden Retrievers for everyone!

Yellow's not listening; my guess is she's more a fan of Sylvia than Coppelia.

Wonder if Skull ever had to practice with Delieb. He isn't Chopin but he is still nice music.

And here comes Ms. Politically Correct to fix Bulk and Skull. Really that's Tanya's whole character to a tee.

Skull: Suddenly I don't know if I'm in the mood now to see "An American in Paris" or "Road House".

I would have gone with Nureyev over Barishnikov but...

Seriously, Kat's a worse task master than Zordon!

Well another dead end on the prop path. I still say the Hart attic has what you need...

For a fee...I'm happy to be...YOUR BACKDOOR MAN!

Detectives: yes., should we remind ourselves of "Rumplestilskin"?

Double? So...what is the regular rate and would Stone catch them before they pull this mess?

"Name it". Something tells me when they lose it's going to be utterly ridiculous.

Hey, I'm Louie Kaboom. I don't look royal at all but it's been a quick rise to power. Like Napoleon or Robespierre...OK, not a good comparison but that was in the script.

WE'RE GOING TO WIN! (come on, let's lay the dog down or they'll realize we're fleecing them)

Hey they got the bike back...or did they coax Stone to buy a new one after Goldar and Rito stole it?

The problem with garage sales: you never know what you're gonna get. That's why many consider it fun.

Look for something gold...and if it looks like a ticket clipper, hands off.

Um...they don't look greedy. Desperate, sure, but not greedy.

Bulk, when Kat said "gold", did she mean "Gold-Plated"?

And that's why it's called the Midas Hound, ladies and gentlemen.


Hey rub on it, maybe you'll have golden artifacts and a genie!

Woman: I don't remember that gold-making dog in my stuff...guys, that's not for sale.

Well someone's packing the bling now they can get their hands on it.

So when you turn a quarter into gold, is it still worth a quarter or the value of the gold?

You put it in the tip jar? Don't you also need money for the hot dogs too?'s where things turn crappy for the dummies.

Look, I know we're not supposed to know what's in a hot dog but this is ridiculous.

Yeah...when the dog goes out of control, you know you're screwed.

I know we want to be golden but this is ridiculous!

They're speaking incomprehensible words. That's not a good sign...or maybe they should have kept the dog with and found a way to hold it back.

So if things turn into gold, does that make us richer or does it make gold less valuable?'s so, I mean...EVIL GOLD DOG, EVIL!

Really the Cogs should be blingin' too. But Louie's not going that all out with his reign...yet.

Well I guess Klank's bootlicking knows no where the heck are the growth beam going to hit to make it bigger?

So yeah, giant golden retriever. Not a good sign.

What the heck are those four doing? I assume it has nothing to do with Kat's ballet.

Adam and Kat are fighting Cogs...oh and go towards that giant golden retriever toy, you can't miss it.


Look Louie, your dog's leaving nasty packages. Gold or not, CLEAN UP AFTER IT!

Um, those aren't gold lasers...they're just lasers...

Oh great, my prediction's come true: JASON'S A GOLD STATUE! (no, I said he was a cardboard cutout before...close enough)

So, doesn't he look cool; it's like that silver guy in various parks only he's gold...and frozen solid.

I knew he's a gold Ranger but this is just ridiculous.

Adam: Aww man, why can't I be a gold statue too!?

Um, Louie, I know you're new and all but: if the Rangers fly back to the Command Center, that's a bad thing.

Hah, I told them I'd go back with them, BUT TOMMY LISTENS TO NO ONE BUT TOMMY!

Hey, do you think Jason now fits in my ballet, mate?

Well he's not technically dead...but he is gold. It's less dying and more "turning into an inanimate object".

Um Tanya, you keep forgetting about the rest of the Midas story: about the donkey ears and whatnot?

Guys, I don't see what robots need currency for. Mondo never needed currency, it's just weird.

So the Gold is Midas Hound's food supply...well it isn't the same as the Oh version but it makes some sense...just wonder what Jason tastes like to them though.

Well Jason's down, Tommy's out in the field and we have two girls...ADAM, WE NEED BACKUP! (Rocky: Um, Zordon, still here...)

Guess someone put up Borg adaptation tech on the statue. Least it keeps the scheme going.

Well it was worth a shot but they never seemed to work as well as our real weapons.

Well now I'm down. (Zordon: And this is why we can't just trust Rocky to do anything)

Goldar-ize? I'd expect that if you were a griffon,


This is probably why no one wanted a gold mecha until that Arabian Knight mage, huh?

No, I'm Goldar-ized...and suddenly...I think...Rito's

Louie: Who is this Goldar and why don't I get the joke?


Alpha: You know I have a golden come I can get away with it and not the Rangers?

And...he goes from gold, Black...

Yeah they're losing to a statue of a dog with a silly grin. Pathetic, huh?

Well one good thing about Pyramidas: it does have a long-distance attack.


Guys, he was cuter as the Midas Hound.

Midas Monster, Pyramidas...why did Triforia name the mech that considering things?


Bit surprise it's gold beam isn't working anymore. Guess it doesn't work outside hound mode?

Goldbug? Isn't that the name of a Marvel villain? (and he's not even a bug)

Stop with the shooty things, they hurt, ow!

No, thing. (why should I reduce myself to call it a "Goldar-izer"?)

No Gold, but I still have...CHAINS OF CONSTRICTION!

Adam: Seriously, can't I ride in the Phoenix? (Tommy: NO ONE RIDES IN THE TOMMY'S ZORD EXCEPT THE TOMMY!)

At least the Zeo Megazord has more bling to it's credit than the Super Zeo Zords.

At least they remember the Zeo Ultrazord exists. So does this mean that Midas Monster is stronger than Mondo? (or worse yet...Mondo's weaker than...SOMNIBOT!?)



This time we follow my map of the moon and not yours. Mines certified by the EAA! (Exhaus Automobile Association)

Oh great, now they're being Goldar-ized.


