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January 7, 2010
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Hulk-Girl: From the Files of the (Novice) Gamma Maiden
Concept by She-Hulk Fan

"Ticket Raid"
By StrangerAtaru


The marquis at Amazing Fantasy, the local music club, blared itself loudly in huge black letters on a white background, proudly announcing the arrival of, at least to Vivian, the rock concert of the year.  Notable for their breathtaking sound in a drab landscape, the rising British band Man-Elephant was one that she had clutched onto rather easily, being one of the few high school girls to actually listen to their music as opposed to most of the bubblegum, boy bands and faux-urban sounds that girls her age were now into.  So when their social networking page announced their latest concert and that her town was going to have one of their American dates as they made their way trying to breakthrough into the United States, Vivian knew she had to put the date the tickets went on sale on her calendar.  She was so excited that she even told her mom that she was going to get tickets for the concert and that nothing would stop her from seeing this band before they became so big that they would stop going to smaller clubs and start playing stadiums in the bigger cities.

Unfortunately for her, what Vivian forgot to realize when she arrived at Amazing Fantasy to buy Man-Elephant tickets is the following the group already had in the United States already.  By the time she had gotten to the club, there was already a line threatening to traverse around the block where the club was located with many people who also knew that this concert was going to be special.  Most of those appeared to be a certain demographic of college students, with a large combination of males with face-stretching sideburns and goatees and girls with button-down white shirts curving their substantial bosoms and plastic glasses covering their eyes, whether prescription or for show.  The rest were older than the main grouping, with even a few showing white in their hair and carrying a child in one hand and a baby in the other as if they wanted their family to experience the same cool they themselves believed in.  This was not the type of crowd Vivian was really used to being with, but it really didn't matter to her as she tried to make her way to the end of the line, which actually felt like it was close to the beginning from where she stood.  Though they felt like older brothers and sisters, they were all comrades in love of a band and she, with her long skirt, pigtails and B-cup bosom under her light-colored blouse, would not be intimidated by them one bit as long as she got her Man-Elephant ticket.

The wait in line for tickets turned out to feel like it was extremely time consuming for Vivian, but it wasn't something that was going to directly peeve her off.  She was in such a good mood that she figured that it wasn't going to be that easy to get her angry unlike a couple of days earlier, where she went all jade and muscular after tripping on a badly-paved sidewalk which broke a band on her new sandals.  Not only was Vivian extra-careful to wear a nice pair of sneakers that were completely laced and tied to the utmost, she was so happy that she knew that they were perfectly safe!  Heck, the only thing that could bring about Hulk-Girl now is if she was so happy it caused an emotional overload as if she was angry.  But while she was happy, she couldn't help but feeling bored by the wait as she trudged step by step, moving from one position to the next in hopes she would finally reach the front of the line.  Vivian thought with doubts for a couple moments that she should have just gotten it off the internet, but remembered that it would be even harder to get tickets there with the perfect timing one needed to have to get through, let alone the offer that these physical tickets were guaranteed as opposed to the digital ones.  But it didn't stop her from twirling a strand of hair and wondering if she could have done something to kill the time.

"You know you should have brought something to read to at least pass a bit of time.  Then again, I'm a bit surprised that someone else my age would actually be in line for Man-Elephant.  I thought I was the only weirdo like that."  Vivian heard a voice that gave her a bit of deja-vu, but couldn't quite figure out how or why.  As she turned around, she saw that right behind her was a girl she had seen before, most likely in her school but never exactly in her class.  The most notable aspect about this girl was her size, standing easily several inches smaller than her though not a midget, more just someone more diminunitive for a girl in her teens.  She had dark eyes and red hair long enough to have a small ponytail flipped in the back of her head.  Her frame seemed slightly slender as if undernourished, yet had a bosom that seemed almost too big for her as if she stuffed a C-cup bra and put it on under an ordinary violet blouse such as her own.  In her hand was a small paperback with creases folded in that looked rather large, which Vivian saw barely as a copy of Homer's Iliad.  All in all, the redhead was strange...yet Vivian just couldn't help but wonder why she felt familiar.

