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-Want to know how crummy things have gotten as of late for me at times?  Imagine what happened to me last Saturday: I left a jacket at a Perkins down in Cranberry, call them up to tell them to hold on to it (because Butler's about 40+ minutes from there and it's just easier to pick it up on my way down closer towards I'm going to be doing Saturday for Tabletop Day in Monroeville)...then forgot my keys in the car and only realized it when I went to get a pizza in Butler, forcing me to use AAA to get the car back open!  I know that I'm not that organized and can be a bit of a scatterbrain, but that is probably me at my worst.

-One thing I can't stand about myself is that I keep trying to want to make time to write; but when I actually make the time, there's nothing coming out.  Either I'm tired, distracted or something else preventing me from just getting it out there.  It doesn't help that in some ways I have to always be on high alert with my job these days (as well as just worries of world events that I can't control), so I hope to just get through this and force myself to make the time so I can just do it in the near future.

-As for another recent blunder, I went to get a commission for someone as an early birthday present...and it turned out in a way that he didn't like it.  I still want to put it up because it isn't that bad (plus it's my character), but somehow the blunder made me wonder whether getting stream comms is really something worthwhile...the only problem is that it's the only way I can get art from certain artists (particularly those who don't hang around DA and such) so...rock and hard place.
-I sort of wish sometimes I wasn't a Geography minor in college.  Every time I turn on the news, I dread what's happening and what's to come, and I know likewise that a lot of it is our own fault.  I may have said it before, but I don't like seeing ordinary lives being used as collateral for people in power, mine or anyone else.  The world is unfair in that the trigger being pulled by an idiot (regardless of where they live) could threaten millions who have nothing to do with their obsessions with power.  I keep getting the advice "just live your life and don't worry about it", but I wish there was another answer.

-In happier news, sort of great that I got colors of Mikhyela and Jymena recently.  I'll be getting another Hyde color soon, thus sort of leaving one who never had any color pics...and that one is more of an iffy Hyde these days so not getting pics or colors of her may be a good thing I admit.

-Speaking of pics, yeah I've been chewed out by so many for not having or getting a pic of a wererabbit.  I did write one once in a tale called "Lagomorpher", but it was years ago and I just don't know if I have the will or the resources to make her part of the cast.  I could at least get a pic of her someday...I'd say unless anyone offers, but usually I end up getting those on my own and pay for such "newness".
-Well it's Passover again.  I hope anyone else who celebrates it like me is able to get through these 8 days, while I sort of adapt to it on my own, really for the first time (since even when I was on my own last time, I was still in Philly).  The kosher selection isn't really as good here in the Pittsburgh area as it is in Philly; heck I went to a Whole Foods hoping to get some stuff and had an easier time just going to Giant Eagle instead to get what I needed a couple days later! (and what they have is limited...but still bigger than Whole Foods)  At least the good news is I now know how to get to the Whole Foods near where I live (even if it's 30-40 minutes away)

-One thing I've noticed lately is everyone is trying to push my characters to reveal their sexual orientation.  Let me be frank: for the most part I never defined what my girls are because it doesn't matter.  Straight, lesbian, bisexual; it doesn't really affect who they are and what they do in their stories or interactions.  I don't want my characters to just be about how they have sex if they do.  If it mattered for what I wanted to do, then that's something else altogether; further I rather only bring sex into the equation if the characters are over 18. (and many of mine aren't)  But if you want at leat a good idea of where my girls stand, here are a few starting case anyone cares:

*Obviously since they're mothers, both Cecelia Webb and Adele Carver have slept with men and had children; Adele is more conservative and probably only sleeps with men, while Cecelia obviously is willing to do it with anyone but does have her own lusts for younger men due to her "cougar" nature.

*Kathy Webb wants to have a more monogamous relationship; her own problem is her mom.

*Lily Coleman and Ming Huan are both straight likewise; Lily tends to only do it with those who share similar interests and aren't freaked out by the whole "weretiger" thing, while Ming has way more issues due to her past.

*Emilia I sort of see trying to restrain her own feline lusts post-mutation: she does lust but its' like her former nature as a doctor of archaeology and explorer (plus stodgy Britishness) tries to restrain her from using those massive melons she has for that sort of thing.

*I'm sort of torn about Carol Ann: I sort of want to depict her as a genteele southern belle but I do see her going out way more than other girls at her university; more in a "look but don't touch" element.  She's still undecided...but of course my feelings is that she's alright if she's human but once she's become weresquirrel then really her squirrel side cares little for sex (regardless of how much she has going on on top) and only wants to climb trees and eat nuts.

