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Today on Power Rangers: Rita decides to pick a fight with a guy who can bench press over 2000 reps in a single sitting; a lesson in appreciating people different than you is more or less ignored when a monster from a classic 80s fantasy movie decides to show up; and Zack puts up with the racism of Angel Grove's separation of "American food" and "African American food" with good least he seems that way, don't push him cause he's close to the edge.


A Pressing Engagement: aka: Never Let Ernie Count

Wait, Ernie is Jason's spotter? So Ernie's into that sort of thing? Must explain the juice bar.

Jason, you can't count. Two. 73.

Angel Grove High? Wait, the juice bar is associated with the school?

Um, he just bench-pressed over a thousand (give or take a few), Rita. I'd consider that maybe a bit out of your league with Jason's stamina.

Speaking of Stamina, no cut away or a day later; he's suddenly back over a thousand? Yeah, Rita lost.

Hey, Zack didn't even hit her! At least they both got mutual ABC.

I still say the problem for you Rita is Jason has stamina; his problem is his lack of a memory for numbers.

I like how Squatt sort of remains as part of the planning despite being the goofy one.

Neat, King Sphinx. He's a classic; has a toy and everything. (can't say that about...oh, Somnibot?)

Jason's just a good bro to his bro.

Quitter? You just did over 2000 a while back, Jase; I don't say that's a quitter. Just get a better counter!

I wouldn't call Jason a pinhead.

Wait Bulk is a bench-presser? Guess he's strong but just has no technique.

And no cooridnation...and piggy underwear.

Sad thing is it's a legit cell ringtone these days so I doubt Ernie would care that much about the communicator.

Hey, it's an Apple Watch. Ahead of their time; I knew Billy was a genius.

Random nuclear tower poster? And I thought they were environmentally friendly in Angel Grove?

Wait, now King Sphinx is unknown? That wasn't the case with the Minotaur or Bones.

Ah yes, the theater set....classic Sentai setting.

Least it wasn't that bizarre "turn people into trees" like Dora Sphinx. (and there's his quiz clock and chair!)

They could just teleport back you know. The Youth Center isn't that far away.

Contact is impossible? At least try it first, Alpha, before you panic.

And thus we change locations to...another classic, the quarry!

Hey Goldar, I thought you were part of this plan too? Oh wait, here's where they grow, that was the intent.

Um Jason, you fought a giant with your Tyrannosaur; yeah stock footage but why not try a solo run?

What exactly is that pennat in Billy's lab? I need to know!

There, Trini provied he's cut off. You should have done that earlier with Alpha (that or Trini's just smarter)

Nice, first Morphing Grid mention.

Indeed it would...if it weren't for...something I should have mentioned earlier. (Zordon, again with the forgot to tell you bit!?)

Least the Power Crystals were easier to get here than the mess Geki went through. (a reminder: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU FAILED!!!! haven't yet...BUT YOU WILL!)

OK, this is a better usage of stock footage than Zyuranger. That's what I call writing.

And Jason knows what they are immediately?

OK that was awesome. Hey, meet my friends! (and here they come)

You know Jason you should have done that from the beginning with Tyrannosaurus.

OK this bares a question: why the heck did Zordon let them become the Megazord in the first episode considering the need of the crystals in both versions? Was that a test run?

Now the eye beams are crystal powers? So...they had the crystals all along but didn't realize it yet?

OK, I like that, Daizyujin is the "Battle Mode" and the tank is still part of the whole thing. (compared to the weird "evolution" thing Zyu did)

Ut oh.

Hey look, I saw a green panel! Does this mean there could be another Power Ranger?

He just has good wind resistance.

Love the accidental hand thing with the Power Sword.

Not as epic as the Daizyujin finisher music but hey, Wasserman effect.

And...Goldar chickens out again.

The Sphinx? Why not just call him King Sphinx? Does anyone remember him?


Jason's eyes looked almost bugged out by the last number.

Almost sounds a bit like the Karate Kid ending music.

Hey, Jason's a Niners Fan?

Cake? Considering all the weights? So whose mom?

Seriously, Bulk and a huge cake? This isn't going to end well...and it doesn't.

And Zack gets the you'd expect.