"Well maybe you could consider yourself weird but I think I'm sort of an original," Vivian replied to the redhead.  "I guess that makes both of us ahead of our time, Ms...."  She really didn't want to screw up the name since she wasn't sure if she knew who she was in the first place.  The redhead stared upwards with an innocence in her own eye in response to the kind words while lowering the book she seemed like she was about to get back to.

"Angela O'Brian...just call me Angie for, yeah, I'm Angie."  Vivian initially thought she heard the name from somewhere at school but she was never anywhere that the two would really communicate before today.  She also found it peculiar that she would stop in the middle of saying the old expression 'for short', as if she was very apprehensive about how small she was even compared to someone around her age.  The redhead reopened her copy of the Iliad and started looking it over while the blond tried to keep the conversation going.

"So is that any good?  I meant to get around to it but it seemed rather long and without anything of interest."  She admitted she never once saw anyone who would try to carry around such an old work like that, since most girls like her read gooshy girl novels or the latest in teen fiction...though she was a tad scatterbrained that she didn't think of bringing something before and that this little girl would bring such a big book.

"This is probably my fifth time reading it!" the redhead responded enthusiastically to Vivian as the line trudged closer to the front.  "It's got everything you need in a good story: war, romance, violent bloodshed with both sides believing in a righteous cause and the manipulation of Gods fighting amongst one another in order to prove their righteousness!  I know I should read another version of it by another translation but this really is the first one I ever got and I just have this rush to read it again just when I've finished it!"  The way the small girl went on and on about the Greek story seemed to make Vivian interested in what Angie was saying but also a tad uneasy, as if she had a voice that signified obsession.  She didn't quite know why but she really couldn't bring herself to say anything more to her and instead concentrated on the line, seeing that she was closing in on her Man-Elephant tickets.  Angie, losing her conversation with her line-mate, chose to return to the Iliad, hoping to take comfort in her Gods while waiting to hear from modern muses.

Close to ten minutes after attempting contact with another, Vivian finally was right where she wanted to be: somehow or another, after everything she had been through and the long line she had waited in, she was finally the girl behind the person ordering tickets in front!  The Man-Elephant marquis was staring right back at her, telling her that she was one move away from finally reaching the ticket booth.  She was so close that she could hear the reverberation of the crowd and the booming stereo blasting the band that could soon conquer the world...and all she had to do was just get past the guy who was in line ahead of her!  For a moment, Vivian turned around to maybe see if there was any such enthusiasm from Angie...but she seemed to have one eye near the front of the line and one eye on some passage involving Hera facing off against Artemis as if she was enraptured by the gods just as much as Vivian was enraptured by her anticipation!  She didn't quite understand anymore why the redhead was there, but it didn't matter anymore.  All she knew is that the word "Next" was going to be said right in front of Amazing Fantasy...and that Man-Elephant ticket would be hers!  As she saw the man ahead of her move aside, Vivian's eyes widened as she prepared to buy the ticket to the concert...but what she heard from the lady at the booth in that horrifying nasally voice wasn't "next":

"Sorry, everyone, but that was the last ticket on sale.  We've just sold out for the Man-Elephant concert."

It was like a pebble being dropped into a bottomless well with no water to plop into and no sound to show it hit bottom.  If she could, Vivian wished she could just scream out "no!!!!" at the top of her lungs, but was too civil to consider doing that at all!  All around her, she could hear the sounds of those behind her going "what the hell!" and "all that time in line just for that?" as if fellow Man-Elephant aficionados were similarly disappointed in the new turn of events.  She even thought she heard Angie speaking out "So then...if there are no tickets..." in a quizzical fashion.  But no one, not the redhead or any of the others, felt as disappointed as Vivian.  All that excitement...all that preparation...all that time and effort just to get to Amazing Fantasy and wait for her tickets...and she had nothing to show for it.

