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Hulk-Girl: From the Files of the (Novice) Gamma Maiden
Concept by She-Hulk Fan

"Locker Problems"
by StrangerAtaru

After a long, hard day in school, Angie O'Brian is probably one of the first people to bolt right out and into the fresh, clean air of the outside.  All the conjunctioning verbs and equations that she had to review and memorize over and over just flew right out of her mind like how her oversized backpack (well many people claimed it was due to her small size) burst through the doorway out into the open.  All that flowed right on top of her was the bright burst of sunlight that overcame her body, glowing around every exposed pore on her face, every strand of her red ponytail and every curve of her (obviously fake) bosom.  Everything was set-up for a nice afternoon of fun and amusement...well, if it weren't for the one massive factor that suddenly burst into her mind.

"Wait a minute...didn't Miss Wilson give me homework?"  Though she didn't share any of the same relations to the science teacher as her (unknowing) rival Vivian Jordan, Angie still had her as a science teacher for a period separate from the teen who was secretly Hulk-Girl.  But unfortunately it left her with a major problem: this was the end of the day and she had Miss Wilson as one of her earliest periods...therefore, Angie often put her textbooks for science back in her locker during lunch, which she never took out unless the teacher gave her a major assignment that had to be done overnight!  And of course, tonight had to be one of those assignment night...and Angie was so obsessed in getting out that she forgot that she couldn't just leave her textbook in the locker overnight!

"Why does this always have to happen at the end of the day?" the small girl bemoaned as she felt the warm sun basking on her neck as she turned around back towards the school.  She felt the stream of students surrounding her as the enthusiasm in her walk slumped away into a slower, more foreboding gait, her mind feeling like she was starting to approach the island with Polyphemus the Cyclops ready to chow down on her for lunch.  She felt happy that she wasn't as meaty and juicy as she could have been...but somehow as her body passed through the doors, she imagined the horrifying image of Miss Titania being much more delectable as meat with her huge musculature, nearly grossing her out.

The only thing really working in Angie's advantage was that her locker wasn't exactly on the other side of the school.  She still had to go up a flight of stairs from the entrance and walk a slight bit, but she was able to pace herself rather well in order to get there.  There wasn't anything particular or peculiar about where she had to get to in the first place: the locker was a typical gray locker, slender in size and yet tall going from top to bottom, to the point that she needed a stepstool she kept at the bottom to get to the shelf at the top where her science book would be.   There was a combination around the center and a cold metallic latch she would have to grab and click to open the door to get in.  Angie had been having problems getting her locker open for a while, strangely since around when she first gained her amazonian alter-ego, but somehow she really didn't equate two or two together into it being some sort of coincidence.  The redhead really wasn't the type to really figure these sorts of things out...let alone it wasn't like Miss Titania had appeared once anywhere in the school, even with it's unknown notoriety for having several others aside from her with strange abilities.

When she finally did arrive at the locker, there wasn't anything particular or peculiar that Angie had to keep her eye open to.  The hallway had cleared out rather quickly with all of the students gone for the day.  While it was an afternoon for extra-curricular activities, there wasn't anything around the locker's area that would have any teachers or students wander there on purpose.  It was rather empty progressing to where she had to go, almost a ghost town for that time of day.  Yet it wasn't like Angie really cared or minded the emptiness: she was sort of used to being alone many times so having no one around really wouldn't have affected her, especially...if she had to take drastic measures with how stuck her locker had been.  Upon her initial approach, there wasn't anything peculiar or noticeable that she had to keep an eye on: the whole hall was empty with not a person or a sound anywhere around her.  It was just too perfect: all the small redhead had to do was somehow open her locker, get her science book and get back out so she could feel the sun and the clean air on her again!  The sooner she was out of that school, the better!