Seriously, next time we change tires, I'm buying Michelin, not the cheap ones they came with.

New strategy: FIX-A-FLAT!

I guess Kat gave up on Tommy and Adam. I think it was for the better.

And the old standby: trust us, it's back to normal, we just said so.

It may look nice but what about the props? I mean Bulk and Skull did turn crap to gold and lost it due to the spell so...

Oh great, I fear for what Tanya knows.

And they don't need training or anything! Jason told us how awesome a dancer Bulk is.

And...Coppelia. Really Kat, if you want to dance to Coppelia, make the ballet Coppelia! Not this King Midas madness!

I...have no idea what this has to do with King Midas.

He turned the sun to gold? Guess now a lion's going to eat it.

So who is Midas and who is the other one supposed to be?

Um...what was the lesson, Kat? Does this have to do with Bulk and Skull respecting ballet or did you just want to screw with Delieb by doing this?

Credits: Farkus Bulkmeyer is Clubber Lang!

Thoughts: This was a weird one, both due to the stock footage and the American footage. The Bara Gold fight in Ohranger was interesting in basically being a tough fight and a massive game-changer regarding "Sprocket and Machina", but here they're locked in the dungeon and instead of getting us the true lesson of greed, we props. (and shockingly no Auric) Well at least Bulk and Skull do fall for the greed element and it does bite them in the butt, as well as Jason, so that wasn't bad. And while I do like they remember Kat was a ballerina prior, the idea of the King Midas play with the Coppelia music just got really bizarre, especially since I love the music from Coppelia! Oh and the worst part: WE DIDN'T GET 30 MINUTES OF FRED FIXING A TIRE!

The Joke's On Blue: aka: Death By Torpedoes

And here's yet another new student. It's like Angel Grove gets a new student every five seconds! (and they forget so many like Emily...and that random girl from the season 3 Christmas special...)

Yeah you really need friends...and Ranger Powers, Ranger Powers work too.


I always wondered if Angel Grove had one of those types of stores. (now where's the adult bookstore!?)

Jason, aren't you a still be in this school?

Crater, rock, crater, rock...are we there yet, Fred?

Rito: Look, our tech was never as good as the Machine Empire. Don't blame me, Ed! (hey, didn't think I would get that one right, huh?)

Look, Fred needs to relieve his road rage; just go out while Finnster gives him his "medicine".

All that hard work to get back to them and they're kicked out again. Seriously, Goldar and Rito need their own place.

Seriously, we really need a place with a good luna fish long as they don't have "the special".

ROOOOOOOOCKS! ball. Either someone hit it while here or they had a really good drive on Earth. Wonder how that young Tiger kid's doing...

Seriously, I could have used that as a new eyeball!

We used a golfball to find a sparky thing! I never knew golf could be such an entertaining sport.

Hey um...are you Emily and why are you here and not at the beach place?

Hey, David and Sam still exist. Let's not follow, we don't want any more of their craziness.

Um, that's not a prank. That's just a crappy lid. Ernie has those too.

Rocko? I don't see him living a modern life with a steer and a turtle.


Dry clean only...meh, just suck it up and do it while getting another shirt.

Angel Grove Novelty Shop? I say it's that pie place from "Song Sung Yellow" myself.

Hey, we don't go to that school anymore but we're still willing to help you guys out.

Hey you going to eat that whipped cream or throw it on some Cogs?

And those two are...

Humphrey and Bogart? Oh come on, at least make it Marlowe and Spade if you want to be clever!

I never knew teen detectives were a thing...still better than all the Boys Detective Clubs in Spider-Man toku.

Hey we know what sand looks like. It's silicon, right?

So who do we trust: the idiots or the guys in the spiffy trenchcoats?

My son? Wait...that's Bulldont's older form...and there's Bulldont's younger form...then again, how did Machina get out of the prison?

Sprocket: And I was so happy being the big brother. Why the heck did he have to spoil the fun!?

Unless you turn into a living weapon, Sprocket, you probably are going to need help guarding mom.

Seriously, how could he claim he's a bigger torpedo than you mother dear. You know my dear wife is the only one comparable.

Not sure Machina likes Archerina calling her "mother in law". At least call her "mom" to make it feel less embarrasing.

Sprocket: Bro, can you go home so I can get all the attention?


Um...why did you need to do that, Billy? Jason never had regeneration problems before.

This is a test of the Intergalactic Warning System. This is only a test...or not.

They keep teleporting to the moon. What ever happened to dumpsters and flying chairs like the old days?

Dang I want to get a thermal scan on her...oh and...he's powerful too.

So yeah, know how the robots keep building things? Well Mondo built someone else first. (so then Klank must be promiscuous considering he built a ton of machines)

Look if it was another Sprocket it would be hilarious;'s late so he's worse.

So Gasket and Archerina eloped. At least they didn't need a formal wedding unlike the Sentai. (so whose King Eridon and where is he now?)

I'm not worried about Gasket, he's like his dad. Archernia...well, we could send Billy down cause he won't fall for her being the fruit he is. (Billy: Why am I putting up with this?)

If they wear coats, we wear coats! And the fedoras!

Bulk, if you want to use the "Elementary" bit, at least go with the Holmes/Watson look. Klank would approve.

Great, a clown. I say it's Pineoctopus: CASE CLOSED!

Dang it why did the balloon already blow? Can't they just reload it with another balloon?

Eh, just the old joke store. Nope, nothing suspicious at all.

Hey, that ears are bleeding!

Hello Louie; I heard you make fun of my mother's torpedoes...

You'll love Archerina. But wait until they get a load of me!

Shoot that Poison Arrow in Your Heart!

Who cares about me, I love your torpedoes so much!

Love me, you fool!

So his final fall way of seduction. I guess someone needed to have more restraint but...spell and all.

Jason, don't ruin that bag, I need to use it next.

I think the chain breaking is worse than the bucket.

Hey, my hormones are raging and I just got a bot I'd love to screw!

