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(The screen comes on to what appears to be a "blue screen", but slowly rising are two images: a view of the skyline of Philadelphia, and it's mirror reflection emerging from below as if seen from under the Delaware River as words appears alongside it which spells out "STRANGERATARU".  As it is, a formal British music such as one used for Thames Television plays.  We hear words in the background in a British dialect)

Formal voice: Previously on "Fan Mail for the Stranger", we had some very strange things.  Such as things that looked like this:

(At this moment, we begin to see footage from Fan Mail #28, but this time with the background music used in the "previously on" for "Dragon Ball Z" as a funky instrumental of "Cha-La, Head Cha-La".  However, the dialogue that emerges from the characters sounds nothing like them but more like the dialogue of a certain talk show of the 1990s...with each clip, there is a brief static out before cutting back in)

Scene 1:

Tomoko: Greetings, I'm Space Ghost.

Quinn: Big whoop.

Scene 2:

Ricky: Let Brak do the intro!  Live from Ghost Planet, it's Brak!


Scene 3:

Tomoko: I told you, Zorak, we're not doing a musical tribute to Jack Klugman.

Quinn: But Klugman's terrific. Klugman's dynamite!  Klugman's...Klugman!

Scene 4:

Kathy: You bloody fool.

Cecelia: Sore loser.

Kathy: Fedit imperialist swine!

Cecelia: Tax-and-spend Democrat!

Kathy: Jive turkey.

Cecelia: Big baby!  Baby mantis!

Kathy: Am not!

Scene 5:

Glenwood: Get these spiders off of me!  Sorry...there seems to be some arachnids here.

Scene 6:

Tomoko (cutting to footage of Jane): Sorry, we have to go...Bobcat invited me to a party with a party cake and balloons and paper hats and you can't come because you're punks and punks don't go to parties.

Scene 7:

Tomoko: Hey kid, say spaghetti.

Hydie: Pisketti.

Tomoko: Ha ha ha...hmm...pisketti.

Hydie: Pisketti!

Scene 8:

Pedro: I must go to the store for some butter and cheese.

Daphne: Tengo que ir a la tienda para la mantequilla y queso.

Pedro: I must go to the store for some butter and cheese.

Scene 9:

Quinn: I am the lone locust of the apocalypse....

Hydie: Pock-a-lips?

Quinn: Think of me whenever you...

Tomoko: Oh so now you're a locust again!  Pity me.  I thought you were a mantis.

Quinn: Well...I am.

Tomoko: I am the lone mantis of the apocalypse.  No wait, even better...I am the lone fill-in-the-blank of the apocalypse!  How's that, Zorak, that leave enough room for you?

Scene 10:

Ricky: ALL HAIL BRAK!!!!

Caption: HAIL ME!!!

Scene 11:


(With the final clip, the scenes end and the announcer comes back on)

Announcer: And now that we've chased away anyone who was interested in the ending of this mess, we can finally get on with it.

(As the camera comes in, it appears to be another stage somewhere else, looking nothing at all like the destroyed remains of the Lloydminister stage that pt. 1 occurred at but nearly as seedy.  However standing in the middle of the stage is neither Quinn nor Tomoko but a busty honey-blonde female wearing a large green ballroom-like gown with white frills around the edges, including the skirt and her cuffs and bust.  Her bosom is huge and hanging out of her dress in huge cleavage but she appears used to it as her hair is in two long honey-blonde strands looping down towards her shoulders and then back up to her head with a ribbon at the end.  She appears to speak with a heavy German accent as she begins to speak)

"German-accent girl": (lovingly) Guten tag, everyone!  This is your favorite fraulein, Anna, bringing you the conclusion to this year's Ataru Swimsuit competition!  I've been called in in der letzten Sekunde to bring you the end of this wunderbare contest!  As you know last time, we were trapped back in Lloydminister, but all of us have migrated to a new top secret location to do the finale!  Well...not all of us!

(As she stands to the side, the curtain opens to reveal a monitor, which seems to flicker on as it reveals Tomoko standing in the middle of what appears to be a police office with Canadian flags everywhere as she tries to speak to someone off camera)

Tomoko: (complains) Listen, this isn't even her fault.  She did say she was trying to find a shirt to cover herself up.  But somehow she was having an impossible time since all of them were too small for her!  Sure they fit once she turned back but by then she was still topless and...

Canadian Officer: Listen missie, all I know is that we found this one topless and that's against the law here!  We're not going to reduce the sentence for her misdemeanor, even if you claim she was some big green monster.

Tomoko: She wasn't green, she was blue-green.  And the monster thing...well that's more or less just external appearances.  She's actually really nice if you get to know her and wouldn't even swat a fly.

Canadian Officer: And you claim she was chasing after a dragon?

Tomoko: Well it's tough to say she was a dragon...dragon's the basis considering she''s a long story. (giggles)


Tomoko: (to "Quinn") Well you're the one who had to break that so-called rule you made so precious during the contest that you had to repeat it a millions time.


Tomoko: (to "Quinn") No I didn't!  I remembered last time and tried to guard the secret location...that you had to blurt on screen at the start of the contest!