Thoughts: Amazingly ignoring the nostalgia goggles, this one really holds up. While Rita's plan is petty and not thought out (really, he's bench pressed over a thousand times twice in a short period!), I do like the usage of how it is used for a Jason plan; while King Sphinx is an epic and memorable MotW, removing the goofiness of Dora Sphinx and just making him menacing and a perfect partner for Goldar. (oh and the crystal plan makes way more sense than the mess of Zyuranger's interpretation) Really this should have been the main Megazord's intro if it weren't for the first episode but what can you do.

Different Drum: aka: The Outcast from Goblin City

Wonder if Linda Rondstat would show up based on the title?

Aerobicise? Not gymnastics for Kim's class?

And why is Billy in this class? Is Billy not telling us something or is this to work up to Jason's?

And...down goes Billy...and most of the laundry in the Juice Bar.

Sure Billy wants to meet girls, Kim?

Wait, music is the theme? That music at Kim's class was very phoned in, Rita.

Meanwhile, Billy still has a neglige on him.

Hey, not being able to dance never stopped Leo Sayer...or Phil Collins.

Maybe this other girl she needs to have better coordination like Billy...OK, skip Billy.

Heh, it's like with how old fashion she looks, they wanted to single her out.

Ah, deaf girl. And Kim knows sign?

Yeah, let's just keep bullying Billy. As if he hasn't beeen through enough so far.

Risky? I say it's more, sweet.

It eats cars and smells like a fish? Now that's a MotW I'd love to see.

Yeah, musical monsters aren't reliable; can attest to that.

Really, Finnster needs to unionize againt Rita...though I don't know if Goldar, Squatt or Baboo would be in.

So...the mean girl is a lip reader I suppose.

Ballerinas? Um, that's not ballet, Bulk.

Hey Zack, neat hat there.

Hey, that's how I dance too, Bulk.

Michael Jackson bit...Zack's got this.

And there goes the pants again. Or Bulk's back.

That's unsanitary. You don't know what Ernie put there!

Yeah, saw that coming. Too easy.

Seriously they abandon Bulk? That's cold. Least he has Skull...and good counter food.

Don't know if a gnome can

Wait, capture kids? At the juice bar? They're teenagers...or actors who play teenagers.

Pepsi product placement!

And...that's why she's deaf. Though I do like Gnarly Gnome's creepy laugh. And the Labyrinth influence of the gnome/goblin.

Oh boy, a net! Just get some scissors and you've got this!

What is it, girl? Little, Timmy's in the well?

All hail the power of a notepad!


I wonder how good Baboo's cooking is?

Girl on putty action!

The secret ingredient is...rubber balls?

Squatt eating a random, but so classic.

Just wake them at 13 o'clock and we'll be alright.

So Rita knows they're all slackers? What a taskmistress.

No, just threaten turn them into princes of eternal stench, then they'll do whatever you want.

Wait, why did Gnarly Gnome turn invisible again?

Seriously, where was Kim when she needed to tell them that?

DINO BUCKLER!!! (well they're all there so it worked)

And these this recorded earlier...and why is Kim gray?

It had to be; the Power Weapons names are...bizarre. (Cosmic Cannon? Double Bow? Double Daggers? MIGHTY MACE!? THAT'S NOT A MACE!!! At least Power Sword remains as is)

Damn, Gnarly Gnome did nothing when it came down to it...then again, neither did the goblins in Goblin City.

Did like the "rebuilding effect" of his growth; that made sense with how the MotW are made.

Kim really loves her stereo in Pterodactyl, doesn't she.

They like the tank form way more than the Zyuranger did.

Now the stock footage has Triceratops miscolored.

Hey, now he's doing the Fiery song! (let's see him remove his head like Bones!)

You know if you had illusion abilities like that, use them in your small form first!

And now it's the "Mega Sword"...this really was done prior to things being standardized.

Gnarly Gnome's last words: "If you need us...for any reason..."

And where the heck did the net go?

Hugs make everything better...though I swear they made up earlier prior to Gnarly Gnome.

I wouldn't blame Squatt or Baboo; they just helped, they weren't the monster.


From her glass, I say Trini's a blue creme fan.

Jason: never sign again.

And thus Billy Love Interest #....1?

Oh great, now Billy can dance? So...where was the montage sequence and why weren't we allowed to see it?