"How could you say...there are no tickets..." Vivian felt her voice growling out, as if a deeper power was beginning to awaken, but her mind was still lucid enough to keep it under control.  She was in the middle of public with hundreds of other disappointed Man-Elephant fans; she couldn't release her rage...not here, not now...and not over this!

"Well then, if you want Man-Elephant tickets so badly..."  The blond heard the smug voice of a male standing across the street from her as she continued to stand in line which was still filled with the angry and disappointed fans of the British group.  She saw his greasy black hair all oiled up and his fully button-down T-shirt showing off how much of an arrogant bastard he was, and that was not even speaking of the way he talked.

"Tell you want, brat, if you want these tickets then how about I sell them to you.  Seeing that they cost does two-hundred sound?  I know you want them badly, but I think that's fair enough..."  He spoke so smug that he sounded like he was going to laugh maniacally towards those whom he taunted for the tickets.  But it was Vivian who took what he said the worst: not only did she lose out on the hottest ticket in town, but she lost her final, precious Man-Elephant ticket to the biggest jerk in the world!  And as she continued to watch with murderous intent, the slick-haired full-buttoned man started to walk away without any show of thought or consideration for the others, even those who seemed like they were standing out as if they were ready to pay ten times the original price for the tickets!  Yet all of it just made Vivian more the point she couldn't hold back any longer!

"If that jerk thinks he can get away with it...if that jerk...that jerk..." Vivian was past the breaking point and she knew it!  Her eyes began glowing a bright green color as the rage took her over and, without a moment's delay, she began to charge, like a blur, in the direction of the arrogant bastard with that last Man-Elephant ticket!  As long as she moved, she knew no one could see what came next!

"Ah...where are you gong, Vivian?"  The words from the suddenly observant Angie couldn't reach her anymore as she charged forth.  As she did, she felt like her body was peeling away layers of her own skin as it shifted with the speed she dived towards the jerk with the tickets!  First to fall were the bands for her pigtails, left at the boundary between the sidewalk and the street as her blond hair darkened towards a more auburn color and began to stretch along her neck.  Then came the threads to the sleeves of her blouse, breaking apart as Vivian's arms became caressed with growing feminine biceps and triceps.  The light parts of her exposed peachy skin shifted towards a yellowish color and changing into a greener shade.  She could feel the soles of her shoes fly off followed by the leathery material ripping as her feet became more prominent and exposed themselves to the air.  Her socks shredded apart as her calves evolved into a greener form of sleeker power.  She quickly shed off her slacks which fell towards the ground, outgrown as the jade color now fully covered her body and her tree-like quads and glutes became exposed.  As she got closer, she could feel her six-pack forming underneath her outfit and her deltoids ripping at the top of her blouse.  Finally as she reached the end of the street, she could feel the buttons rip away and the shirt she wore fully explode as her B-cups had grown several sizes larger as supported by powerful pectorals.  As she finally crossed the barrier to the sidewalk on the other side where the ticket monster was, she could see she was now easily staring above him with new-found height and felt her now long, dark hair flowing down and hitting the curves and ridges on her back stretched by her one-piece.  The man who could look down on an emotionally distraught Vivian Jordan...was now forced to look up towards a raging Hulk-Girl!

"And who the heck are you?" the slicked-hair male went on, "I didn't know the Jolly Green Giant had a daughter!"  He didn't notice that Vivian was replaced by the green amazon who was about to crush him...yet everyone in the crowd and the surroundings seemed surprised that Hulk-Girl was here suddenly taking on the ticket particular the small redhead who now stood at the front of the line!

"Hulk-Girl!  Here and now!?  Is she going to ruin my life again!?"  Angie felt her own sickness coming to her stomach as all the bad memories of the green female who had made her life so much trouble flooded right through her.  She felt her own emotions starting to rush, making her hold her copy of "The Iliad" close to her as if she tried to keep her own troubles locked away in hopes things didn't get any worse.  As much as she wanted to have a word with Hulk-Girl, Angie knew now wasn't the time or place...let alone she didn't even know if...she herself could hold on for too long!