A shipment? Wouldn't the novelty shop just be in town or are these special orders?

This's the stuff that nightmares are made of.

This is about Bulk and Skull? Yeesh, where were these two during season 1?

Great, prank Power Rangers communicator. We really need to invest in that.

Look girls, I want to talk to you about's compensation for telling the boys about Archerina.

Well Tommy's not here for once. Yeah Jason was on break but it's a bit of a breather from the lunk.

So yeah, robots can fall in love. Not something we expected but we need to have a plot somehow.

Oh hey Tommy...did you forget about your friends?

Seriously, couldn't they just do the morph and have Tommy join them later? They have done that in the past.

Hey, I have this sword and a bomb on my hand now. Isn't that neat?

I guess the gun was in case the weapons broke....which for Rocky is always.

Well that went nowhere: time for the Megazord!


So it's not that type of weapon? Weird.

I'm a genius and you're sexy. Isn't that the perfect combo?

Oh don't mind me, I'm just her, guardian. (not like I can say husband can I?) Do you mean Louie blowing them up or his death?

Considering last time, you'd expect Louie to prep for this but...he is basically brain-dead now that Archerina's gotten herself into him.

LOL, Defender Wheel...that's back in the Zeo Zords, not the Super Zeo Zords.

At least Tommy's not so dense he can't figure it out.

Wait the Ultrazord? Without the Zeo Zords and Red Battlezord? (well...yeah this is the other version from later...)

And still has the Red Battlezord's arms...but blame the stock footage for that gaffe.

10 seconds until regrets...not getting into Archerina's torpedos...or Machina's. (explodes)

Failed? You eliminated a rival to the throne, Archerina. You did good.

Archerina, don't get in the way of my visual cue of destruction! You're making it too cute!

I think Fred's discovered Bulk and Skull's old TV...and watching the same shows as them.

Fred: COULDN'T YOU SAVE IT UNTIL AFTER THE COMMERCIAL? (I mean of this show, not ours)

Well I guess those two get around. Even Rita and Zedd know of Gasket and Archerina.

Well, at least Louie Kaboom's dead. Good, bad...meh, who cares, it was a dumb experiment.

A golf ball? Hey, maybe that could be Fred's next hobby.



Well so far...we know they're all coming from Angel Grove Novelty Shop...we haven't traced receipts or anything, that's next.

And here comes Humphrey and Bogart to dump the idiots from their jobs...

Wait their accusation was on the new guy? I would of expected them to blame the old bullies relapsing.

Look, I'm new: why blame me?

Hey, I'm Hank. When in Angel Grove, visit the Angel Grove Novelty Shop. I sell Novelties and Novelty Accessories.

Funny we never saw these jokesters before...then again we haven't seen Hank either.

So if this is resolved: can I buy the puke?

Well I think it's all going over Skull's head...

Look you two, you may look classy but you're just a couple of "jokes".

I feel sorry for Hank: that money they spent was all going to be given back by Mrs. Rodriguez.

Um, Skull...its a jar of peanuts...from a novelty, maybe it's the super-extra hot ones...

Is it just me or has Skull gotten dumber than Bulk?

Credits: Can someone tell Skull the peanuts are a trap?

Thoughts: OK, despite not going with the Sentai version I did like what they did with Gasket and Archerina here. They introduce them as formidable and give them a backstory that allows for them to rule while still sort of tying into what we know of Mondo, and all without dumping Sprocket at all. Oh and the factor that it was technically Archerina that lead to Louie Kaboom's end really did feel like a worthy finale...well that and the surprising aspect that this is the only major villain the classic Power Rangers kill. (sort of, he only was around for five episodes but he did lead the empire) The whole storyline with the pranksters really just felt like an excuse to give Bulk and Skull something to do, but the title really doesn't work considering Rocky is only hurt once and it's Kat and Tanya that figure it out. But hey, at least there is a novelty joke shop in Angel Grove...
PR Franchise - Zeo 38-40
A review of Power Rangers Zeo episodes 38-40: The Lore of Auric, The Ranger Who Came In from the Gold & The Joke's On Blue.
Today on Power Rangers: Skull proves that he's a connoisseur when it comes food!?  Is there something you're not telling us, Skully-boy?; a pretender to the throne of the Machine Empire finally emerges in the vacuum of power brought about by the loss of King Mondo...should we tell them who actually sent the thing; and the Power Rangers stink.  Then again, so does Machina's smelly ideas for schemes without her dead hubby! (eh, he just has a flesh wound...then again robots don't have flesh so...)


Mondo's Last Stand: aka: The King Gets Junk'd (or: Triangle Man vs. Robot Man)

Great seeing Austin back in the credits but that shirt...just feels...not that Jason. (oh and way to spoil the Super Zeo Megazord before it shows up!)

Jason: Me fighting some guy in green; this is just so familiar somehow...

Thank goodness at least that Adam feels like a worthy rival; Zack worked too but he was more just a buddy who danced.

It's great to have some random nostagia character none of us have ever met other than that guy I'm stalking, mate. (yeah Rocky and Adam met...a cardboard cutout...)

Hey, seeing Adam fight makes me remember I can fight too. So can we Tommy, can we?

It just sucks to be Rocky: his color was taken, another guy who had his color is back, and he's stuck being the annoying goof-off in the PSA episodes.


If I were Rocky, I'd slug Skull about now.

All those potentially powerful robots, wasted; including one whose footage I stole from Adam's dreams!

Machina, you're just setting your hubby up for murder. Are you sure you're not seeing another bot on the side? (doubt it's Klank; between Robocupid and Somnibot, he's booked for the rest of the season I suppose)

Ernie, I'm depressed. Can you please get that pachinko machine out of storage?

Extra beets? Someone wants to raise their glucose level badly.

Billy, that top just feels so...wrong...

See, I've got to come out somehow...wait, that the wrong dialogue, not sure with how things have gotten.

Billy's still fighting under Jason? I thought his lessons were complete after season 1?