Canadian Officer: Excuse me, but can you two stop arguing and just pay the fine?





(As the two of them continue to argue, the screen turns off and Anna turns back to the "audience")

Anna: (lovingly) Don't those two get along great?  Anyhow, as you know we ended the last entry the way we ended the first contest: no winner, no audience, no judges and no means of figuring how we'd end this.  But of course, that's not going to stop us, will it?  We had all of you polled for a week to go through what you read and to help us finally choose a winner for this contest.  And we all thank you dearly, dearly from the bottom of our hearts for helping us pick a winner.

(But before she can continue on, a beeping occurs around the screen which Anna speaks about for a moment)

Anna: (lovelingly) Oh, entschuldigen sie mich.  We have this set up to talk to a few people we also wanted to show up for this ending but aren't going to show up because...well, dies und jenes.  Bare with us, ja?

(She turns it on and we see a background that looks like a mall and a massive, muscular female with a pink outfit and two pigtails staring right back looking cheerful as she talks to the camera)

Massive pigtailed female: Hey, Tomoko!  It's me, Layla!  It's been a while!  I ended up here in Edmonton like you asked and guess are you?

Anna: (lovelingly) Guten tag!  I'm Anna, straight from the streets of Vienna!

Layla: (confused) Um...Vienna?  So...did Ataru find you? you have GAPAS as well?

Anna: (confused) GAPAS?  Ich verstehe nicht, was du sagst.

Layla: (ignores and continues) Well maybe if you tried lifting but...anyway that's what I was trying to tell you!  I landed in Edmonton like you said on my way to Lloydminister and guess what I found?  A GAPAS-GIRL CLOTHING STORE AT THE MASSIVE MALL HERE!  IT'S GOT CLOTHING, WEIGHTS AND EVERYTHING!!  (sighs) Finally, no more adjustments made on my own.

Anna: Wunderbare!  So then...we've moved since then, so do you think you could just stay tehre and go on your own?

Layla: (cutely) Yeah!  I have major shopping to do! (pops a button on her jacket revealing a shirt with immense cleavage pressed up against it)  See what I mean?  Later!

(The screen turns off)

Anna: (lovelingly) So then, with that said, we shall need to reintroduce our ten finalists, yes?  They had a bit of a trip coming from the former theater to this one so they may not look the best.  But don't worry, when the six finalists are introduced, those ones will be really showing off, won't they!

(From behind another curtain behind the hanging monitor, the ten females from pt. 1 are reintroduced still wearing their swimsuits but looking a bit more worn considering what they had been through.  Only Kathy is no longer on stage, with merely her mother Cecelia blowing kisses at the imaginary audience, while Candy is turning left and right out of concern.)

Candy: (cutely) Onii-chan, where are you!?  Onii-chan!

Adele: Don't worry about him, little one.  You may be a finalist in this shindig!

Candy: (scared) But I can't go any further without onii-chan!  What will I do!?

Daphne: You'll be great without him!  Just stand forth and be proud knowing you're looking great and a step closer to a photo sequence!

Kasumi: (staring up) I hope that this pleases you, master.  I know it isn't my other self but I just want your help in at least getting to the finals.

Allison: (squirming nervously) Please don't pick me...these lights make me feel all squeamish!

Jane: You'll get used to them eventually.  Trust me: the night visits can get annoying but they're a nice thing when your eyes are glowing in the dark.

Eliza: Speak for yourself, you're the only one who seems to be proud of that!

Bree: It feels so strange being so slender...but that other pigtailed girl did look cute.

Cecelia: (to the other side of the stage) Kathy, get out here!  You started this and you're going to end this with me!  Didn't you say you wanted to win this to stop me?

Kathy: (offscreen) They only wanted the final ten!  There were technical difficulties with the polling so I say my work is done. (turns to Candy) Oh, Edgar's back here too kid.

Candy: (delighted) Really!?  ONII-CHAAAAN!

(Everyone hushes Candy who pouts down before the camera returns to Anna)

Anna: So without further ado...

(She pulls out an envelope from her hand and begins to open it with every girl on there seeming to show either hope or anticipation...except for Allison who just feels like she wants to get off the stage with her long legs almost bent to try and make her look smaller.  At that moment, Anna speaks)

Anna: (lovingly) Finalist Eins...MISS ALLISON!

Allison: (squeaks)!  Are...are you sure about this!?  There's no mistake, right!?

(She nervously walks forwards with a couple of girls giving her supporting cheers and Anna clapping her approval before she continues)

Anna: (lovingly): Finalist Zwei...MISS CANDY DARROW!!


Edgar: (offstage) You're the finalist.  I'm just here cause mom told me to watch over you.

Candy: (excited) Onii-chan, come on stage!  Be with me!!!

Edgar: (offstage)'s your time, so just enjoy it and hope for the best.

(Candy tries to run to the side where Edgar is but Anna seems to catch her and put her next to Allison, making her pout again before the German girl continues)

Anna: (lovingly) Finalist Drei...MISS ELIZA!!!

Eliza: (giggles) Well what did you know?  Can't believe I made it this far!  But hey, I may have something a few people like...