*By contrast, Hilda surprisingly hides away some really long, thick dildos and vibrators and gets turned on by using them to become a giraffe; sort of see her and Carol Ann as exact opposites in that sort of way. (Carol Ann as promiscuous human/oblivious were; Hilda as straightlace human/desireable were)

*Xiaofan unlike Carol Ann and Hilda has zero interests in sex, she isn't neuter, she's just too caught up in studies.

*And while I may have hinted at it before, Lenore (the 'massive pink werewolf' who is friends with Ivy and Cindy in the Selenechat stories, is actually over 18...and a lesbian. (it's actually a key element to her werewolf origin story)

If there is anyone else, just ask...and make sure it's over 18. (and no, I refuse to answer about Quinn and Tomoko; if anything the only Hyde for one I can admit is over 18 are Mina and Erica/Kiera...the latter, like Lenore, is a high school senior who happens to be 18)
-It sort of slipped my mind that last week was the anniversary of the Pokémon anime in Japan when I started to do the Pokémon team list for my girls.  I sort of did have fun with it even if it was more just for myself.

-One of those things I'm coming across right now: just because you know a VA and can appreciate a VA doesn't mean that you like every voice that VA does.  Example: I just started Pretty Cure Splash Star of the fairies this season is an extremely gratingly voiced one named Flappy...who is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.  Here's the thing: I don't mind Kappei Yamaguchi, but I just don't like this voice he uses for this character!  I don't want to keep defending myself if people make it sound like I hate the actor when I just hate the voice choice.

-On other fronts: I at least had fun with the latest Rashid commercial I put up for April Fool's Day.  As said, I'm not a fan of the rather insulting or ridiculous ones (like what DA tried to pull) and just rather do my own silly thing.  At least it isn't another "Ricky's Habitat for Metamorphosis" like that one time...yeah probably a tad bad taste on my part I admit.
-I feel so embarrassed: I was going to maybe get some writing done yesterday, but had no idea what to do (not really writers' block, just a combo of doing too many things, too many ideas and being tired), and thus ended up trying to watch an MST3K episode I taped...but instead of getting "Robot Monster", I got "Robot Holocaust" again. (COMET I'm happy is airing the show but their episode choices are supremely limited; lucky for other sources)  Sort of wish I spent my time writing instead but...

-Somehow been wondering for some silly reasons about the Pokémon teams my girls would have; not competitive just those they'd probably keep around themselves.  Already thought up Olivia and Victoria; if you have any others you'd want to know, just let me know and I'll probably comment on it in the usual manner.

-I did finish Kamen Rider Fourze a week ago, but not doing Wizard for a bit since I'm thinking of finally watching Gurren-Lagann maybe in prep for a Brave Series watch for next year...well that or Kill La Kill but I can be changed easily sometimes.  Probably won't put the reviews for it up here, though, but always open for suggestions on that front.

-I know that there are some girls or concepts that probably aren't going to be as popular in these parts, but I guess that thought's due to seeing the first pic of the Ming sequence really get...little movement.  Eh, oh well, I do think variety in transformation makes them more fun.
-So, "that day" has come and gone.  For all of you that did something (whether it be acknowledgement, a gift, a llama), thanks.  I do appreciate these things even if I tend to be low key about my birthday these days.  I also understand that you have greater priorities in your lives than worrying about some ridiculous writer/reviewer/obsessive guy who cares about tokusatsu, magical girls and female muscle growth...not necessarily in that order but we'll work it out.  So as I said, I'm just happy that people remember at this point since I refuse to patronize like other people for crap.

-The only real thought about that day that I have and got me disappointed is that the girl I've been talking to over e-mails seemed to forget it until she was reminded.  Considering I gave her a holiday gift and a Valentines gift, I somehow expected she would have done something...but as I said, long distance and I am low key about these things.  It does also make me wonder though if I should start the long slog of starting to search for a girl yet again...which is just going to lead to more angst and turmoil and wonderment on my part which I really don't want to go through right now since I've been rather happy and successful otherwise.  I shouldn't make a big deal of it but at the same time I know who I am and I really do think that I have to just keep my options open. (really, it's all I have since otherwise I still stink in meeting people in the real world and it isn't like anyone in the game groups I go to has made me interested enough when I know they have massive backstories and lives and I don't want to intrude on them...that and any girls around my age already have husbands or boyfriends as usual)

-Too many story ideas lately but not enough time; should make some but lately been obsessed in trying to get through Season 3 of MST3K on my own.  Don't ask.
-I am both happy and regretful that I moved out to Western PA with the big blizzard that has hit the Eastern US (including Philly) today.  I'm regretful in that I would have had a day off from work today and thus be able to do my own thing for once.  On the other hand, I'm happy in that by going to work, I get the chance to keep working and thus not have to do double the work tomorrow to keep up.  Also...if I was still in Philly, not only would I be shoveling, but I'd have to put up with my mom and sister today...and that is probably just as bad if not worse than dealing with going to work.  It's hard to say but I guess the whole situation is a push.