But unfortunately for Angie, the calm unknowingly had it's own small traps that not even someone of her size would notice right away.  As she made her last step to the front of her locker, she felt something peculiar under her foot.  It was soft under the heel, with a slight bouncelike it resisted her movement, yet it didn't feel sticky or gooey like many of the unexpected surprises that would get under a person's foot.  The soft item threw Angie off her concentration and instead made her turn her eyes downwards towards the ground as she lifted her foot right back up away from the object.  She didn't quite know what to expect but even she had a word to say as she saw what exactly 'it' was.

"You've got to be kidding me...what exactly is this doing way out here?"  What Angie spotted that she had stepped on was a large, round ball of red yarn laying right in front of her.  The yarn looked like a very typical ball of fabric, tightly spun with several threads tied together into a line, then spooled up into a large ball that now sat right where she had just stepped on it.  She really didn't know what fabric it was, but the yarn did seem to possess the softness of wool with a sturdy nature that allowed for it to bounce back without too much difficulty.  At the end of the ball was a yarn string that did not appear as tight or as well constructed as the rest of it, with the threads fraying apart like someone had been picking at it making it start to fall apart.  Even smaller threads and hairs poked out from the end of the yarn ball, but Angie couldn't really get a good look at it or even why it was there before a voice appeared from out of nowhere.

"You do realize that school has let out for the day and that anyone without an activity must go home right away."  It was an authoritative female voice, one that Angie had occasionally heard but not really one she searched out for on purpose.  It was ironic that it would appear only when she was looking at the ball of yarn as opposed to merely when she first arrived in the empty hall, but it wasn't something that she was too concerned or interested in figuring out why.  The voice was enough to drop the ball from her hand and back onto the floor, the lead thread slightly unwinding a slight bit more as the redhead turned around to look over the new arrival impeding on her getting the science book out of her locker.

"Do you have any activities this afternoon, Ms. O'Brian?  Or do you just like hanging around the halls for fun?"  Standing right in front of Angie was a raven-haired female with shoulder-length hair and a stern eye that easily looked down towards the much smaller female.  She was dressed in a white dressy shirt with a red bow-tie complete with a sleeveless vest and long skirt, both in blue color.  Around her torso was a sash, orange in color completely covered in safety tape with a large silver badge in the middle that showed who she really was: an officer for the school safety patrol!  The safety-inclined girl continued to stare sternly towards Angie, slightly intrigued in the corner of her eye by the yarn in her hand but keeping nearly all of her attention on the redhead.

"I just forgot something in my locker, Dyan, and I need to get it open.  Can't I just show a bit of incompetence or do I have to be perfect by whatever standards you keep?"  Unfortunately the redhead really didn't feel like facing someone on safety patrol this afternoon, particularly someone as obsessed with her position as the raven-haired girl in front of her.  All she really wanted was to just get her locker open, get the textbook and just go home for the evening.  It was this so-called Dyan that was causing all the trouble with her outrageous claims, she was the innocent party.

"So then..." The safety officer paced back and forth near the small girl, making Angie nervous by what she was going to ask next.  Dyan herself showed a bit of emotion but it wasn't enough to be noticed by someone who kept to herself so often as she did.  But what she did say next did seem to make the redhead a bit more nervous.

"Where did you get that ball of yarn then, Ms. O'Brian?  There have been rumors that someone has been taking them lately from the home-ec lab that have specifically been bought for the knitting club.  Have you seen any others besides the one that is currently in your hand?"  Angie was a tad weirded out by Dyan's accusation.  First of all: she stunk at home economics, so why would she even want to be anywhere near those labs if she didn't have to be?  Secondly: if she didn't like home ec, then why would she even have any interest in a knitting club?  And finally: how in the world would suddenly finding a slightly-frayed ball of red yarn connect her to someone else who had been stealing it?  Dyan the security officer continued to pace back and forth waiting for her answer but she really didn't know what to say...let alone how to respond back to such weird accusations!  She knew she had to be honest but it was tough so she just said whatever came in mind.