Don't you feel rather "blue" Rocky? Hey, next thing you know, you're going to be replaced by a random kid...

Bulk, don't talk about pecs; considering what Billy's wearing, do we really want it to be that sort of episode?

Well enough about sweaty muscle men, TIME FOR DETECTIVE WORK!

He's still eating Burble Baby Food...or is Skull not telling us something about what he did with someone?

Yeah...smooth, Skull. Best to not talk to anyone about little, your eating habits.

Why do you need a detective to find a baby food spokesman? Don't you guys keep records?

Great, and if you're giving out contest money like that, then just get it out there in the media instead of HIRING DETECTIVES WHO PROBABLY NEED A FEE!

Teenager just moved to this city...nah, it isn't Jason. Seriously, he's lived here before.

Hey, crappy place to leave us off, random blue floating Glinda sphere!

From the darkness, either it's the Moon...or some random overcast spot in Angel Grove far from viewing eyes.

It's another sphere RV!?

Rito: RV!? Sure it doesn't just become a robot or something?

Knowing this show, it's probably some ugly Americans who just don't like these violent Japanese TV shows...or a grandpa with a kid who has an alien watch.

Will one of you two knock already...or not?

Rita!? Well...I guess it does get better gas mileage than Serpentera. (then again anything would, even this 15mpg bucket on wheels)

The Damocles Sword!? Um...Mondo, I think that was turned into Saba if you read my reviews. There was a whole musical number and everything; Alpha even pretended he was Tim Curry!

Seriously, Machina's using reverse psychology; she wants Mondo dead and is just pretending she cares. What a witch.

Seriously, I can take it. A millenium's worth of girth is enough to make me withstand anything!

Another Angel Grove earthquake...yawn...

Hooray, Mondo's found Earth Force! Now he can fight the Gozma as, Machinus?

First sweaty muscle men, then Billy coming out, now a sword riding up from a hole erect after Rocky Horror this episode trying to tell us something?


If you want a force to destroy the Power Rangers, I still say bathe in that steam the sword emerged from...

Skull, you said it just now: "Moved Back". She said "Just Moved". Seriously, does she know anything about the Scott family?

Fingerprint time! This time, you put down the cement!

Ten thousand Burble Bucks really just costs about 50 in normal human dollars I suppose.

Saved by Zordon from this dumb plot.

Hey Jase, wanna see our new secret handshake?

And...there goes the communicator. As usual.

Zordon: Guys, remember what happened when I made Tommy the White Ranger? Oh yeah...Tommy and Billy are the only one still here who remembers...

Look, we have to sell the toys somehow so just be grateful Mondo has consideration to use forcefields.

Um...the Red guy I replaced? Eh, just Bulk and Skull, or something, I don't care.

Billy, get back in the closet and deal with, did I say that right, I meant the Power Chamber.

Bike stock footage! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I do like that Mondo at least keeps screwing with them with the Quadrafighters. Not like we'd ever see Putties in...yeah, Bandora never had enemy vehicles.

Daddy's doing daddy things; I'm playing with you five today!

It is a neat one-take fight allowing all five of them time to show their stuff I admit.

Not-cool Red; I'm looking for Mondo while you wait for Original Red! TOMMY-RED'S GOING INTO ACTION!

Ewww...Mondo, don't show your toys like that in public!


Hey, don't pretend you're a sweaty, hulking barbarian...that's our job!

That sword's lame. It doesn't play like a flute...or's just big...

Um guys...Mondo was waving this sword around and didn't do anything else. We're screwed.

I really have to hit my fist with how angry that robot got away with that big sword thing!

What extra powers? It's power so far be big...and glowy...

Tommy, Rocky didn't what did you thank him for?

Look at how wiggly that sword is. Obvious what it's true purpose is for.

Yep, Mondo's doomed. He's doomed. Maybe if you just let him kill himself then we'll all be for the better...but it isn't that sort of show...

Alpha: Guys, doesn't this whole Jason thing remind you of someone? (stares at Tommy)


Skull, you need to fix the phone. It's beeping a familiar but annoying tone.

You'd think having around the dweebs for four years they'd know what that watch is by now...or at least knock some sense from when they did know.

Dumb stupid watch; Apple won't sell any of these pieces of garbage, no way.

Meh, maybe if it had an app to keep track of crap, it would mean something.

It if by magic...

This is no time for baby food! We have a crisis of a missing watch!

I can't believe how organic this stuff really is.

Seriously...Billy, you saw what the idiots were doing so don't you realize why it's ink!?

Guys split up...wait, what would Jason be doing, wouldn't it just be the Command Center or the Juice Bar?

Not even the mechanical door respects Rocky. Dang, things really are getting crappy for him.

Rocky, I haven't seen Jason replace you. Start worrying if he switches to blue clothing though.

So Mondo's whole training just keep holding the sword and hope that crap happens. is that training?

FINALLY, NOW WE GET GIANT MONDO! What took the episode so long?

He's a giant already!? Wait...this isn't the end of the series...

You know what: I was a Red Ranger Jason...and Tommy...I CAN DO THIS!

Seriously, one ant against a giant; maybe I should just step on him!

While not a fan of the "whiny Rocky" crap, I do like the reason here over Yuji's "I'M NOT GOING TO LEARN YOUR SWORD TECHNIQUE" from the original.

Triangle Man...Triangle Man...Triangle Man fought Robot Man...

You know Rocky if you had a weapon and not just martial arts, this would be easier.

Maybe if you had some sort of rocket attack and not just "cross my fingers with this kick technique..."

Supremely bulky looking tonfa, away!

Seriously, you don't just make weapons from the pre-school aisle! At least make them elementary school!

They had a fight...Robot wins...Robot Man.


Yes, one Zord segment instead of a full Megazord; how dumb can Power Rangers be!?

Now you're playing with power. DAMOCLES POWER!

Alpha, don't give him euphimisms. Just say Rocky screwed up and the robot's going Attack on Titan on the city as...usual...