-Been talking to someone about my interpretation of the Hyde phenomenon and sort of wondering if I should try to explain a bit as to how or why the Hyde girls are how they are, at least both in their personality and physical changes.  Sure, a lot of it is probably just my current interpretation of things, but somehow it could clear a lot of things up with them and how they were able to take on these "monster" forms.

-On the review front, I'm actually happy I'm doing the original MMPR in that I'm getting more interaction about that than anything else I've done.  Either I hit a nerve or maybe it just leads to something that allows for more mutual respect...or just about my own idiocy but I know that I'm like that.
-Just when I feel like I'm starting to get comfortable with my job, I start hearing rumors of bad news coming down the pike thanks to state government wanting to save screwing over the people instead of themselves.  It probably won't happen for a while but somehow I'm imagining another move if it did because the only bit of good news is this won't lay anyone off...just force them to consider their options on whether they want to go somewhere new or not. (and to most people who have roots in a place, they won't go...which is probably the whole plan the state has, which is cruel and disgusting but what can you do when you have one party the governor and the other party easily controlling the house and senate...and oh yeah, the governor's from a conservative part of the state already)  The only good news at least is it probably won't let me lose my job, but that's because I at least left home to get this far and I'm willing to go anywhere to keep making the money I'm making here.  But as I said, future events will affect me in the future.

-I've been having too many ideas myself and from others lately and not enough time to get it all focused with the other things I'm doing.  Time is a priority but at the same time I'm sort of happy that some of the girls that aren't considered my "classics" are getting a lot of love from people as of late (Leena (the Cubs fan, not the Hyde who is Leela), Emilia, I'd say Hilda but I've done a bit with her lately; heck even that still unnamed elephant girl who still really desperately needs an origin and an identity with her rhino partner!)  And that doesn't count the stupid ideas in my head I always want to somehow wanting to get a pic of my own take of a before and after of Mona Lisa from TMNT. (the '87 version, not the '12 version from what I've seen of her)

-What I've annotated as the "short-short" version of the Gaoranger review is done; I just need time to do that last part and it will be up.  But thanks to said time situation I mentioned above, that is going to be a bit of work I suppose.
-It always works in my favor to diffuse a tense situation before it gets any worse.  Apparently I finally got to talk to my neighbors on the other side of me who probably complained about the noise and figured out why they complained.  Once understood, I devised a way to not make said noise and thus solve the problem.  Thing is it's the first time I ever saw anyone from that house on that side; the other side treated me to chili my first weekend in Butler, but they're not the neighbor whose walls are closer connected to mine.  So all is good...I hope.

-I really need to figure out how to get the Gaoranger review done considering things.  I don't want to leave it abandoned but the big review I finished was 100% lost.  I may just give a few thoughts, the character bits and whatnot...thing is that I'm sort of going to be getting Sentai series one after another during the first half of this year since I'm finishing Hurricaneger this week, then going right into Abaranger and then Go-Onger. (then taking a 3 month Sentai sabbatical so I can double up on a certain Cure watch in July through's actually the first time I'm taking this long a break from Sentai since...well, I started my watches in '11!)  So really if I don't do something (well...anything) for Gao now, I'm bound to forget things.

-I feel really dumb about the poll: I put Sheri on there and forgot that Sheri already HAD a TF commissioned by someone else!  Good news: Ming's my #2 in the poll right now so if she wins...well then I may need to reread some stuff to get her human form right.  I have some pics but I just wonder how close they are to Ming's real human form. (a reminder: despite how bountiful and gorgeous that muscular brunette weremink is, her human rather unattractive; not even plain, she really is about one of the most unattractive girls I have...which is sort of the point)
-I was hoping that my first long weekend on my own in a while was going to be something to have fun and celebrate with.  But for the most part it just turned out to be exhausting and depressing: I ended up going to two board gaming groups (one of which at the main Carnegie Library in downtown Pitt, complete with paying for parking), got a speeding ticket trying to get to that wing restaurant I've been wanting to try (which I somehow paid off with credit card rewards), and got a phone call that I may or may not (whether or not it was a warning or a friendly advice) been loud after 10PM (I try to keep quiet but I know I had the TV on post-10 Saturday since I wanted to watch the beginning of "Network"...that or because I decided to do laundry at 5 in the morning Sunday to try and get it done)  Its all a learning experience but I sort of wish thing did go a lot easier...that or if I knew the area enough to get a real house, despite the greater expenses. (though for one thing I could at least own my own washer and dryer)

-I had a few compliments on the "15-minute tale" I did this weekend.  I wouldn't mind working it out and presenting it as completed but at the same time my fear is I'm going to overthink things as usual and have it just get longer and longer to the point that I wouldn't want to finish it after a point.  It's tough to figure out which is harder: being creative short-term or long-term.