"I have no idea what you're talking about but let me just clear the record: I hate knitting, I buy all my clothing and scarves on the internet (though Angie never even wore a scarf) and I think you just want to blame someone for something so you could have less guilty of a conscious that you're not doing your job.  Just let me get my locker open and get out of here and I'll never cause any trouble to you and your so-called yarn thief again."  She did try to keep it down, but she felt a bit of emotion rising in her voice as she told the officer off, to the point she could hear it echo through the halls.  It almost sounded like Miss Titania telling Dyan off instead of little Angie O'Brian...but luckily the rage wasn't strong enough that she could unleash her muscular self upon her. (though the temptation was obviously there with how she was being accused and treated)

"If you're so passionate about being against knitting, then can you at least hand the evidence over to me for the moment?" Dyan responded in a calculated manner.  "I have to show this to the other security members so we can try to track down whomever was behind this."  It wasn't really evident considering that Angie really wanted to get away from her as soon as possible, but the raven-haired girl did seem to have a bit of nerves showing regarding that mere little yarn ball.  Her voice seemed slightly unsteady and her hands were twitching like she could drop it if she ever got her hands on it.  But being way too occupied with wanting to open her locker and wanting to get the indoor officer away from her, Angie really didn't notice or care to notice that there were peculiarities with her opponent and just turned towards her with merely her hand sticking out with the woven red thread standing out.

"Just take it and let me open my locker," Angie said with a sigh in her voice, "I just want to get home and do my homework...and with my fear of Ms. Wilson, I rather avoid a wrath with her by getting that done even if I cause a threat to miss high-and-mighty."  She continued to feel the weight of the ball in her hand for a tad longer than she expected, even as she just wanted that silkiness to get out of her hand.  She just wanted Dyan to take the yarn and go, but she was so ignorant of her that she didn't notice the hesitance towards her staring at the ball, like she would be incriminated if she took it for herself!  But finally Dyan swiped it and just stared towards the redhead with stern emotion like it didn't matter, like she could have taken it at any time and that the hesitant action wasn't part of anything.

"Good luck in getting that thing open then," Dyan said as she turned around and walked away, a stern gait coming from her blue skirt.  "I sure hope those legends of Ms. Wilson aren't true like you claim."  Angie really had no idea what she was saying but she closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out in a defiant raspberry (the one which merely said "nya" as opposed to a full-out spit) behind the back of the security officer so as to not declare war on her once again.  Now she was off her back, she could get back to more important things...

"She can have that stupid ball and her stupid knitting club," Angie thought to herself, "I don't get why she would make such a big deal out of it anyway.  I mean, if she wants more yarn, then maybe she should just take more from her club; it's not like they're missing it too badly if they haven't put an issue in the paper about it."  Angie twisted the dial back and forth, she knew the combination by heart having used it over and over for months by now.  Maybe she had problems with the mechanics of the door, but at least the dial moved back and forth, slipping through the numbers as the padlock became undone with one correct number after another.  This was the easy part, so it was easy for her to forget her problems that the redhead had with the door doing this first part.

"They consider me a nuisance with all those 'red-tressed muscle girl destroying property' articles they have in there, but it just seems like I'm the only nuisance they notice," she continued on as she neared the last number.  "Whenever it's a jade-skinned muscle girl, they seem to make minor note of it in there.  And the fact that they don't even notice those missing yarn balls..."  She really had no idea what she was saying or how much of it was true.  Yes, she took matters regarding the actions of 'Ms. Titania' much more personal than anything involving that "Hulk-Girl" who was also running amuck, possibly thinking any articles about her destruction are much longer, more detailed and more personal than anything with her gamma-powered counterpart. (even if Vivian probably would say otherwise if she was listening to this diatribe)  It wasn't her fault: Angie just had a personality that took things more personally, especially in any of her troubles...or someone screwing up Greek mythology for fun and profit.