(The blonde beauty steps to the side of the little girl, who is still obsessively staring at Edgar as Anna continues on)

Anna: Finalist vier...MISS JANE DOE!!!

Jane: (confidently) Wow...this is the first I've felt such support in's been so long it just feels empowering. (cute growl)

(As she moves forwards, she looks confident as Anna reads the next name)

Anna: Finalist funf...MISS CECELIA WEBB!!!

Cecelia: (seductively) I knew you couldn't get a good thing get away!  Come on out, Kathy, this is for you too!

Kathy: (offscreen) I'm not playing by your rules anymore, mom.  If you want this so badly...

Cecelia: (seductively) Oh come know you want it.  You know this is why you came on stage earlier...why did you make such a big deal over this otherwise?

Kathy: (offscreen) Augh, why are you tormenting me like this?

(Cecelia walks right up to Jane, who stares at her like a vicious strong animal while Cecelia flips her hair before Anna stares at the envelope with the last name on it)

Anna: And thus we've reached the last name.  One of these remaining five will make their way to the finals...and the others...well, it's abschied for the time being.

(The camera scrolls on the final five females whose fate is in Anna's hands: Kasumi, who appears to be looking up hoping for her name to emerge to prevent any problems; Adele, who blows a kiss to the "audience", Daphne, who seems to put her hand over her head as if she wants to give off one more pose, Bree, who seems nervous but hoping she is chosen, and Jean, who is just off staring at some pony pic on a pin like she's rather oblivious to the whole thing.  The camera finally returns to Anna who reads the last name)

Anna: (lovingly) Finalist sechs...our final a surprise...MISS KASUMI!

(Kasumi's eyes open widely as if a moment of joy emerges while Daphne seems to sink to the ground for a moment out of devastation)

Kasumi: (delighted) Wow...I can't believe it!  I...I made it!  I'm actually a finalist!!

(Yet as she moves forwards, Daphne stares at the camera with confusion and sorrow)

Daphne: (surprised) But...why?  What about me?  I'm...I'm the best swimmer of all of you!  I should be the one in the finals!

Adele: (comforting) Don't worry about it, sista.  Several of us didn't make it either and it's no big deal.  I'm just happy to be here and have my darlings see me doing so great!

Anna: (sweetly) Well I'm happy to see the final six together, but I want to give a final acknowledgement to the four who had come so far to be here tonight!

Bree: (cutely) It's no big deal anyway.  I know I have fans and I have my own private beach to myself.  (turn to Daphne) Hey Daph, want to join me on it sometime?

Daphne: (confused) have...a beach?

Bree: (cutely)'s not really my beach...let's say something happened and it's a lot more private when I'm around.

(Daphne perks her head up as she thinks of the ocean and decides to head with Bree towards the side)

Daphne: It's been a while since I've had a nice swim.  Maybe I'll take you up on that.

Bree: (cutely) Great!  Just don't mind the gawkers...whenever I show my true self off, there seems to be quite a few males around...and some females too.

Adele: (moving towards the side) Well I'm happy those two are headed off in a good direction after all.  As for me...I still got momma duties ahead of me. (turns to Cecelia) Oh, and good luck to you, Mrs. Webb...and don't let your daughter down either!

(Cecelia seems to smirk and blow another kiss towards the African-American MILF as she leaves before Anna begins to speak)

Anna: Well, with that out of the way...

Jean: (barges in front, surprised) Hey, what about me!?!?!  I thought you all loved equines!  I'm part-equine, isn't that enough!!

Anna: Beruhige dich, vermisse.  This just wasn't your time.

Jean: (sobs) My boyfriend loves equines...why else would I be part-equine now!?  Just the two of us, together...him on my back, rubbing my massive bosom as we watch TV together...isn't that love?

Anna: (cutely) Well...I'm not sure myself but...

Jean: (cutely) Oh...I am so frustrated I could just scream...

(She seems to hold her breath for a moment as if she's about to explode, making everyone look scared....until she releases)

Jean: ("screaming feebly") Aaaaah.

Anna: (cutely) Fühlen Sie sich besser?

Jean: (staring at the German girl, then to the audience) Much?

(The redhead walks away with a bit of regret as Anna retakes the stage)

Anna: (lovingly) Well, with that out of the way, we should be slowly making our way to the final selection.

(But as she speaks, the monitor seems to beep and buzz again)

Anna: (lovingly) Right after this call.  (picks up) Hallo, hier ist Anna.

(As the camera comes on, we see a beautiful redhead with long feathery locks with a huge bust in a black T-shirt and a typically button-down military camouflage long-sleeved shirt over her shoulders and a dark pair of slacks looking formal as she speaks)

"Redhead": (formally) Ah, Sie sprechen Deutsch? Ich eigentlich lebte ein paar Jahre auf einer Basis in Deutschland.

Anna: (cutely) Eigentlich bin ich aus Wien.  But anyway, what's going on?

"Redhead": (formally) This is Madame Heather McKee, formally reporting in regarding any sightings of werewolves that you have had in your vicinity.

Anna: (cutely) Werwölfe?  I don't know if there are any wolves here, miss.

Heather: (confused) Augh, I would have sworn that there were more.  I mean, with that clumsy brunette in my territory that one time, I would have expected there to be tons and tons running amuck where you are.