-I'm thinking about getting another DocWolph TF in the near future but no clue who to get this time.  I may want to return to do another Hydie TF but this time in a more "Quinnderella" fashion; I could do another Hyde but most of them don't seem to have the traction as Quinn/Hydie do, as I figured with the recent Kiera TF.  Then there are girls who probably could use the exposure or who are overdue in this format: Brittany, Xiaofan, Lily, Penny, Hilda, Victoria, Georgina...I'd say the Selenechat trio except none of them (Ivy, Cindy or Lenore) have a human form drawn up and that unfortunately is not something I am prioritizing in getting done.  Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

-As for "not getting things drawn", I don't know if any of my newer concepts are really anything people want to see drawn and its not like I'm obsessing anymore in getting all my characters just out there like the old days.  I think I'm more at the whims of something akin to how I used to be: if someone likes it and wants to draw it, then be my guest;  otherwise they'll probably just remain in my imagination.  I have been writing up neat things but it's impossible to know what can and will catch on unless it's more "out there" and I don't have it in me to put it out there since I have quite a few I want to work on that I like as part of a cast and whatnot.  But hey, if there's someone I created that doesn't have any pics you'd like to see, be my guest; but I'm not holding a gun to your heads since your own work is way more important than anything I can come up with.
-Deviantart reminded me this morning that it's the 11th anniversary since I joined; a bit surprised I joined this day but the only reason I did was actually to look at a pic by :icondavidcmatthews: I admit.  11 isn't that bit an anniversary number I admit so nothing really more to say or to give out outside the pics I put up.

-On the other side, today is also "that day"...and amazingly, I'm not as disgruntled as I have been.  Somehow or another I do actually have someone and she was happy with the gift I gave her...even if I live on one part of the country and she lives in another.  I really wish we could meet but the two of us just can't find the time or the focus to figure out where to meet or when.  I hope it ultimately does finally happen...but it's still bizarre that somehow I've been in a successful long-distance relationship when everyone I meet locally ends up being much tougher for me to deal with and my shyness and difficulties in finding people my age in the area.  I doubt I am going to retire J Geils because of this but it is less of a reason for me to play, what the heck:  HIT IT BOYS!…

-And as a bit of a note regarding my Sentai reviews: while my longer ones are in doubt, I'm still going to do shorter talks about Sentai and whatnot here.  I made a promise regarding "Monsters of the Week" to a friend I want to keep, but thinking of maybe doing a collective one at the end of the year that will combine Gaoranger's Orgs with the MotW of the four seasons I'm doing this year.  :iconchaossepher:, I'm not forgetting you and your promise so be patient! (plus my own general thoughts on certain elements, mostly in older series and whatnot.
-I need to be frank for a moment: I like my dentist and he does a good job, but I'm not spending 11-12 hours of my weekend in a car traveling from my apartment back to Philly and back again just to make sure my teeth are alright!  Yeah, I think it worked in getting some more stuff that I did need from home out here (namely some pots and pans so I can add variety in what I cook), but I feel exhausted by the whole thing.  Not to mention I'm trying to figure out which was better: over five hours and three-quarters of a tank of gas to go home by the turnpike; or over six hours and a full tank of gas to go without tolls.  At least the only good thing is I was able to stop and get the equivalent of a "cheese fries sandwich" at the mid-point of my journey. (which surprisingly is associated with a Pittsburgh chain but it was in State College and they have free parking on Sundays; let alone a sale for Super Bowl Sunday)  I told my mom point blank: next time in six months, I'm finding a dentist here. (luckily I got a suggestion that takes my insurance)

-As for that game...avoided it completely.  Got home, turned on Captain Blood on TCM, then watched two MST3K episodes I taped off Comet. ("Robot Holocaust", which was from last week but was good BGM since I had seen it; and finally seeing "Eegah"...which was a boring King Kong knock-off with a giant caveman [who at least was cool since it's Richard Kiel] and crappy early 60s pop...though it did give us the epic moment of "watch out for snakes")  Also had a hoagie I brought home from Philly but that was on mom.  Oh and Frank was running on radiator fluid.