"How could you buy up a ticket and then try to sell it back for such a high price to someone who wanted to see that concert so badly?"  Hulk-Girl asked to the now fearful man.  "Do you have any respect as a fan of music?  Do you realize how many dreams you're dashing with your greed?"  She picked him up by the collar of his T-shirt and made him rise high in the air, a paralyzed lump who was unable to do anything but clutch harder and stronger to the tickets that he himself bought.  It was as if his hands were the only thing that were not paralyzed by his growing fear facing the large muscular woman.

"I'm not letting go of these Man-Elephant tickets unless you pay me...three-hundred minimum for what you're doing to me now!  That should be enough to fit you into a seat that you won't break by sitting in it with your mass!" the crazed fan spoke towards Hulk-Girl, making her sneer harder with Vivian's rage.  He could sense the anger and spoke out with an even stronger voice.  "These tickets are so rare now that I'm not giving these up for retail value even if you...throw me across the street and smash me with a car!"

"That can be arranged..." Moving her arm back with the hunched mass, Hulk-Girl uses her immense arm-strength unleashed by gamma-fueled biceps and hurled the greasy-hair man, still holding on to the tickets as if his hand had solidified like marble, and hurled him back across the distance between where they stood together and the Amazing Fantasy nightclub!  A crowd of people seemed to run out of the way of the man as he flew in their direction with massive fear!  One in particular who had felt the urge to fight for survival in the face of the rampaging gamma girl was Angie, who now had held tightly onto her paperback copy of the Iliad just like the loser was holding on to her ticket!  Running as far as her small legs could carry her, she knew that she had to get away, but couldn't bring her head to turn away due to her own personal problems with Hulk-Girl!

"No, not this way, you beast!  Not this way!  Not towards..."  Yet regardless of her yelling and the pace by which she was moving, Angie was unexpectedly hit by the flying man, sending her similarly flying in the same direction towards a red-brick building directly behind the both of them!  As both fell towards the ground, Angie felt her back directly smash right into a red-brick building, which would have usually torn apart the muscles of a normal human girl...but merely caused abrasive wounds under the blouse and the outfit from her artificially enhanced C-cup bust!  Angie felt woozy from the strike of having a living person fly towards her, but felt her own anger building towards what Hulk-Girl was pulling with her around...yet again!

"Grr...that Hulk-Girl...that..."  She slowly started to move, putting down her large paperback book down for a moment and pushing the man who was now on top of her off as if she could free herself.  She didn't know whether he was conscious or not, but his hand were as tight as ever towards the Man-Elephant tickets, which was of no concern to the redhead anymore other than just getting out alive...and without being impeded by a rampaging Gammazon!   Pushing out of the way and picking up her Iliad again, Angie felt extremely winded, like she was energy waning within her own small frame.  Yet feeling her own emotions building, Angie didn't know how much longer she could last...until she was over the edge...until...

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING...!!!"  Angie didn't really expect to scream out yet again all of a sudden but, without warning, a huge blue pick-up truck flew right in the direction of both Angie and the man with the tickets, arching as if it was coming from the direction of Hulk-Girl!  If it hit, both would potentially become either crushed to death or get singed if a gas tank exploded into flames around them!  As the truck, flying towards them sideways, prepared to land, she thought she saw the Gammazon looking as if she was clapping her hands on her success, preparing to leap over to the defeated body of both of them in order to "claim" the tickets for some reason or another, unknowing that it was Vivian who was doing it for them in the first place!  With nothing else to do but hoping for their survival and at least attempt to protect the prone greasy-hair, the small girl ducked and cover, placing her hands over her hair right near where she assumed where the truck was going to land!  With a loud crash, the vehicle smashed downwards towards the ground, landing on the tires yet causing a huge "CRASH" sound as it landed!  Somehow, with the small girl laying where she was, it was enough to prevent the pick-up from flying any further and crushing the man, even if he was a creep!  Taking the pain to her back once again, Angie felt the impact throw her downwards towards the ground, hidden from view yet with her pain...and her rage...building to it's limit.