Anna: I really don't know too much about the habits around here but I didn't even know about that one you were talking about.

Heather: Well let me warn you before it's too late.  If you come across any curly-haired brunettes wearing on your guard.  You can even call for me again if need be, I'll be there in a moment's notice.

Anna: Ja, ja, I'll let you know.

Heather: And also keep an eye on any good for nothing mi...

(But she's cut off before she can finish her comment, with Anna returning to her cheerful demeanor)

Anna: (cutely) Well with that out of the way, we shall now begin the countdown of the final six!  As determined by you, as well as with a few little things performed by those in charge of this contest now that the judges and the old hosts are no more, the final six girls standing here on the stage will be revealed in order from 6th to our final winner.  I sort of hope that all of you schöne Mädels get whatever position you deserve. (giggles)

Eliza: Am I the only one lost regarding what she's saying?

Cecelia: I actually never took German sad to say...maybe I should some day.

Candy: As long as onii-chan can come on the stage when I win, I don't care what she's saying. (pouts)

Anna: So with that said...let's get started, shall we!?

(As she speaks, the monitor turns on and a bright 6 appears as Anna starts to announce:)

Anna: Our participant who has taken sechsten Platz is...

(The camera pans over all six girls as Anna is given an envelope with a 6 from offstage and she opens it)

Anna: (lovelingly) MISS JANE DOE!

("Jane" seems shocked as she steps forwards, with a bit of a tear in her eye regarding the decision.  The other girls seem to look as if a tad confused but Jane seems like she's got tears flowing through her and on top of her bosom as she approaches Anna, who approaches and comforts her)

Anna: (cutely) What's the matter, Jane?  Sie können es mir sagen.

Jane: (upset) I...I thought...I thought I would win and...and then...

(She starts seeming to just explode in tears unlike what we've seen of her, with Anna closing in on her and letting her weep)

Anna: That's alright, liebchen.  Let it out.

Jane: (weeping) It was his fault...he pushed me...and I...I had to do something...

Anna: (sweetly) Was geschehen ist, ist geschehen.  Now just relax on the side and we'll help you out.

Jane: (weeping) Th...thanks.  I...was sort of hoping for more from this but...

(As she leaves, Anna guides her with a courteous shoulder and a massive bosom to cry on until she's taken backstage.  However, when the monitor on the stage starts to beep, Anna runs back to respond yelling to the side)

Anna: (cutely) Sorry, I have to take this, liebchen! (turns it on) Hallo, hier ist Anna.

(As she turns it on, a dark-skinned female with long hair in a ponytail comes on.  She's wearing an oversized soccer jersey, yellow in color with green cuffs, that juts out amazingly with a curve particularly centered around her chest but it goes down beyond it)

"Dark-skinned girl": Anna!  Como vai você, querida!  I was expecting Tomoko there!

Anna: (lovingly)  Angel!  Actually...Tomoko's busy with something and they asked me to take over!

Angel: (sweetly) Anna, estou tão entediado!  Can't I join you over there as a co-host?

Anna: Actually if we have another host, we may not be able to finish, especially considering you're back in Sao Paulo.  Do you realize how long it would take to get here?

Angel: I want to be there!  I can get ready right now!

(With amazing speed, she seems to rip off her hairband letting her long black locks flow downwards, before ripping off her soccer jersey revealing a massive black bosom underneath with cleavage pouring out of a sports bra that looks way too small for her.  A pair of panties seem to hang over her in green color beneath the bosom over her legs)

Anna: Well...

Angel: (excited) Wait, eu não estou pronta ainda!

(Without any warning, she next pulls off her huge green sports bra, revealing pasties of blue, green and yellow on top of huge nipples.  The immensity of her bosom is fully revealed as they firmly hang around most of her chest and she places her hand over her head as she looks right towards the camera)

Angel: (excited) Então agora eu posso co-anfitrião?

(Anna looks at her and seems to stare but then cutely acts modest as she speaks to Anna)

Anna: (cutely) Wir werden uns umgehend bei Ihnen.

(The monitor switches instead to a number "5" as she continues on)

Anna: (lovingly), sorry.  Sometimes she gets a little you can see, she does seem to love being an exhibitionist but she is cute regardless.  With that said, it's time to reveal our fünfte Platz.

(The camera scrolls on the five remaining girls before returning to Anna with the envelope)


(The beautiful blonde seems to walk with confidence towards the front of the stage even though she lost, as if she seems to show some respect regarding where she is currently)

Eliza: Well...(flips her hair) I guess looks aren't everything.  And  was going to have such fun too...

(Without warning, she seems to flex one of her arms, making it grow rapidly with an amazing force.  Her bicep grows to the size of a softball with toned to strong triceps and defined deltoids around her shoulder.  Anna seems to glow before she relaxes making it shrink back to normal)

Anna: (amazed) Wow...that is incredible!

Eliza: (cutely) But that's all we're going to give today.  Maybe next time I'll go all out...though I'm not a fan of losing all the goods, (looks at her bust) it is fun whenever I do let loose!