Considering the Zeo Crystals are "supposed to keep the Rangers growing stronger", maybe the sword is just a good parallel for Mondo.

Rocky, you're not the first one to destroy Angel Grove Let's remember all the times Tommy did it...

Guys, I screwed up. I got cocky and thought "hey, Super Zeo Zords are awesome so why not?"

Tommy: do I shut the conversation up before it gets to me...I got it: EVIL ROBOT RAMPAGING THROUGH THE CITY, WE HAVE TO STOP IT!

Not sure why they need a Megazord when they could use Pyramidas and the Ultrazord and the footage and all that.

And of course there's something missing. Nothing like false drama to screw with the Rangers.

YOU SENT THE PIECES OF THE OLD ZORDS TO THE ANGEL GROVE JUNKYARD!?!?!? BILLY, THAT IS ALIEN OR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT!?!?!?!??!!? (suddenly though I think this explains Mariner Bay...and Mr. Hartford...and maybe Ninja Ops...did I miss anyone?)


Jason: Billy, you screwed, I'll handle this, mad science and all that.

I'd say "Back to Action" but only Rocky fought earlier...dang this is his third Morph this episode.

OK, that's a cool morph, combining hand movements and the Gold Ranger stick.

Lasers into heads of Zords, away!

Well we may as well do it without the part, not like we need it to get really huge.

Super-stacky block Megazord, online! (at least we don't look like...oden...)

I remember this junkyard. Trini wanted to visit this place again if she ever came back to Angel Grove.

OK, new theory: when the Zord parts were thrown in the junkyard, the junk collectors I mentioned all raided it simultaneously. It was a field day for the advancement of Earth tech, thanks to Billy being stupid.

So the special piece...has the Ohranger/Zeo symbol. Billy, that's not from an old Zord; sure you're not getting senile?

Hey there's a card on here: A gratious thank you for your technology; my master won't say so but he's grateful...Spencer?

I guess Sprocket got bored with dad running around giant and just sent the Cogs to alleviate it.

Billy: This is a new part. Why the heck did I think this was some old Zord piece?

I don't feel like re-tiring myself-beep.

I'm using this matter transmogrifier to change the part into, I mean, to make it useful.

That's not reconfiguring anything; you just added a new doohickey and added it to the old doohickey and to the Megazord. I don't get this episode and it's random teleporting of crap.

So what were we doing while waiting...oh yeah, listening to Rocky whine some more of being useless.

She's just down on Earth to be joyful if her hubby wins or loses.

Hey don't be like one of those comedy robots that can come apart like that and fight me like a bot!

All our basically the same move we just used. We're not that original.

Hah, Damocles Sword means nothing against...NITOURYUU!

Well that was a cheap sword. I still say Zordon stole the real Damocles Sword and made it into Saba.

That was a tough fight, too bad no one saw it.


Hah, mine may not be bigger than yours...but it certainly is LONGER!!!

Poor Mondo, reduced to a pile of squibs and smoke.

Again!? Your husband died in a fiery death in the past!?

Oh it's just a flesh wound. Robots live forever...except all those annoying Monster ones but who cares about them?'re quite swetty aren't you...Jason...

Hey, want some babyfood?

And of course it wasn't Jason...stupid dumb Burble management...they better get paid regardless. was Ernie. Must explain his obsession with weird fruit smoothies.

I do not want to know what he's going to do with that baby food. Skull at least has a, at least he likes the taste.

And...yep, I think Ernie's found a new means to get the health board to close the juice bar down...again...

Stone: Forget it, this episode was terrible, I'm going back to my Jamaican Joe. Call me if they need a new manager for this juice bar.

Look I was a jerk but I was a Red Ranger once too so...understandable, right?

Look, anything my cardboard cutout told you, forget it. We're friends now, isn't that right?

Well we did accomplish something: not every day the main villain goes down with a quarter-season still to go.

No more bad guys? Um...what about Machina...and Sprocket...and those idiots in the Winnebago?

Let's juice up; I sure hope it isn't Ernie's ludicrous baby food idea.

I guess Rita's in full control; Fred's just happy he's being noticed again and Finnster...well, at least they brought him with compared to Squatt and Baboo. (meh, I fear what Master Vile's making them listen to now)


Credits: I think my nose is OK, it isn't broken or anything...

Thoughts: What a mess this episode was, and I can't say where it all starts or ends? Firstly: I get the need to make Rocky a jerk considering the original episode was about Yuji being a bigger jerk, but the whininess just got on my nerves in particular here, as if they just wanted to make him poor and put-upon leading to his failures in fighting the giant Mondo. The random introduction of the Sword of Damocles tried to boost up Mondo for his final battle from Oh, but basically he just holds it above his head...and grows...and barely uses it to crush Rocky...before dying...only Machina says its happened, what was the point of all this? (in Oh this was a major turning point; here it's just "oh well, he's gone for a while"). The Bulk and Skull subplot of the Burble Baby search was ridiculous and pointless as well and just used to demonstrate the random new ability of teleporting crap and not just people. And the most ludicrous part: Billy just literally reveals he throws Zord stuff away and puts it in a regular Angel Grove junkyard without any consideration whatsoever and just to basically not have the Super Zeo Megazord stomp Mondo instantly! As wasteful as it was, it just opens up a new can of worms regarding later seasons and where they got the Zord technology...or just access to the Morphing Grid in general! (let alone other things) Then again it could also be used as an excuse as to what's happening to Billy (the character, not David Yost) to randomly and stupidly throw important and dangerous tech in a generic junkyard in their hometown...

Bomber in the Summer: aka: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

I guess the Jamaican fruit seller has apologized to the town for the whole monkey incident with a steel drum concert?

Ernie's Beach Club? Great, this is going to be like those Cure episodes with the food sellers, isn't it?

Ernie, don't just stuff baby food into all the coolers; no one is going to eat those crappy smoothies!

Seriously, there's probably nude beaches and 21+ beaches in town but none of them have Ernie's panache for secret smoothie surprises.