"What the heck is that brat trying to do?"  Hulk-Girl spoke out as she traveled away from the crowds rushing away from Amazing Fantasy towards where her vehicle projectile landed, thinking that she somehow rolled out of the way without realizing where she was.  "Well, with her squashed down, those tickets will finally be mine!"  Moving closer and closer to the truck, Hulk-Girl knew immediately that by passing her own projectile, she would finally reach the greasy-haired man who laid right behind it.  Those Man-Elephant tickets were finally hers!

But unknown to Hulk-Girl and all those in the area was, at the very same moment, Angie's anger was finally reaching it's maximum!  Feeling utterly embarrassed about not getting those tickets, feeling horrified about how she was trapped in another Hulk-Girl scenario once again, and feeling the anger and rage building from how she wanted to take care of her, the redhead had finally reached her breaking point.  And as she did, the chemicals and hormones locked within her own small frame began to boil, surging through every cell of her body awakening a greater, stronger power within!

"That Hulk-Girl...HULK...GIRL..."  Angie immediately felt her outfit starting to stretch out with mass beginning to grow throughout her entire being: her pained back rippling out with strengthening, hardening muscles that rippled in tremendous formations and stretched it out, the tail of her blouse rising upwards revealing a violet one-piece becoming chiseled with a tightening abdomen forming into a six-pack.  She felt her feet leaning on the pavement ripping apart the threads for her shoes, bursting and breaking them and shredding apart the cotton socks that she wore making her barefoot appearance grip to the ground with greater might.  She felt her calves becoming more exposed and her gastrocenemial muscles stretching and bulking up, ripping the top of her socks apart on the ground.  Angie felt her pants (which now flew upwards towards her knees, if not beyond them), unbutton and her fly unzippering while being caressed and filling her slender form with larger, stronger, greater quadriceps and more prominent glutes which made the threads burst apart and the holes break more and more with greater speed per second!

"I'M...GONNA...SMASH...YOU...IN!!!"  The redhead felt her plastic bracelets snapping apart, her wrists breaking and bursting them apart as her bones and muscles exposed around her hands and fingers.  She felt her arms stretching and filling with biceps and triceps that she felt like she was willing to grow bigger and bigger with each passing moment, filling them up with the power she desired just like before!  Her blouse seemed to burst apart, both her deltoids and biceps and triceps breaking it apart with her leaning body as threads burst downwards towards the ground.  The tears around the seams continued to creep downwards, breaking and bursting apart the entire blouse as her torsos entire musculature became larger and more defined.  Angie felt her small red ponytail swaying downwards, creeping down her ripping and rippling back, caressing the exposed muscles and those which were now covered by her one-piece suit as the band broke apart letting her wild red hair flow free.  The pants soon followed, bursting and breaking apart, peeling away even larger calves, thighs and glutes than even her outfit could hold in!  Even Angie's bosom, small and hidden by her lies of being a C-cup, rose and grew with rapid prominence around her middle of her chest, causing ecstasy as she felt them pushing out the paper she hid her true form in as she grew even larger and larger with each moment and tearing her one-part slightly allowing for the growing cleavage to emerge right where it could be seen by all!  The small girl under the truck had been fully replaced under the cloth and plastic with the larger, more domineering Miss Titania!

"Hey, you dropped something, Hulk-Girl!"  The young amazon spoke as she started to rise upwards, her muscled physique and huge bosom in full view as she seemed to pick up the large truck that formerly pinned her down!  The green muscle maiden seemed unimpressed by the redhead's feat (without knowing she was the smaller red-head she herself pinned underneath) and instead tried to move pass her in order to get those Man-Elephant tickets her other side so desired!  Yet Miss Titania would not be ignored, particularly towards the gamma girl who released her!