"And yet..."  Angie's small body started feeling the hard tug coming from the cold silver door.  "When it comes to the things that matter..."  Just as she expected: it was stuck again, unmoving like had been the problem for a long while now.  "They never seem to get to them at all!"  She felt anger building up in her body, she knew that it was driving her mad.  She really didn't want to use her 'abilities' on the locker, but with the rate her anger was building, she knew that she couldn't restrain it for too much longer.

"If you don't open up now...then...then..."  She felt the power starting to build up inside of her.  Angie felt things that was starting to shift within her body as she pulled with all her might on the doors.  The plastic ring bracelet she wore tightened and burst first, the glitter-filled liquid pouring out directly onto the floor.  Her ponytail was starting to tighten and fill up within the band that held it in and falling down longer to her shoulders.  She felt her legs starting to push and caress up to her slacks, the pain of them stretching and pulling her upwards while simultaneously feeling her thighs and calves caress with her stick-like legs filling up rapidly with feminine muscle.  She felt the cotton of her socks starting to rip apart as threads shredded within her shoes while her feet made them tighter and harder to walk in at the same time.  Her torso started rising upwards pulling the tail of her shirt out while similarly filling up with two small mounds that started to press against the paper that she wore to make her feel bustier than she really was.  Similarly Angie's deltoids were pushing her backpack straps right into her, tightening up the space that her shoulders had in holding them as the increasing mass pushed and tightened the straps around her.  Beneath the pack, she felt her sleeves pushing up with growing biceps and triceps, filling them and stretching the fabric into a form that would eventually burst if it continued to grow at the astounding rate it was!

"No...not yet...not now!"  There was an urgent panic in her head, unlike any time she had transformed before where it was usually just her anger unleashed awakening her small body.  Angie felt out in the open, which had an intense danger tied to it.  She couldn't let herself be seen, let the popping and pushing, grunts and screams, be heard by anyone in the school...particularly annoying security agents who could use this massive scoop against her in a big way!  Tossing the bookbag off her shoulders (simultaneously freeing them as she felt her shirt starting to tear open and the new muscle peek through), Angie bolted right towards the nearest ladies room that was a few feet away from where she was.  As she ran, she felt the cuffs of her pants becoming tighter and the seams around her groin busting and breaking as her quadriceps filled and grew up and out at the same time.  Just before she reached the bathroom she felt the threads between her shoes and her soles burst open as white threads broke and shredded with her growing feet, but she knew that she could clean that up after it was all over.  There were more than enough thread already possibly on the floor, so throwing white threads with the red ones wasn't going to matter for this moment of emergency!  With little timing, Angie dove right in to the bathroom at full throttle, unknowingly feeling her hair break loose as her bands broke open as she dove through the door, freeing her locks as they continued to grow longer and fuller into her other form.

"I don't want this...I really don't want this...but the locker...I HAVE TO..."  Angie felt her knees smash on the floor as she laid there right beyond the portal from the entrance, but she didn't care about how her posture was with where she found herself.  The pain was too great and it was fully releasing to the point that she couldn't move anyway without tearing any further portions of her outfit.  As she kneeled there, her slacks rapidly ripped away, bursting open with the emergence of her quads as they ballooned and grew larger and more massive with the muscle that defined her.  Her calves, fully exposed with her socked ripped to shreds out in the hall, pulsated as veins popped out letting her gastrocenemials blossom into long, lean power.  Her tight glutes soon burst their way out as the bottom half of a one-piece she always wore underneath now (out of necessity) peaked it's way out with the shirt still clinging on yet losing itself fast.

"GET...IT..."  She heard the scream echo through the bathroom as the rage filled the rest of her and made Angie's upper half grow even faster.  Button after button on her top seemed to burst right open as her bosom she lied about as a smaller girl grew much, much bigger to a point of major prominence with cleavage growing and pouring out as the shirt fully opened.  The seams around her shoulders and arms burst and shredded apart as her deltoids, biceps and triceps became dominant in their massive display of power amidst her fully evolving form.  Her torso stretched out fully as a six-pack of abs harded up right underneath the outfit that she wore and the last of her now long, beautiful red hair grew down a back rippling and fully formed with evolved musculature.