And what's a cheesy 60s Beach Party scene without rebel bikers?

Here comes the sand kicking brigade!

Beach movies suck: SKI MOVIES FOREVER!

Hey man, you a dweeb? (Billy: Well I did use to be one with the glasses but...)

Hey I got an idea to deal with them: SURF CONTEST! (don't put Kat in there though)

Hey, I'm just here to look seductive with my bully of a boyfriend, don't mind me.

Jason: Dang, I want her to teach me what she learned at her peace conference.

Rocky: Um...who were those guys?

So which is it: wash the missile or launch the windows? Goldar, I'm so confused.

So their first plan is to launch a missile...with a face...wouldn't you just shoot the machines directly?

Look, if we launch it from the Moon, then Fred will complain if we accidentally hit the palace remains. He still thinks there are fanfictions he can save from before.



I'm lost though: neither Rita or Zedd would be able to build a missile this, my idea: Finnster made it and one of them gave it life or something.


Well now the missile's going to screw with it's trajectory. If the Winnebago's hit, how the heck is Rito explaining that to daddy?

Mom, how long does it take for robots to be rebuilt? Will I need to go through this if I'm ever blown up?

Well it still hit the target despite not hitting Machina or Sprocket...sort of.

Greeting mugs! I dropped a bomb...ON YOU!

Machina: He doesn't look as handsome as my blown up dear.

Well beach club or not, I can still get away with my smoothies anywhere. And just when I had a new pamango/baby food summer drink.

Ernie, you're authority and way older than those losers. Why are you letting them boss you around?

Look I realized that if an incident happen, they'd investigate and saw my drinks and then guess who'd be stuck with all the Health Inspectors down his back?

I can't believe I still have nerve endings after what the crab did to me.

3000 years is too soon for a mid-life crisis you know.

So they knew Louie Kaboom was a monster from the get go? Well...that does add to the whole "Finnster made it" theory.

This whole beach set is massive; seriously, look at how much they're letting us film around!

Oh...those, you basically let them get screwed over and stole their bike so...I don't think they're willing to negotiate.

Hey, I had some important stuff in there including my Timmy P's; don't just throw it like that!

Yep, I'm moving in and I'm taking over! Just don't question me and you won't get whacked.

Adam, don't be concerned about Ernie. This isn't even the worst he's ever had to put up with.

The Power Rangers...fighting bikers...nope, too ridiculous for a season. Even more ridiculous than us driving around in cars!

And here comes hot biker chick. Yep, we can see where this is going.

Cola. See, I'm being a rebel!

Dang, she ordered a soda in a juice bar. She must be rebellious!

I mostly got the soda to be as noisy as possible when moving it down the table.

I'm sure we met, I know that rude response from anywhere.

That necklace...I had a buddy who once had a Zord like, I mean...

Look, I'm going to be as moralizing as possible. It worked in the old days.

Jason, you do realize the Beach Club just opened, right? It isn't that much of a loss...

Come on, I don't talk to dweebs, even hot martial artist ones!

Dang, he's being sincere...should I let him?

I haven't been butler-y enough lately. I need to be butler-y so that I can keep my job. (at least my Scottishness is consistant)

Read my metallic serrated teeth: I'm not dollface, I'm Machina!

Look, we have some rules: you must crush the Power Rangers or she isn't giving you some. (besides Mondo may come back)

Dang we haven't had a beach day like this in forever; let's just make the most of it!

Not sure you should use lotion like that, Skull. Remember last time?

At least his face is protected, am I right?

Hey, we blocking the sun for you well enough?

We're willing to hire you...but you'll have to wait for pay: Rita won't give Rito his allowance and Fred's gotten stingy due to saving everything for gas money.

Look, if I hung out with you when I moved to Angel Grove, I'd be a Power Ranger now; but I didn't. So punk girl became my destiny!

How did Eddie win her over. Probably the same way Shawn won over Tanya.

He's a loose cannon, you can't stop a loose cannon once it's fired.'s a flying saucer. I remember saying the Power Rangers were aliens once but this is ridiculous.

I've got no hold me down...

Look, no one's going to control me but me! Got that, chump!?

Hey Goldie: look familiar!? (well he doesn't know Hip Hop Akido but...)

Look if you came ot Angel Grove some other time you'd know what I'm doing. But you didn't so trust me when I say don't stick around.

Jason, he looks nothing like King Mondo. But yeah: robot is robot so...

Yes, boss.


That is one...weird looking beam.

Louie: There strings...ON ME!

Oh Jason's just fighting a mammoth monster. Nothing new to see here, moving along.

Billy, push those buttons like you're pushing mine, you fruit!

And...where the heck is Tommy to get that random shot of him? (let alone the stock footage of everyone)

Look, could you shorten your morphs to maybe cut it a bit closer?

So the six families against the two of us...I like the odds, don't you?

Really Tough Tusks needs to learn to aim.

I don't see Machina as an Iron Maiden fan. More Kraftwerk if you ask me.

Geez, why did I make a monster off an elephant? Their eyesight is terrible!

So the strategy is the Gold Staff and the gun...well Tough Tusks shoots terribly so...

ALL TOGETHER NOW (All Together Now)

That's the problem with elephant monsters: strong, yes, but never give them lasers!

Retreat...and this time we'll get a scouter on him or something.'s a robot...and not Mondo...any clues?

I'd say its' a control device but it still looks like a UFO to me.

I'm not sure if Billy can make anything out of that...Alpha, he'd just use it as a frisbee...or a hat.

Bulk, you do know there are people who use metal detecting as a vacation hobby, right?

Come on, you could use it; I just need something to stop bone bleaching.

Well the signals for Louie Kaboom...but I still don't get what Rita and Zedd wanted to do that for if it still had a mind of it's own.

I guess Klank just grew Tough Tusks to...increase it's destructive lasers without worrying of aiming?

Rocky, you made it sound like Angel Grove's been nuked. At least wait until Venjix shows up or something.