"Don't ignore me, you dummy!"  Launching the huge truck into the air, the redheaded amazon slapped her hands together as she watched the vehicle fly right towards Hulk-Girl!  But the jade female leapt high in the air and clutched the front of the main cabinet, performing an agile flip similar to those of a gymnast of highest skill.  As she completed her flip, she fell feet first down towards the ground, her feet pointed right directly towards the huge gap in Miss Titania's massive cleavage.  The truck continued to fall until it finally smashed onto the street below, cracking the blacktop and causing the fender to suddenly collapse from the sudden impact.

"I'm not in the mood to play today with a girl who leaves her cleavage exposed!"  With a massive thrust, the force of two gamma-infused feet smash right into the redhead, throwing her far back and smashing her right into the wall!  Miss Titania herself wasn't hurt due to the strength and durability of her musculature, but the bricks weren't so lucky as they cracked and pushed inwards as they left a small indentation that she had been there!  Propelled by a living landing board, Hulk-Girl flipped several more times in the air before landing a dismount that was not quite perfect as she felt her feet nearly lose their balance as she landed once again on the ground.  The power of her leg muscles didn't make things any better as the pavement fit itself with her mass and surrounded her with two size-appropriate holes.  Within moments, she began looking again for the greased-hair man with those Man-Elephant tickets she wanted so badly, not paying any attention to the screaming crowds and someone yelling out "AMAZON CATFIGHT" randomly.  But she unexpectedly noticed herself losing her balance once again as her jade eyes felt like they were losing their balance in another manner.

"Well I wouldn't be in the mood to play either if you didn't just piss me off!"  Hulk-Girl heard the voice and knew it as Miss Titania, who had somehow gotten free from the wall and was turning her over 180 degrees in the opposite direction!  Angry about being tossed into a wall, the redheaded amazon teen clutched her legs around the gamma-charged teen's head before jumping up into the air until she was a couple inches off the ground.  Using her acceleration from gravity, Miss Titania fell downwards while lifting her legs slightly, falling until she smashed the green-skinned female into the ground with a type of piledriver!  The smashing of her head on the cement cracked the sidewalk and caused shards to fly off in several directions as well as made her face a tad more tender due to how hard she felt it directly.  The redhead with the bare cleavage felt the exhilaration as the power in her legs and throughout her body seemed to finally make the impact she long desired out of her eternal rival, her mind completely blank that she, like Vivian, was originally here for music tickets.

"So then calm down...and let me get my tickets!"  Growing angrier after having her head create a crater in the sidewalk, Hulk-Girl slipped her legs out of the clutch of the opponent musclegirl's arms and placed them around Miss Titania's neck as if in a strangle lock!  Then using the full force and power driven by her quads, calves and glutes, the gamma maiden lifted up the redhead in a choke-hold only by her locked legs, weakening the other muscles in her body and slackening the grip she had on Hulk-Girl's own head.  Then, with the full force of her amazonian power, she flung her right over like a martial artist throws over their shoulder, first raising Miss Titania high in the air, then finally smashing her down onto the same sidewalk where she herself bashed into!  The ground cracked and ruptured further from the impact of bone and muscle, uprooting it from the ground and making it beyond any repair.  Thanks to the choke-hold that the green girl threw her as well as the force of the fall, the muscular redhead couldn't feel herself move any more from the power that she was thrown with.  To Hulk-Girl, she knew she wasn't getting back up.

"At least that finally takes care of that loony," the gamma girl thought to herself as she slowly got up and dusted off her outfit and her defined muscles before throwing her hair back behind her head once again as if it was almost out of place.  She still felt sore from the battle, but she knew that it was all worth it.  Turning away from where she fought Miss Titania and ignoring the yelling and screaming and utter chaos that the two of them caused, Hulk-Girl once again approached where she left the greasy-haired loser and began to speak once again towards her true objective.