Thoughts: It's interesting our first real "character of the day" episode was more or less about working with the deaf; yeah it's a weird choice but I think it wasn't a bad idea with the weird footage from the episode. But hey, I still say if Gnarly Gnome wanted to be in Labyrinth, we should let him...even if Jareth probably wouldn't stand him either. (well it's better than working for Rita I suppose) Also really remembering Squatt and Baboo; yeah it's mostly Sentai footage but I actually like their goofiness as much as Bulk and Skull.

Food Fight: aka: Can Someone Fix Pudgy Pig's Mouth!?

Silly costumes; this isn't going to end well...same goes for the sudden creme pies Ernie's brought in.

Seriously, let Erine get laid. He deserves it for what he puts up with here.

And thus he asks Bulk and Skull with the creme pies...yep, here it comes...

Seriously, getting Bulk and Skull laid would help their lives drastically.

Hey, nice pigtails, Kim.

20 bucks? Seriously, you're not just going to slice it up!? That's what you do with cake!

Jason in that hat...sure this isn't "Powerful Rangers" and not "Power Rangers"?

Really they need to change that stock footage of the telescope to Southern California; every time it zooms on Tokyo, it just shows laziness. (and last episode showed they can do such a thing)

So...Rita's on that "air diet"? That's why she's repulsed by food?

Just "Asian"? No real definition of what it is?

So Zack is "American" and Jason is "USA"...wait what? So is Zack Canadian and Carribbean? (or is this subtle racism?)

Healthy? Jason and Kim are giving out cheeseburgers, soda and cake. I doubt that's very healthy, Mr. Kaplan.

Hey neat, the Bulk army's up to 4 now...and is as racially inclusive as the Power Rangers!

Hey, Skull may just like eating cream pies. Let him have it.

Chow mein isn't Asian; it's an American invention!

And thus it begins. Still not as epic as "The Great Race"'s pie fight.


OK there's the dash...seriously, African American food is just as American as burgers and fries!

Not your usual? Um, considering the last couple times, Finnster's been rather accomodating.

At least they're on the same wavelength for once.

All the food on do realize people can eat weird things if desperate, Rita.

I'm with Finnster: I see a fork and knife and I don't think it's going to end well.

And Pudgy Pig starts with least he's not picky.

Save the food fair? You probably made a ton of money already.

Meanwhile in Bulk's bunker...

Hoo boy, sausage fu. Jason's serious.

And Jason won by...stunning him with sausage nunchaku's silliness? Yeah, that works.

Now that was a nice set-up...then again Kim's got reflexes.

Now here we go with Pudgy Pig's mad feasting.

Seriously, the food wasn't going to waste as ammo, Billy; maybe you can remake the burgers somehow.

Well...he got beaned. (terrible pun but it works)

20 bucks for that!? OVERCHARGING!

And now Bulk forgoes the whole "tin plate" thing and just squirts whipped cream everywhere.

Bulk, you have long distance ammo; you're just being set up by Zack!

Seriously if Mr. Kaplan doesn't just suspend the entire school, he's a bad principal.

Now that's how you take charge! And yeah, if they do all the charity work, they should clean it too.

Saved by the Zordon.

So whose gonna clean up the juice bar? And whose going to wear Jason's silly hat? And whose going to tell them about Uncle Joe!?

The images you see are Japanese stock footage. Don't mind them because they have nothing to do with you.

48 hours? So can Pudgy Pig just swim everywhere? Or will Rita just teleport him country by country?

OK, Kim's valley girl speak here works.

Um Alpha, not now; we have a pig to stop.

Fighting like a pig means not the best words, Trini.

Well that's going to hurt. Daggers in the stomach are just going to rip him apart.

Seriously, he starts eating weapons and Finnster now likes Pudgy Pig?

Full course. Burp a Power Cannon laser attack!

...or nostril gusts, those work too.

Well this has gotten surreal fast.

Seriously, what's left at the food festival that hasn't been turned to ammo or smears they SHOULD BE CLEANING UP!?!?

I never knew popcorn was Italian.

What happened to his mouth? He's just nosing it all inside!

OK, Bulk standing up to Pudgy Pig was awesome. Too bad the fabric mouth did him in.