Yeah Cogs too...they're to Jason what Putties were to Green Tommy, huh?

Hey, don't you think my curly-pointed shoes are awesome?

Those three Cogs didn't even hit Jason; are they malfunctioning?

Machina, do you think I could be a good daddy replacement for Sprocket?

OK, just noticed they finally gave Tough Tusks the "Bomber the Great" flag. Why didn't he have that sooner...even without the Bomber the Great part?

Zordon: Yeah, move it, man-lover, you have to fix that and do so without your man-loving cooties!


Um have Zords, right...we know Tough Tusks has a crap aim but you still have Zords...

At least Louie respects who the real ruler of the empire is...unlike Bomber.

Thanks for the concern guys...I still have Pyramidas...I hope...

At least they're using actual teamwork compared to last time...Super Zeo Zords can be useful too.

Yes, classic Rita and Zedd device. I knew I could do it.

Hoo boy, someone's on the fritz.


How could I pack my trunk? It's already filled with my own snot!

At least he remembers Trey's catch phrase...back when Trey was cool...and not...Trey...

Mammoth proportions...what do monsters like Tough Tusks eat anyway?



I guess Louie was just stunned and not destroyed. Eh, better luck next time.

Eh, I could always use more pink flamingos in my juice bar...or outdoor cafe...seriously this was just overreach.

Eh, we're softies after all. Who'd thunk?

Helped her out? What exactly did Jason do? And...did she get her elephant necklace back?

Well we're back in business...but no customers...

Oh of course, here comes an excuse for Jason's new girl to stick around for a bit...

Happy fake Jamaican music away!

Look, all we need is some ganja and a higher crime rate and we could be like Jamaica!

So there's the necklace. Louie must have thought it was lame.

That elephant also reminds me of a bud I used to have but...I'll take your word for it.

Geez, my bad girl nature is starting to soften with you around, Jase.


Fred doesn't have his chair anymore but I think he's going to plaster a Z on the plastic one he's got now.

Those must have shipped from Bulk and Skull's old place; they really knew what Goldar and Rito liked.

Fred: The only maid I want is a dragon maid...WHEN'S SERPENTERA GETTING FIXED!?

Credits: Just let them hit their drums, it gives them something to do.

Thoughts: Well with Jason sticking around, the show does think it's time to give him someone new to play with that isn't a Ranger (especially since he never had a girl in the original run), so now we get...Emily, the bad girl gone soft. I actually don't mind that she is sort of someone who could have been a potential for friends but just fell in with the wrong crowd, even if the biker bit really just feels like more of the classic "bad boys from cheesy movies" cliche the show ends up pulling at times. I sort of like that Louie Kaboom isn't a Bomber the Great clone in that he's Rita and Zedd's creation gone haywire and that he still seems to respect Machina and not just want to marry her like his Japanese counterpart. As for Tough Tusks...making an elephant fire lasers was definitely a bad idea.

Scent of a Weasel: aka: C'mon Get Smelly!

Fashion! (Turn to the left)

Hey guys; no one trusts me anymore with anything else so I'll just model for pachinko money. At least I have the bod from martial arts and Power Rangers duties.

And...right into a model's chest. And sadly not that big so he isn't rewarded that easily.


Stenchoie (pop)? That is a really hard name to pronounce. (and he sounds like Kim's stepdad)

Of course it's for a good cause. They had dirt bike races for a good cause; fashion shows are easy compared to that!

Yeah, she''s probably the most normal one of all of them. Kat's too Australian and Rocky's...Rocky.

Two of your top agents? Stone, you're not a cop and we never see you with any other agents anyway.

Eh, I didn't expect it to be Bulk; for a moment he looked like Ernie with the suspenders.

OK, so what the heck is with the skunk costume? I get the alligator that one company uses but a skunk?

I am obnoxious, but that is cause I am French!

Skull, don't you have a cue card or something in there?

And there goes her modeling career. Down by a rain of perfume.

Everyone, just hold your noses and it will be OK...

I do sort of wonder what sort of fuel the machines use that make them smell so badly.

Hey, give Louie a chance. He just joined you mugs.

I'd sing that "string" song but really that plot device made no sense anyway.

I dunno, Machina: sure your idea is that smelly compared to Stench's perfume? His perfume is quite smelly.

I'm not sure what it is but it does sort of look like a future Sentai symbol...almost like a dino claw...

These meteors just don't smash into the planet like they used to.

Zordon: Just pick up the phone, you fruit, it's important and I don't have all day!

Oh great, it's Trey...and he still can't act.

Nah that's not danger, just the continued adventures of the moon trek of our fair villains.

I guess Fred had to learn to drive while Goldar was away...then again he did drive Serpentera on the honeymoon...he must love the open road.

OK, did someone install a balloon into Rito to make it into a bladder?

Don't call Louie Kaboom by your brother's nickname!

Finnster: I wonder if I could join Squatt and Baboo back at Master Vile's?


VIP: probably stands for "Villains in Peril"

That Emily: she's gone from punk to bland over the course of an episode. That is "something".

She's just so generic and bland...she's mine kind of girl.

Tanya, don't try to Erika him into the show. Then we'll be stuck with an Angel Grove High Fashion Club and things will get really awkward and...

A girl thing...Rocky's doing it and he's more awkward and weird than you!

Looks like Jason's got a rival for Emily's least it gives Rocky something to do this season I suppose.

So, romantic rival or a way to force Jason to model: YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Surprised it took Machina this long to have a plan of her own. She was way more active in Ohranger.

So...make everyone's noses everyone smells the same, wouldn't they go noseblind and then just go about their business? Terrible plan: let's just bring Klank back and use one of his.

I think Louie's more sensible to how dumb it is than we'd think.

I sort of wonder where that cartoony mascot came from that Stench ends up using. look like a black version of this gymnast girl I knew...can we talk?

And that's why Machina's plan stinks. If she can't smell it anymore, neither will the rest of humanity.