-Believe it or not I actually have a bizarre plan for Valentine's I'm still not going on a date or anything but I am doing something for myself for once...I just hope I don't make too much of an idiot of myself.
-Ignoring all the crap happening in the general world, my world has just been busy for the last few weeks.  It's a lot more calming in Butler now but there are still things being delivered and picked up all over the place.  It doesn't necessarily help that I have to go back to go to the dentist in Philly this weekend; don't mind since I promised and mom and I share the same dentist, but when I try to tell her I want to find my own dentist to go to out here, she probably is already worrying.  It's that or when they offer six months, I'll have to keep it around a holiday or something...which means Labor Day or I just find a dentist in Butler!

-The dating situation I'm in is sort of bizarre.  I still want to go out and meet a girl somewhere, but at the same time it feels more and more like the girl I'm talking to over e-mail for the last few months is my girlfriend.  I haven't physically met her and she doesn't know when we'll meet, but it just feels like the two of us really should be together if it weren't for the fact that I'm in Butler...and she's in Colorado.  But still need to go out on weekends for my social abilities...but that's what game nights are for. (otherwise I get stuck going to what should be an all-ages dance when "all ages" really means "40 and over"...and watching that age group line-dancing to Niki Minaj just feels embarrassing)

-This may come as good news to some but bad to others: the big Super Sentai reviews I've been doing may have finally either ended or be put on long hiatus.  Simply put: the combination of a job and a bad situation (a hard drive I was finally finishing the Gaoranger review on literally dying just as I had finished the main review...and no real access to the back-up I made) has finally just made me realize that it isn't worth redoing it.  That and I'm speeding up my Sentai watches for a bit (won't go into it unless you ask) so it won't be enough time to think things over anyway.

-And finally: my 2017 vacation location has been decided upon!  Basically it was my new work policy's "leave structure" that made that decision, making me decide to take a week that isn't a holiday like everyone else.  But it also made me realize that I could do something I wanted to do that isn't on a holiday weekend and is a nice drive to get there.  Let's just say (without giving it away) that it will involve something I love celebrating every fall...oh and barbecue, definitely barbecue.
-I think that a lot of the chaos regarding the move has for the most part died down and I feel like I'm a bit more ready to speak once again.  It's been crazy for the last week or so and I just am happy that I'm sort of getting myself into a bit more of a pattern once again that I can take advantage of.  There are still things that I need to get used to again or for the first time (like how to clean an electric range; I keep getting burn marks on it and everything I try to do to clean it off just doesn't seem to get rid of those rings), but at least I'm finally feeling a bit more confident in what I'm doing and happy about what I did for the most part...well so far.

-Considering how little I know what I will be spending month by month from here on out, I can't say I will be getting extraneous commishes like I had for a while now.  I've been absent in a lot of art streams and for the most part I just want to see where my money is going first.  I'll still be getting art (well alongside my writing), but until I feel confident to get "extras" again, I will try to keep it to one grand purchase a month.

-Can't believe I'm writing a fourth "Paige" story, but I remember someone wanted to hear a bit more about Dominique's origin (from the second tale) so I'm working a bit on that.  Sort of on a bit of a roll with these; do wonder if I should maybe deliver more on how Rachel got in this too or not...obviously it will be pre-"Awakening", probably back before she even started bodybuilding let alone her own mutation.
I didn't want to call this entry a "random musing" mostly because I need to get this out of me.  It's probably something most of you did or didn't want to hear but I have to say this:

I get it.

I get that people don't want me to use my Deviantart page for what I've been using it for, which is more or less as a general social media platform for my views and concepts.  These include my stories and commishes, but also my TV reviews and my general opinions in the status comments and journals.  I get that isn't why you're all here.  I also get that I'm not a great TF writer...or even a good one...or even an influence.  I may have been an inspiration to some, but I never really meant to take any of this seriously.  All this was as a hobby, just something to do for fun.  I have an actual job and an actual life and I've been trying to live that while still do things I like on here.  I get inspiration from others for my ideas and generally don't know if anything I've done was ever purely my own.