"OPEN!!!"  Jumping right up while still in the entranceway to the bathroom, the small Angie O'Brian had been fully replaced by the raging beauty of Miss Titania!  And within moments of the full emergence of transformation, the redhead burst right out from the other side into the hall, dodging and ignoring the former soles of her shoes and the threads of her ripped apart socks and dived right towards her locker where her backpack of her smaller self remained sitting there waiting for her to come right back to retrieve the point that she nearly ignored it and tripped right over what she had left behind mere moments earlier!  Yet it was the clumsy footwork that got the much larger, stronger female right on top of the locker door, her hand on the handle that would finally get what she needed from it.

"So you think you're going to taunt me forever, do you?" the muscular redhead said sarcastically to the silver door as if it was a living being.  "Well today is the last day that you drive me crazy...ever again!"  With a furious rage pent up from weeks of troubles and difficulties, Miss Titania grabbed onto the handle and pulled right onto the locker that had given her all this trouble for all this time.  Within moments, the door flew right through her hand and burst right open...but not quite in the way she expected: due to the amount of force and power that she had driven to the door, the muscular female ripped the entire door right off of the locker with the hinges still attached!  She had finally gotten what she needed to open...but at the cost of it possibly never working like she wanted to ever again due to damaging her own property.

"Hah, you thought you could boss me around forever, did you?" Miss Titania stated as she taunted the locker, now fully opened once again with a proud haughty nature.  "Well now I'm the strongest one there is and no way that you're ever going to pull that on me like that anymore!"  She almost seemed full of herself, like she actually was happy that her power came to an advantage for once as opposed to merely being a hindrance or being the target of complaint or of being the target of the rage of a teenage gamma girl.  But for once she was happy, having conquered a difficulty with just a little power that she had been given somehow or another...even with the damage that she had to pull to get it done.

"Now for what I decided to destroy my own property for..."  Unfortunately for Miss Titania, while she was able to get the locker open, there was one slight problem she now faced.  Due to her usually smaller, diminutive size, she had set up most of the shelves in her locker to be much lower than she currently stood so she could reach them, featuring items not just including her textbooks but also including a couple extra changes of clothes (in case she did have to transform), several notebooks and even a small mirror.  But with her transformation to get strong enough to open the came at a cost: she was now so tall that she had to bend down and lean to get Miss Wilson's text book for her studies!  Crawling down and bending her knees towards the bottom, she spotted the science book and carefully pulled it out, making sure she didn't grab it with too much force.  She really didn't want to destroy school property, not to mention the hell she would have to pay if her teacher found out it was damaged because of whatever mutation had occurred.  Once she finally got it out, she was finally able to at least breathe a sigh of relief knowing that she finally had it.

"You thought you were going to taunt me forever," the redhead amazon stated as she looked at the cold, emotionless locker as it remained open with the remainder of her books and her clothing when she became this and needed to change back to Angie in a hurry, "but I've learned quite a few tricks to handle foes like you.  You're never going to be a bother to me ever again!"  Unfortunately stating this was merely just a few seconds before Miss Titania began to rise back up from the crouch to get the textbook...where she accidentally hit the top shelf on her way up!  It wasn't that hard a hit but it was enough to make her sore under her long hair, like the locker was having a last laugh.  Grumbling something under her breath, Miss Titania merely smashed the locker shut as if she was proving herself victorious over it once and for all.  Her mission was accomplished and any further problems would have to wait until tomorrow...if it ever came back.  