Look, I've been dealing with aliens, robots and Power Rangers for four seasons; I have experience.

So her idea for a bodyguard Tommy? Zack? Little help here?

It's lonely at the top. Think we can discuss this in your place?

Look, you'll play Whitney and I'll be Mel. And then you'll sing Dolly Parton and everything will be alright.

Here we are, eating sandwiches on a least it's better than the world of modeling.

Hey, wanna smell something funny!?

Dang, that is strong. Put limburger in this thing?

Funny, I didn't think the burrito would smell until after digestion.

Yep, it's still falling. I can't see why though cause Zordon claims I have "man-cooties" now.

And Tommy can truly tell how tall it is from a tiny speck falling down.

What's 25 stories and a million tons? Strangely they make a million tons of water about the size cubewise slightly smaller than the Pyramid of Giza so...

It's a cool design even if it does smell.

A RAY!? I didn't know a ray could take a gas form?

I agree this plan is dumb, don't you?

Hey guys, pull my finger!

He may smell but he really has good dodging abilities.

That Rank Ray is going to take forever to clean off, isn't it?

Really, how do they even smell under there? This isn't like GoGoFive treating it like a survival suit, they have to breathe if they can smell.'s still coming.

The Grand Canyon as a Pothole...that would stink for a universal freeway, don't you think?

You are in danger...and my wooden acting is showing it truly.

Noseplug kick attack!

SMELL YA LATER, RANGERS! (Gary's theme plays)

Trajectory? Try the Greater Tokyo area first. If that fails, then maybe Southern California?

Guys, I didn't develop the Zeo suits to need to make a second one while the first set of spandex is in the cleaners.

HOW DOES ALPHA SMELL!? they could smell it before...but now their helmets prevent them from smelling...WHICH IS IT, SHOW!?

(in Mark Mothersbaugh voice) IT KEEPS COMING...IT KEEPS COMING....IT KEEPS COMING...

Nope we're screwed. Planet's going to be destroyed by...whatever that is.

Come in...whatever you are...come in...


Well...we're not dead... what was the big deal? And why did it pull that stunt?

Oh great, Trey's signaling again. Do we have to?

So yeah, we can't use Pyramidas cause of footage. But here's Tackle, the Warrior Wheel!

Stinkier than ever. Must have stolen Bulk and Stone's burritos.

Well if its worth anything, I'll go through the comedic hijinx of figuring out skunk smell.

Emily: All this and on my second day on the job? I read about the birds and the clay monsters but why robots?

So if we take this place over, do you think we should call it the "Cog Cauldron" or "Stenchy's Soup Emporium"?

Jason, she's just a girl. Nothing to weaken you with.

Distract him with something...NO NOT THAT!

There, right in your French Horn section!

Jason you know you're just giving yourself away doing this, right?


No, not the pineapple! Ernie hasn't mutilated it yet!

Well it's this guy again. Let's ignore him and just stick with the skunk guy.

It's time this guy stops making, scents.

We've had enough of you and your Talking Heads references! (Stenchy: BUT I DIDN'T MAKE ANY!)

Come on, you're my one shot at winning Machina before her hubby returns; just help me out!

DUCK AND COV...wait, why am I doing this?

Not only do I have the obvious, I also have...BAD BREATH!

NO, NOT THE ABANDONED WAREHOUSE! And to think it was destroyed by terrible dental hygeine.

Well that failed...FRENCH HORN ATTACK!

And they're shooting it from the Zord mech did they get it there?

Stenchy: Dang these Zords are getting stupider by the episode! A football helmet, really?



No not there; I don't know how it smells down there.

Still not as cool as the real Star Riser.

OK, since they don't use the Defender Wheel anymore; shouldn't that be the model for this guy instead of just "nope, Triforian weapon to help Jason"

Meh, should have been a bowling ball if they did that.

Stenchy: Oh yeah? Warrior Wheel: (in Kool-Aid Man Voice) OH YEAH!

Heh, we're fistbumping it like we're bros and we just met...

I can't say whose fault that was: Machina's plan was bad and Louie did screw it up so...

Hey, it's all gone...does that have to do with Stenchy or no?

Yep, the nose knows.

Skull: not only is he a genius piano player and potential Gold Ranger, he knows how to deal with cologne too.

Industrial strength tomato juice. See, the abandoned warehouse district's good for something after all.

So which Partridge Family song made him remember it. (shockingly it was the episode with "I Think I Love You" so...)

So Kat, which Partridge Family episode was your favorite? Or did they not air that in reruns in Australia?

Hey Emily, I think Jason was singing "I Woke Up in Love This Morning" but he didn't want to admit it; he's that kind of guy.

Oh yeah...that guy. So much skunk and smell talk I forgot about the cliche French guy.

Musics? That's just so fake.

Do they have to use a cheesy remake of the Zeo theme. At least play "HEART GOES ON"!

Well someone had to wear the Laura dress, huh?

Rocky...are you wearing suspenders? Really?

Classy: Red jacket, black accompaniment. Jason, you have style.

And what's with the Liechenstein dress?

And here's the goofiest outfit of all: but he's the mascot so it's forgiven.

Aww..he's like Pepe Le Pew...don't tell the model about what he has at home!

Credits: Think Skull found his mate finally?

Thoughts: I think we see now why Machina never had ideas prior to now: like Stenchy, her ideas stink! The plan was to make humanity smell bad? Seriously? Aside from that, we have the weirdness of the whole arrival of the Warrior Wheel: the intent was there in order to get the usage of Tackle Boy and the mysterious vanishing of Pyramidas, but to have the whole "huge crisis...or not" with a sentient robot like that just felt very random and pointless. The thing with Skull and the model was cliche but at least felt like the most honest and true element in the episode; and once again Jason outdoes Rocky in the fashion world...when will the poor schlub win?
PR Franchise - Zeo 35-37
A review of Power Rangers Zeo episodes 35-37: Mondo's Last Stand, Bomber in the Summer & Scent of a Weasel.


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