Yes, Ernie, take the Hawaiian girls! Embrace your destiny!

Hot, hot hot...seriously, just put "Mexican" there and don't try to hide the fact.

Seriously, you all caused the mess first. Pudgy Pig just sort of finished what you didn't.

Trini remains the smart one. Why isn't she the nerd instead of Billy?

Hmm....horseradish. Maybe they should have used that for a Passover sedar plate.

That Finnster, really holding out for more...he really is the savviest of the forces.

MGR? Wonder what that stands for.

Yay, Power Coin display! Love when the show did that.

I forgot how huge that sushi prop is. (and that I'd blame Zyu for)

Hey that may be a bah mi; Trini must have known how to make that.

Now that's indigestion!

Pudgy Pig's face really is so squashed he can't see what's coming.

Great, now it's worthless. Rita really has no perspective.

Squatt and Baboo didn't do anything; how is it their fault?

And meanwhile...yeah, the place is still a mess.


Um...Alpha, are your circuits that slow? Now you think of a Pudgy Pig plan when he's dead?

See, they made all the money before the mess. Told you it wasn't going to affect a thing.

Again with the 20 bucks!? Is food in Angel Grove that overpriced? Or is it all taxes?

Hoo boy, it's the speecee spaishee jimmy juice!

Maybe you need a glass for that water first, Mr. Kaplain.

Didn't know the principal was into sinus clearers.

Thoughts: Really the whole episode was just a big excuse to throw a huge food fight; it was silly enough but it worked. The footage to series worked to the advantage of PR I say; they cut out that annoying Gnome (he really only had two appearances, both here and when Burai shows up) and it gave Trini a victory due to the Boi storyline even if it really wasn't about anyone. And heck, I did like Finnster playing Rita along when Pudgy Pig almost worked better than expected despite his feelings initially it was a dud.
A review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episodes 4-6: A Pressing Engagement, Different Drum,  & Food Fight
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Noratcat Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
You know what I find funny? King Sphinx was very popular in merchandising. I mean he was advertised as much as the rest of Rita's henchman. I wonder why?
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I think that everyone just had a lot of great trust in him and King Sphinx's episode was just one of the best ones of the pre-Tommy period. (as mentioned: by eliminating the "human riddle guy in King Tut headdress" part, King Sphinx is one of the most formidable monsters Rita sent down in the early part...that and probably being one of Goldar's best partners helped, with a Griffin and Sphinx just working well together)

I'm surprised I did two of the most prominent MotW in this section with King Sphinx and Pudgy Pig I admit. (which may be why I'm suddenly more interested in an underdog like Gnarly Gnome)
Noratcat Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
I remember on an old Power Rangers CD rom game I had, they said his hobby was burying Power Rangers up to their necks in sand.
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
The things you can get away with when you're just appealing to kids...
Noratcat Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Yeah. They also said that Baboo had tons of clocks on him so he wouldn't be late, but ironically couldn't tell time.
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe he followed the motion of the sun?
Noratcat Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Possibly. Heck there was another Power Rangers fact that said Squatt was part warthog and part blueberry.
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Eh, the problem with that is that Bandora's gang is all based on fantasy monsters so really Power Rangers was just trying to be silly with it. (for example: Squatt's probably supposed to be a goblin/orc type; and Baboo is actually a furry vampire; heck the Eye Guy episode was originally about him trying to take blood!)
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
First, how do you know musical monsters aren't reliable? Second, I am honestly amazed you haven't made a Hawaiian girl before. I could easily see her being something like the coconut bra and grass skirt and she grows by eating pineapple
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Musical monsters can be amazing (there are those in Sentai I love), but a lot of times it just leads to crazy hijinx.

And yeah, I need a real Polynesian (Hawaiian or otherwise) girl.  Not sure what she'd be or if she'd be human or "enhanced" though...
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
How about an enhanced human?
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Not a bad idea but sort of need the spring of motivation to make her work...lest I just make her another model.
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
To be fair I think you could use more American models since your most popular are Asian in some form or another (Tomoko and Mi Hi for example)
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I've been trying to make American girls but that's hard with the hard definition of what being "American" is.
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
If you need a reference try Tina from Dead or Alive Xtreme
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Closest I have is a model but I never really used her outside once in a crappy TF pic that is OOC.
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