But at the same time, I can't help how out of control things have become, despite others saying that I can change and maybe use that as an excuse to get to something more people would appreciate.  The Deviantart page was meant for my writing and commishes that I got, which I still mainly want to use it for.  The whole thing with the reviews only started because of the situation I got in, particularly with the Sentai reviews.  The stuff I was writing for the Sentai reviews was getting too long for the forums I generally were using for them and I needed a place to put them so people would be able to read them.  I have tried and failed to make an actual website in the past and would be a terrible person in trying to maintain them or try to manage elements like building a site, maintaining it and whatnot, especially with everything else going on in my life.  Deviantart was the only platform I had where I could put it up and show people, whether it be the interested parties where I was actually doing my watches (and even there no one cares) or for those who did care or showed an interest in talking about something else other than...well, what we usually talk about.  It lead to other stuff, some of which was due to friends wanting to talk about other shows that they influenced me to watch, others due to thinking people would want to talk about it here since no one would want to where I generally do.  It hasn't worked but I still do it because I just have fun thinking about these things.

But to many of you, this isn't why you're here.  You're here to see my writings and maybe my commishes; or maybe you just like the stuff that I get even if it's just some random idea I come up with out of the blue.  As much as I want to have an actual story or world or admit that I have some grand master plan, I really don't...or really don't think so as is.  Others may try to help me try to reclaim my life and maybe think perhaps I can be salvaged, but that's something I have to do on my own.  And with too many other things going on in my life, from personal to just general worries, it's tough to say if I can do what is needed.  If I've been an inspiration, then I'm happy; if I've just been someone who gets cool things, then likewise.  If I'm just a guy who does too many random things and you wonder why I'm doing it, I wonder that as well. . But the thing is I am trying my hardest to do something that I like and hope others like it too even if they don't.  I am trying to get back into writing and believe I still have something in me.  Otherwise I still like getting commishes of my characters and still need a forum for what I do review.

So in conclusion, just bare with me.  If you like what I put up, then don't be afraid to say so.  If not, then there's always the "remove deviation" button when you see my stuff pop up.  I'm not going to influence anything like zillions of other DA artists in opinion or style or even any of my characters, but I think that's sort of how I am.  I'm not expecting everyone to love everything I do, but at least let me do what I want if I let you do whatever you want with this format.
-With the news always being bad lately, I sometimes want to find something that can at least show hope that perhaps people can know of what we're capable of and try to ward off those who don't think otherwise.  I think in this mindset, I really appreciated hearing this morning the song "Fantastic Voyage", a Bowie song from "The Lodger" I heard due to a college station doing an all-Bowie day in the anniversary of his death (only Eno-era Bowie album I have is "Low", and really only the first side is good since the second is all ambient music; should get both "Lodger" and "Heroes" I admit).  I wish sometimes that people would take to heart what artists understand and use it to make the world a better place...but then again, this is an artist himself talking.

-I have the apartment for the move acquired, but the work isn't done since the move is less than two weeks away and I may need to get a few things for it.  I'm sort of happy the people in the place I'm going to are so nice and helpful with things, I admit...that and my mom is such a nag in getting things done to help me out. (and sis...don't ask, she's just being sis)

-Speaking of the move, I think that while my own output may be variable based on things, the amount of commissioned work will probably go down drastically for a while.  I have too many expenses and want to make sure they're taken care of; plus a lot of situations with some things have made me grow a bit more cynical on the processes of these things.  The good news: when I was on my own last time, I tried to put aside enough for one comm per month, so they'll still be gotten...but the extraneous ones may depend and be much less often than before.
-I've been watching a lot of these "progress sagas", whether it be by poll RPG style or just "draw a character growing huge".  The RPG idea is neat and I sort of wish I could do it myself, but the "growth" ones just have a hard time for me to deal with since I rather not just hand over petty cash for someone else's character to grow.  I get it's for their fundraising but it just feels like it's a cheat somehow or another.  If I love an artist, I just rather pay for my own characters in some sort of art as opposed to some random char or someone that I may love by them but is just bait to make money for them that I could use elsewhere.  I'm just very torn on this...though as I said, an RPG poll would be neat, though need an idea to figure out who to use or how to make it work.

-Whenever I hear the new administration keep harping we're going to "make America Great Again", all I can keep saying is "you're not making my life any better, let alone anyone I know".  All people deserve a better life for themselves and their families and descendants, but the problem is that everyone thinks they have the ideas and rather push it on people, whether it be by government control, religion or something else.  Advice is fine, but my problem is that I think everyone wants to live their lives as simply as possible to the extent they can, without being turned into a statistic or collateral.  It isn't helped that I'm weird and so is my entire family; heck I just found out over the holidays that my younger cousin is a lesbian...the funny thing, I always thought it was her brother that was gay and not the other way around.