(As she leaves, Anna seems to look with the other four remaining girls behind her)

Anna: (lovelingly) Well...someone took their departure well.  And, with no unexpected surprises...(looks at monitor but doesn't see it turn on outside revealing the #4), it's time for vierten Platz!  And that would be...

(The camera scrolls between Candy, Kasumi, Allison and Cecelia before returning to Anna)

Anna: (cutely) MISS KASUMI!

(Kasumi seems to have a few tears emerging but isn't on the verge of losing it like Jane was as she emerges on the front towards the German girl)

Kasumi: (surprised) Well...I knew I would be out eventually...but I didn't expect to get this far.  My master probably isn't going to like this one bit but...(smiles) I'm happy to have come this far and hope to return someday.

Anna: (hugging her) WUNDERBAR!  And I hope we see you again too, Kasumi-liebchen!

Kasumi: (smiling bigger) And I hope to show way more next time too...I may not have much compared to my master but...I'm happy with what I have!

(Kasumi seems to walk off with her own bit of pride but, as Anna gets herself together again, the monitor starts to beep again as prior)

Anna: (lovingly) Well we know what time this is, don't we? (turns on monitor) Hallo, hier ist Anna.

(The monitor turns on and reveals a slender-figured, short haired blonde with blue eyes looking directly at the camera with a bit of an unsure appearance, not sure what she's doing there.  She's wearing an open jacket with the letters "CJH" written on it as if varsity)

"Dirty-Hair Blonde": Well Tomoko, I'm a bit surprised you would call on me...I almost thought you guys would have forgotten after all this time.

Anna: (confused) Um...wer bist du, Liebling?

"Dirty-Hair Blonde": It's me...Mini.  Mini Stevens.  Well...the Mini stands for something else but I rather not get into it.  I have problems even now regarding that sort of thing.

Anna: Mini?  You don't look that small.

Mini: Well it actually stands for...well, it's technically the Roman version of Athena, the goddess of wisdom., she...with the way she acts, I sort of think she's closer to Aphrodite or Hercules than Athena.  I still think mom gave me a terrible name.

Anna: Ihr Name ist Miner...

Mini: (cuts her off) No!  Don't say it or she'll just start up!  I've been rather clean as of late and I don't want her to think that now of all times is perfect for her to come back out!  That's sort of why I turned down being the host of this finale...well graciously obviously.

Anna: (cutely) Anyway, it's great to see you again...well for the first time.  And I do have a word to say from a redhead: keep an eye open for any wölfe.  They may be lurking about.

Mini: (unsure) Well...I may but...(closes her eyes) Oh look what you've done!  (she opens them again and their a brilliant shade of blue) Sorry about this!

(Before she can do anything, the monitor cuts off, leaving Anna confused before the number "3" appears)

Anna: (confused) Well the redhead said to watch out for them. (returns to cuteness) Anyway, time for den dritten Platz!  Whoever is eliminated now will end up leaving our final two, and thus make us one step closer to the final revelation!

(The camera cuts to all three of the remaining girls: Allison, who seems even more nervous after seeing Mini's little freak out, Cecelia, who still is looking at the other side of the stage towards Kathy, who seems rather scared at her mom's look, and Candy, who seems to be mouthing "onii-chan, can't you come out already?" before the camera returns to Anna)

Anna: (lovingly) And thus.....der dritten Platz is...und was für eine Erleichterung für sie ...MISS ALLISON!

(Allison seems to leap right up and around Anna as if to hug her, making her seem rather delighted and going with the moment with the long-legged girl as she seems to finally lose a lot of her stress)

Allison: (happily) Oh thank you!  Thank you!  I'm so happy I didn't win this!  Now I can feel relaxed for the first time in a while!

Anna: (lovingly) My pleasure, liebchen.

(But before she could get too excited, the monitor comes back on and the militarily-dressed Heather pops back on as if barking an order)

Heather: (loudly) Did you yell that "wolf" order to that Mini girl!?

(The "barking" that seems to come from her voice seems to scare the skittish Allison, who darts off the stage leaving Anna with just Candy and Cecelia)

Anna: (to the monitor) Well...I thought she should have known.  Du hast es klingt wichtig.

Heather: (adjusting her hair) Well, you didn't have to be so obvious about it.  Some people just don't do too good hearing about wolves, pure and simple.  

Anna: (cutely) So...are we alright?

Heather: Well...I did a dossier about that Stevens girl anyway and I still don't think that she should have been involved.  I mean, you do realize that girl is just nothing but trouble, don't you!?  But then again, she would be being a mi...

(But again she's cut off leaving Anna to speak once again cutely)

Anna: (lovelingly) So then with four down, we're down to unseren letzten beiden!  And it's literally become a battle between junge vs alt; the mother Cecelia and the pre-pubescent Candy!

Candy: (leaping up and down) Yay!  I'm a finalist!  Onii-chan, come on out here, you have to be here with me at the end!

Cecelia: That reminds me: Kathy should be here too...I mean she wanted to do this so badly.

Anna: (lovingly) Yes, let's have these two come on out and take part in this final decision!

Edgar: (offstage) Ugh, do we have to!  Why are we even part of this?