Though one problem for Miss Titania was now done for, there was still the other situation: changing back to tiny little Angie!  She knew she wasn't going to change back for a while from her muscular form because of her energy still flowing just to get the book out of her locker, so she figured she still had a bit of time to enjoy the nice day with the sun and the clean air still around for a few more hours.  Luckily for her, an open window that lead to the roof (thus allowing for some cover and not destroy the sidewalk beneath unlike certain a certain green female) was nearby, the air breezing through the hallway cooling her down as she felt the sweat from the lights of the school.  Grabbing hold of Miss Wilson's textbook in one hand and her bookbag under her arm (to make sure no one would trace it back to her), Miss Titania took a running start before diving right through the window, landing slightly awkward but with little other problem onto the rooftop of the school!  Leaping like the soft movements of a ballerina, the amazon flew across the school until she reached the exterior, flying through the gate once again without anyone seeing her, joyous that, once again, she could enjoy the day.  Maybe she wasn't as stress-free as she was when she arrived, but at least she was happy again.

Unfortunately for Miss Titania, the locker incident wasn't without notice.  The slammed locker door did shut rather easily, but ended up causing a huge impact to the point of denting it rather substantially when she slammed it shut!  It was Dyan who seemed to have reported the damage of the locker to maintenance and likewise spoke to her in person about it, but there was no big deal considering that she usually stayed late anyway until the school was entirely empty doing internal security.  Angie would luckily get a new locker out of it, but only after several technicians had to pry it open the next day to make sure she was able to get what she needed to out of it before being issued another locker that, luckily, was closer to that convenient window.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the only strange thing about the locker: when the technicians first arrived at the locker the next day (Angie had all her books for the day so she could just talk to someone at school to get a new one without going back to it), they noticed that it was even worse dented than when it was when the small girl left school, like someone with similar strength was smashing all over it with fists or kicks.  But it wasn't just strength from the power of someone's fists: there were noticeable claw marks scratched all over the thing, like it was attacked by some sort of wild animal.  That seemed to be strange in itself, particularly since Angie knew that even as Miss Titania...she didn't have nails that long.

But as weird as a damaged locker was, there was something similarly peculiar: at the top shelf of Miss O'Brian's locker, the one she could never reach due to how small she was...were an entire collection of balls of yarn.  They figured that there were ten, maybe close to fifteen balls of yarn collected in the locker, none of which Angie knew a thing about one way or another!  She had enough problems with one red ball the previous day, so having even more in there just didn't leave her in too well a mood knowing someone else was using that locker.  Of course, what she and the investigators didn't know was that there was one less ball of yarn than there was the previous day when the locker was last known open.  It had fallen out unknowingly when Miss Titania bumped her tall body against that top shelf, rolling down a meter or so before settling down comfortably and easily where the redheaded amazon wouldn't see it.  But of course no one knew that there was any extra evidence: the yarn ball had vanished just as mysteriously as the extra dents and claw marks had appeared on the locker.  Though that ball never was found, the others in Angie's locker were returned to the home economics lab and the whole "yarn-thief incident" seemed to quiet down, especially from the perspective of Dyan, who really wanted that investigation off her mind and the focus back on other school issues.
This is something I've had sitting around for a while and really should have finished sooner (though I have been busy with way too many other things in my life as of late), but finally with a quiet moment I am finally able to finish it. It's my latest in :iconshfan:'s Hulk-Girl universe, but she doesn't appear in this. It's actually just a tale more involving my Miss Titania...and someone who may or may not be appearing sometime in the future of this world...

Vivian Jordan and concepts, copyright :iconshfan:
Angie O'Brian and concepts, copyright :iconstrangerataru:

All characters, copyright Marvel/Disney and their respective creators
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SHFan Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Another great story! I can not wait what will happen next! :D
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Who knows, man :p
vince3 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010   Writer
I guess we have some kind of Catgirl as a possibility for the future?
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
A lot of this universe is you should figure whom it could be from the hints.
vince3 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010   Writer
If I was a Marvel comic afficianado, that is......
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