-The "Paige" storyline, as I mentioned in my status comments, is not associated with anything else I'm working on.  Paige and the girls in this story aren't Hydes, nor will they probably associate with the Fan Mail characters.  I just happen to wanted to use "weird-colored pointy eared massive cuties" for this storyline since it probably made them unique enough as they evolved without going further with stuff like anthro mutation and whatnot.  I also sort of want to keep the tales short, as if snippets in their lives instead of just huge sagas; I do want to write something longer but these are more just something to flex my writing muscles again after a long time.
2016 was a year where...well, a lot happened.  I can't say it was all good, either for me or for the world in general, but at least we all got through it together I hope.  It started off bad but I hope  it will get better because of what I've been through.

At the end of '15, I just wanted something that feels more like a breakthrough, due to all I had been through.  Amazingly I think it finally happened...but I had to get through the worst I had ever been through in my entire life just to get there.  At the end of February, I had a bit of a breakdown that I think forced me to look at myself seriously and work out what exactly mattered.  It's tough to say what it was, but I think it made me change some things about me that I really should have done sooner.  I started going to the gym instead of just taking a daily walk; started meditating every day to deal with stress, and just learned to appreciate things such as relaxation a lot better than I ever had.  It has taken time and focus to get where I am now, but I think I am getting much better than I was back when the year started.  Personally I sort of wish I had a real girlfriend but I am talking to this girl day by day as well (she lives out in Colorado and we just e-mail each other back and forth) as started to go to weekly game nights to just get out and interact with people, really finding it and realizing it as "my thing" to do in order to interact with others.  There are still some stressors that I think I had a lot of problems with that aren't going away: the world isn't as rosy a place as you want it to be and unfortunately this year has taught me that things are just going to get worse before it gets better.  I sort of wish I could just snap my fingers and wish that people would just let each other live and let live without any threat of destroying others, but unfortunately that's not how the world works.  It's just "one day at a time", hopefully with things working out but I do think we have to just love and care about one another without letting others get in our way.

In other ways, not too much I can talk about regarding family.  Mom and sis are still mom and sis.  On the other hand, I know that things are going to end up changing due to another choice I made: while I'm not leaving my current job (it's rather hard to and then find something else), I did make a transfer that will take me out to the western part of the state, possibly to reduce stress and problems all the more.  It will be more work considering I'm back on my own, but I do think it will help me out ultimately.  I just sort of hope mom and sis don't just keep calling me back like beofre or I had another supervisor that drives me to the brink; and who knows, I may meet new people that may impact my life as is.  My travels were rather random this year, mainly due to going on two long weekend trips: a Memorial Day trip to Seattle (which I'm happy I did but unfortunately only really meant trips to the touristy area outside a slight trip to Bellingham, then a trip to Williamsburg since mom wanted to see that and Jamestown. (plus went back up to the Hudson valley for a day trip  I promised my sister).  

My watches sort of got wonky due to my breakdown back in February, but I was able to get through them regardless.  The two weekend watches at the time were "Genseishin Justirisers" (which really wasn't that good in the end despite an interesting idea) and "Kamen Rider V3" (which really is an excellent Showa Rider series, but you have to deal with some  really stupid concepts and ideas...and the Kamen Rider Club...yeah, mostly the Kamen Rider get to what matters); while the year ended with starting on a watch of Kamen Rider Fourze (I'll get back to you on that later in the year) and the first arc of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (which has great ideas but some stupid execution in some facets...but still worthwhile)  On the Sentai front, I actually entered the "Power Rangers" era to clear things up, with watches of Kakuranger (it's got too many problems...but still is probably Sugimura's best series, hands down), Ohranger (the Aum attack more or less ruined it but the villains were excellent), Gingaman (great structure, a lot of stupid execution), Timeranger (the best season I saw this year...even with its crummy final ten episodes) and Gaoranger (watch it only for the music  and the mech fights; everything else stinks).  Also kept going with my Pretty Cure watches after starting with "Smile" last year, getting through HeartCatch (overrated but still worthwhile), Suite (excellent...even with all the note collecting nonsense), DokiDoki (head's still spinning from the nonsense that series spit out) and the original Futari wa Pretty Cure. (the season is the entire first half; the second  half is only saved by good one shots amidst its stupid villains and fairies to extend things)

Storywise I got a lot done mostly with the Fan Mails; going from 65 to 82 in one year somehow or another (with 83...being something unfortunately I have to nurse for a while I suppose); notables included the "extremely hot" 69th edition, a bizarre April Fools bit involving Jijy, and a Halloween tale that somehow involved a universe where Hydes were real monsters and destroying the planet.  Outside those, I had a few other things more or less associated with the crisis that helped me through it or just felt rather random in some facet.  They include a fan tale for :iconwes13: involving a girl becoming a hulking cowgirl mascot character, a tale inspired by a piece of art I got from :iconatariboy2600: that sort of took a life of it's own, a catgirl FMG growth for :icontheman01: and two more experimental shorts: one involving a businesswoman becoming a hippie Hyde and the other involving a random man meeting a mysterious massive giraffe girl. (I wanted to write a prequel or sequel to this one but it's been crazy with all that's been going on)  Aside from the typical reviews, I also did a couple other Sentai things this year, including a couple analysis such as the villain one I did for October.