Kathy: (sighs, offstage) Well there's no use hiding it of us is going to be utterly embarrassed by the next envelope so we're sort of bound to it now.

(At this moment, both the tall older brother of the orange-haired little girl and the short-haired female similar in some ways to her mother, only now wearing a pulled-down extra-large shirt and jeans to hide any swimsuit she had underneath it that she wore in the first phase of the tournament, emerge on stage where they stand right by Anna who seems to be smiling happily seeing everyone united regarding the finale of the contest)

Anna: (lovingly) Willkommen, willkommen!  As you may know, these two are both associated with our final duo still taking part in this tournament!  On one side is Edgar Darrow, older brother to little Candice...

Candy: (lovingly) ONII-CHAAAAN!!!

Edgar: (frustrated) I know, I know!  Yeesh, do you even realize what I had to tell mom and dad where we were now to have her take part in this?

Candy: (cutely) We told them we were going to grandma and grandpa's...

Edgar: (sighs) In Huntsville, Alabama!

Candy: (cutely) Onii-chan, at least they didn't know we went north instead of south, did they?

Edgar: You're just as mouthy as that braided blonde, aren't you?

Candy: (hugs Edgar) That's why you love me, onii-chan.

Anna: (lovingly) And on the other side is Kathy Webb, daughter of competitor Cecelia...

Kathy: (grumbles) And who regrets being here considering how far we've come...

Cecelia: Oh come on, Kate, honey.  You do realize that they're just as much in it for you as they are for me.  You came out and even showed off, and the people loved it.  Some even said they were going to vote for you!

Kathy: (grumbles) I took part thinking I could split the vote and prevent you from winning this.  The moment that they said we had to be collected together, I knew we were doomed.

Cecelia: (joyfully) You mean finalists!

Kathy: (snaps) Look, it's between us and a little girl who is way too obsessed with her big brother (stares and sees Candy hugging him obsessively even though she's still small).  If I was able to get us voted separated like intended, it would have worked.  But as it stands...

Cecelia: Oh come on.we could still lose.

Kathy: (points to Candy) To that!?

Candy: (cutely) Onii-chan, onii-chan, I love onii-chan.

Edgar: (staring at Kathy) You know how great it would be for you and your mom to win this, right?

Anna: (lovingly) So with our two finalists together with their loved ones, it's almost time for
our final decision...

(The monitor beeps)

Anna: Right after I take this.  (picks up) Hallo, Hallo, hier ist Anna.

(On the screen emerges a girl with hair down to her shoulders yet cut around her face in a dark red that seems artificial, as well as gray eyes covered in glasses that were rectangular but more oval-shape at the bottom that compliments her face that looks almost crazy.  She wears a tight shirt that pushes against her nice-sized bosom and a ribbon choker around her neck as she seems to speak out with a great voice)

"Redhead": (excited) Oh, they both look so cute!  I want to eat them up all myself, particularly that Kathy girl!

Kathy: (shocked)!?

Anna: (cutely) have an interesting approach miss...

Rose: Rosemary Sylvia Stepford!  Or Rose to you, sweetheart. (wink)

Anna: (cutely but apprehensive) certainly are an enthusiastic one.

Edgar: (feeling Candy squeeze as if she's afraid of something) Hey, did you have to do this right now?  We're in the middle of something.

Rose: (rudely) And what's wrong with what I'm doing?  Can't a girl decide to hang out with her favorite girl friends every once in a while, dumbass?

Edgar: (argues) You don't even know us!

Candy: Onii-chan.

Rose: Well I'm trying to be polite.  But of course you men know nothing about it!  Do you realize how many times I had to protect my naive friend Tanya because of you, huh!?

Anna: Well...this has turned into an interesting situation...

Edgar: (argues) Well I don't know who this girl is but to have a friend like you would be more of a detriment than an advantage!

Rose: (angry) Oh yeah!?

Edgar: (angry) Yeah!

Kathy: (yells) Can someone please get this off so we can end this!?

(The whole room seems to silence themselves as Kathy covers her mouth for being so strong with her voice trying to silence them.  But Rose seems to place her arms around her bosom and goes "hmph" before speaking one last time)

Rose: Well considering I'm interrupting something, I'll let you be.  The rude boy forces me to do so.

(But as the camera goes out, the alarm goes off again where another girl pops in: a blonde in a preppy school outfit with her hair hanging down her back and hair clips in her hair)

"Blonde": (cutely) Oops...I think I'm interrupting something.  I'm not even dressed for the occasion.

Anna: (cutely) Ah, you dress up too?

"Blonde": (cutely) Ever heard of goth-loli!?

Anna: No but I am a member of a Hapsburg society!  We need to meet up sometime, liebchen!

Kathy: (complains) Sorry to break this up but we still need a winner!

Anna: (understands) OK...Wir sprechen uns später, Liebling!

"Blonde": too!

(The monitor goes off, leaving Anna, the finalists and their partners)

Edgar: (griping) Well hopefully that ends all the distractions until the winner.

Candy: (cutely) Aww...onii-chan wants to spend more time with me!

Edgar: (complains) No I just want this over!

Kathy: I'm sort of with him on this: one of us has to suffer so we might as well find out who now.