"Now with her out of the way, there is still the matter of me, you, and the Man-Elephant..."  But before she could complete her comment, Hulk-Girl noticed something through her glowing jade eyes: he was gone!  The man who bought the last Man-Elephant ticket and was going to fleece her for up to fifteen times their value had vanished into the chaos that now ran amuck through the streets around Amazing Fantasy!  All that hard work...and those trials and tribulations...for nothing!  She knew she felt angry...but she also felt frustration: she caused all this chaos and confusion...for nothing.  Feeling the defeat get to her, Hulk-Girl leapt high into the air, hoping to get back home before she started changing back into Vivian once again.  As she left, she heard Miss Titania yelling out "We're not through yet, Hulk-Girl!" over and over, fading out of the distance in the midst of the cries and screams.  She too would be changing back soon...with Angie wondering how she had ended up getting into a fight when she too didn't even get tickets to her favorite Britpop band.

"In entertainment news, the British rock band Man-Elephant has just announced that they had no choice but to cancel their date in our town today due to a chaotic incident around the Amazing Fantasy club, where tickets went on sale this morning.  Eyewitnesses have stated that there was a riot which occurred that ripped up the surrounding area near the club after the last tickets sold out for their show.  While it is unknown who caused the destruction, which included destroyed vehicles, building and damage to local sidewalks and roads, some have stated that it potentially stemmed from two massive humanoid females, including one with green skin and one with red hair..."

Vivian turned off the TV in the living room after hearing the bad news, which really should have made her feel much better.  Thanks to the destruction caused by her and that other annoying muscle girl, Man-Elephant had cancelled their show at Amazing Fantasy.  Though she should have felt satisfied that the tickets that she had coveted so badly was now worthless in the hands of that greasy-haired loser, she couldn't help but feel the regret that no one was going to enjoy Man-Elephant because she had a temper tantrum.  She figured maybe she could try to find a place where they don't know of the band and try to buy tickets there where they were much easier, but Vivian wondered if it was feasible, particularly with the little allowance she did have and whether her mom would ever allow it.  While she didn't quite know how she would do it, it couldn't stop Vivian from slightly smirking as she still felt a bit of the soreness from her fight with Miss Titania echo through her.  Maybe Man-Elephant wasn't coming to this town, but there was still hope for the future.

"Vivian, are you home!?  I have some good news for you!"  The teen heard the voice of her mom from the kitchen as she opened the door to the house out of view from her daughter.  She didn't mind hearing some good news, so Vivian responded with merely "what is it?" in hopes that it would help cheer her up even more than the slight self-gratification that she didn't mean to cause when she did it.

"I heard you going on and on about that band you I decided to go online this morning to see if I could somehow get you a ticket for their concert since I heard they were going to sell out quickly and I figured you wouldn't get it with how late you were getting in line.  And guess what: I was able to buy you one!  I printed it out at work and everything.  I don't know if you got yours but maybe you can sell it on an auction site or to a friend if you were successful too..."

Vivian felt her heart drop once again like a pebble into a bottomless well.  She felt frustrated and angry at everything that happened.  And as the frustration built, Vivian's eyes began to glow green...
It's sort of amazing to see myself going from one tale to the next, but I had another idea in :iconshfan:'s weird "Hulk-Girl" universe! Of course Vivian's life is never, ever going to be quiet...but we like it that way, ne?

Vivian Jordan and concepts, copyright :iconshfan:
Angie O'Brian and concepts, copyright :iconstrangerataru:

All characters, copyright Marvel/Disney and their respective creators
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Thanks for another great fan story of Hulk Girl! Your Angie is comming along nicly and the chaos you put in with the ending was just awsome! :D

Keep up the great work!
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I guess these things happen in a town where gamma females run amuck with anger issues and loose inhibitions.
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Wouldn't that be called Monday night mayhem? =p
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Nah: Wednesday Afternoon Beatdown
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Where trumpets the Man-Elephant? Not anywhere there for sure. =p
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, that's why Vivian is thinking of seeing them out of town.
Sephzero Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Now just hope something doesn't set her off along the way there either. ;)
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
(counts down the reasons)...Hmm....
Sephzero Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe just watching them on TV or Net. Perhaps even just listening would be good enough. ^^;
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah that works.
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