As for 2017...the first thing on my mind this year is the move.  I'm going to another part of the state and need to try and keep my life as stable as it's become while trying to expand who I reall am.  Writing wise, I want to do a real tale again or something with multiple parts, but that is going to take a lot of work to make me do that I admit.  At the same time, the 10th anniversary of "Fan Mail for the Stranger" is coming...and I do have ideas for it but still willing to take them.  (and aside from SFM's anniversary, it's also the 10th of the earliest of those characters, which include Liu Zhen and...yeah, somehow Quinn too...don't have any idea if/whether/should I do something for Quinn's 10th like I did with Layla)  I don't know what else there is going on: the future is just so unknown with the way things got so screwy for me and the world this year; just hope for the best and believe things will work out...and if not, we can probably still fight.  Oh and I do want to meet that girl in Colorado...but still keep open in case I meet someone in Butler/Pittsburgh. (I'd say I want a vacation but need to see where funds are plus there are plenty to do in the new place I'm going to be)

With that said, happy new year...and really, being a rooster myself, I'm expecting good things as it comes around to my era again...but as for any chicken, they're probably phoenixes in disguise.
-Sort of hope everyone got through the holidays as best as they possibly could.  I just took it easy outside getting a few things done and getting some stuff for the move ready; since I don't celebrate Christmas, it wasn't such a bad thing.  I sometimes do wish I had a bit more focus to do some things but that's probably one of my negative traits.  At least things do work out regardless...

-I'm not really a fan of "bimbofication" stuff but this one idea I keep having in my head sort of toys on that sort of concept but with things I like and some other stuff.  I don't want the girl to suddenly become a bimbo but I do see physical and slight mental altercations associated with it (BE/butt growth, hair growth, probably FMG but mostly so some of the proportions she gains can be better managed...yeah I know FMG is my thing but still when things grow in that sort of series you'd want to at least be able to have a frame that can manage it; maybe also with some mental ideas that makes a girl more "princess-like" or something like some of the "Dizzy World" TFs I've seen or what I do with the Hydes at times)  It's just an idea toying in my head but it is something I want to at least try once...sort of like other stuff I've tried once like weight gain.

-On the review front...seriously I do wish I didn't have to do this Gaoranger review.  I just didn't like this series even if it's barely not in my "worst series" group.  I think I can work out what I have to do with it...I just don't want to do it.
-It's really tough trying to work out what's important and what isn't, particularly with the time of year and current events.  Trying to get enough holiday gifts for friends (and I know I'm afraid I may miss one or two) while plotting a move that gets you out of the area you grew up is just a hard thing to get to.  I'm trying my best to get everything I literally want to get amidst it all, but things are so hectic that I hope you can forgive me if I forget someone or something. (such is the burden of needing to comm stuff since I can't draw myself)

-I wonder sometimes if not being pop culturally savvy is either an advantage or a burden in my life.  I went out with some people the other day and they were all talking about all this stuff that everyone knew about and cared about like video games, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Netflix shows...and here I was sort of completely out of it.  I have zero care about any of this stuff; heck I just recently only got into Avatar: the Last Airbender, so it isn't like I care what's popular or relevant now.  (plus my big purchases for the year were some Power Rangers and Sentai season sets and a box set of Barney Miller) I want to like my own thing and happy I am able to, but it makes me all the more socially awkward in that there isn't much for me to talk about outside maybe some elements of music (some, not all).  Lucky I still play Pokémon or else that would be one less thing I'd be connected with...

-I do want to get started on the Fan Mail talent show now that my schedule is a lot clearer...not too clear (starting on a Gaoranger review but have time with that since I won't need to rush to that; have until March when I finish my next series which I'm not starting yet; let alone the move to Butler), but clear enough.  Though speaking of talent: its just scary that I just can imagine Hydie singing the Anna parts to "For the First Time in Forever" from Frozen while Quinn is singing the Elsa parts.

Quinn: (grumbling) As much as that movie is overrated and dumb, there does seem to be a lot in common with me and that song...

Hydie: (smiling adorably) Well I think it's about both of us perfectly!'s just a thought.