Cecelia: (sweetly) I don't consider it suffering, may enjoy having a photo shoot to yourself!

Kathy: Is this another one of your tricks, mom?

Anna: (adorably) Regardless, I think we've had enough of our Verzögerungen.  It's time to announce the winner of our contest!


Anna: Bevor ich den Gewinner, how about one last word with our two finalists.  Miss Cecelia, you first.

Cecelia: (posing) I'd like to thank everyone involved in this contest and for giving me and my daughter (Kathy stares at her begrudgingly) a chance to entertain you one more time.

Anna: And you, Candy...

Candy: (clings onto Edgar) I wouldn't have been anything without my onii-chan.  Without him, I'd just be your typical little I think this should be for him! (Edgar shakes his head "no" as she states this)

Anna: Wunderbar!  And with that said...Der Gewinner des Badeanzug Wettbewerb ist ...

(A drum rolls as Anna pulls out the final envelope; the camera cuts back and forth between Cecelia and Candy; the MILF woman looking with anticipation while the little girl smiling and bobbing up and down as if she thinks she's won.  When the camera shows Kathy, she shows a nervous face, while Edgar appears to seem to look scared at the possibilities as well.  The camera returns to Anna who opens the envelope):


(The MILF woman seems to start spinning around and around in delight with her name being announced with Kathy starting to yell out of anger)


Anna: (lovelingly) Sorry, das ist die Regel.

Candy: (starting to cry) But...onii-chan!?  Are you sure that's right!  Make sure!

Edgar: (picks up his sister) Come on, you, this nightmare is over.  We're going home.



Cecelia: (excited) Oh who cares about how it turned out!  We both won!


Cecelia: (excited) Oh don't be so modest, Kathy!  You know the guys will go gaga over you!

Kathy: (upset) OH NO YOU DON'T!!!

Anna: (happily) Well, this has turned out great, hasn't it?


(The camera seems to freeze on a perspective where Kathy is trying to stop her celebrating mom while we see Anna staring at them with delight.  From far on the other side of the stage, the orange-haired little girl appears to be pouring out tears towards the ground while her big brother appears to carry her off.)


(As we hear the "sound" of a camera going off, we see a photo appear on the screen of what appears to be Kathy Webb within her orange one piece, sitting up on the ground with her hand over her head as if she is showing off as she begins to narrate)

Kathy: (off-screen) Well ultimately in the end this was a good-news/bad-news victory, at least when it comes to the final resolution of the contest.

(The camera clicks revealing the next pic, this time with Kathy laying on a towel with her face towards the camera and her arms pushed back)

Kathy: (narrates) The good news is that in the end, I was able to stop my perverted mom from taking the photo shoot, even if she technically won the contest.

(As the camera clicks to the next picture, she seems to lift herself upwards, this time with her body starting to show some development: her arms are toned and we see her swimsuit is starting to fill out with the full bosom seeming even fuller than before and pushing against her.  Her blonde hair also seems to show strands growing past her head towards the middle of her neck, some aspects towards the bottom)

Kathy: (narrates) The bad news is that I did promise earlier that I would do this if I won...and I did have to keep to it.

(The next camera shot shows her developments further coming along as she lies on the towel, with cleavage starting to emerge around the bosom of her swimsuit and with her ears starting to shift into the more cougar-like form.  Her arms seem more tone with small veins popping out as her musculature begins to come in and with her hands behind her head showing a bit of what appear to be the beginning of her feline claws breaking out and starting to sharpen)

Kathy: (narrates) Mom kept bugging me and bugging me about "you have to transform, you were the reason I won"...though I don't really think so ultimately.

(In the next picture, Kathy seems to show a back shot with her backside seeming to shred the top of her swimsuit as her lats, traps and rhomboids mesh with her swimsuit and it appears to start tearing as light yellow hairs start emerging beneath hair now beyond her shoulders.  We see her claws further thickening and darkening with her lifting hair and a good shot of strengthening, growing glute muscles and quads around her legs which also appear furrier)

Kathy: (narrates) Mom won because of a bizarre subculture she seems to back with her perverted, twisted activities, both on the web and with her phone thing.  It's like you turn all weird once you get to a certain age with this condition.

(In the next picture, Kathy now seems to caress her even more muscular backside as the nub for her cougar tail seems to grow thicker as it prepares to burst outwards but is still emerging.  Her quads appear to thicken as they overwhelm the outfit she is wearing greatly and appear to shrink to be revealed while thickening in her yellow, cougar-female coat)

Kathy: (narrates) And in case you want to know: no I do not hate being a werecougar.  I'm not the type of girl who frets over the possibility of transforming into this form.

(With the next picture, Kathy's arm has become muscular as her biceps and triceps rise up as it is now completely covered in the yellow fur of her other side and pushing forth as it pumps up with power.  She seems to lick it with a mouth that is starting to grow more feline in it's appearance as it becomes more muzzle-like)

Kathy: (narrates) My problems isn't that I'm a werecougar.  My problem is that I'm the daughter of a slutty, outgoing, obsessively flirtatious werecougar mother who embarrasses me every time I seem to be around her!

(In the next picture, she seems to show herself starting to push out around her swimsuit, which is pouring out tons of cougar cleavage as her mouth is now within a full muzzle form with a small nose at the end.  Her hair is slowly around the top-middle of her back now)

Kathy: (narrates) If it weren't for her, I'd be way more outgoing with this form, showing off and doing what I love with all the freedom that comes with it!

(The following pic seems to be a follow up where it shows her seeming to pump up her torso as it shreds the swimsuit, or what remains, apart.  Her deltoids push out the shoulders while her bosom solidifies underneath making it shred as do her abs and obliques around the center.  Her hair is grown even longer now as it gets closer to mid-back while the lump around her backside appears to be ready to burst)

Kathy: (narrates) I have a flirtatious side too...but I'm not as crazy and man-chasing as she is!

(With what appears to be a delightful "nyaaa!" in her next pic, the swimsuit bursts open revealing a huge cougaress bosom covered in the yellow fur as well as a strong set of abs and obliques that only appear without the confines of the orange swimsuit hiding them away.  At the same time the huge feline tail bursts from behind as it starts swishing around in the pic)

Kathy: (narrates) I'm not a prude at all...well, as you can see. (giggle)

(In one last photo that appears, we see Kathy, fully mutated into her werecougar form, kneeling downwards in a position where her huge bosom dangles with her nipples at the peak while her biceps and deltoids are in full exhibition around near where the boobs hang down.  Her hair falls down like a goddess towards the ground in the sexy crawl-like position with her claws imbedded on her hands and feet and her tail swishing towards the ground likewise.  She appears to lick her lips with sensuality as she speaks once again)

Kathy: (narrates) But of course I doubt you'll ever be able to see me like this all the time...

(As the last camera seems to push back, it reveals to be the last, "December" photo of a calendar that Mrs. Webb, in her massive cougaress form, seems to be hawking in front of a porn shop.  On the front of a calendar showing the photos taken for the swimsuit shoot, it shows in bright letters:


While we see Kathy, still in cougaress form but more decently dressed with her hair braided up in public while her more massive cougaress mother is hawking fully nude with her bigger bosom and muscles, seems to look at her in disgust)

Kathy: (narrates) Because of...circumstances.

Cecelia: (sensually) For 20 bucks you can see my daughter reveal her all!  See my little girl become a full-fledged woman!  All for 20 bucks!

Kathy: (sighs) I should have let her take those photos.

(As the camera shows the two cougaresses, it fades out...)

And thus another swimsuit competition finally draws to a close.  I want to thank all of you, from the contestants to the judges (well maybe not them) to those who hosted and assisted in making this whole thing possible.

Tomoko: So...what happened?  Did we miss anything?


Quinn: She was able to get me out of there but at the cost of the second-place prize.  Whoever won second probably is going to be very upset finding out that we used it to get out of Lloydminster.

Tomoko: (cutely) So...who won?

Quinn: (cynically) Knowing us it was probably the audience...or someone who will come to haunt us if we ever throw a third contest.

I don't think we'll be having any more contests like that for a while.

Quinn: And good riddance!

Tomoko: But then did they even finish the contest without us!?  No one would be as great of a host as I am at anything!

Quinn: They probably could have gotten a CGI character and it would have done better at hosting than you.

Tomoko: (sighs) Ignoring her...what happened anyway!?

We had a few girls help us finish the contest.

Tomoko: Hmph, none as cute as I am, I assume?

Quinn: Just as long as it wasn't Liu Zhen.  Do you think there is a stadium big enough for her to even communicate with the contestants?

Yeah...about the heck did she find out about the contest this time anyway!?

Tomoko: Again: the genius over here blabbed about this year's secret location!

Quinn: (angry) The people had a right to know!  It's a terrible running gag!

Tomoko: We don't say where we are because of the types like Zhen!

Quinn: (goes "hmph" as to not get fruitlessly angry) Regardless, next time we'll be back to regular programming, I hope.

Yeah...about you want to look at our question list?

Tomoko: Can we want until next time?  I think I need to sleep this one off.

Quinn: Only if you let me do another poetry corner...with a suppressant of certain elements.

Anna: (voice) Liebchen!  Want to know who won the contest!?

Quinn: (confused) Um...who is that...

Tomoko: Well! (runs off)

Well with her gone, I say we can sign off.

(The camera once again does the "STRANGERATARU" Thames Logo as we hear one more bit of conversation)

Anna: Sie müssen Frau Quinn sein.

Quinn: Um...what?

Anna: Auch als Miss Hydie bekannt.

Quinn: Did I hear what I think I did?

Anna: I heard she's as big as Angel, maybe bigger.

Quinn: (yelling) FADE OUT ALREADY, ATARU!

(The camera fades out as the braided blonde asks)
At the end of the last "Strange Fan Mail" ([link]), someone had the idea of having another swimsuit contest. And, once again, things went south fast. Now with ten (maybe more) girls and no winner, how the heck is this going to end!? Be prepared for cameos! Be prepared for foreign languages! Be prepared for lawsuits! And be prepared...cause someone is going to win this contest!!!! (maybe...I think...we'll get back to you on that)

All characters and concepts (for the most part), copyright :iconstrangerataru:
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