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Today on Power Rangers: Kimberly must save her uncle, Bulk and Skull from a terrible soft drink...and maybe the Power Rangers from a monster only she can stop; Billy finally returns to martial arts study with the help of Trini's genius/scatterbrained uncle (amidst an even more incompetent plan by Rita); and Billy  and Kimberly switch brains and discover a comparative similarity...for blowing things up!

Foul Play in the Sky: aka: ALPHA'S FLYING THE PLANE!?!?!

Our first shot airport?  Not the juice bar or school?  Well that's a shocking development.

Just "cola"...well the Pepsi people must be upset considering their juice bar product placement.

Hey she looks nothing like...never mind, there's Kim.

Uncle Steve looks just like an older George Michael.

And as if that was too airy for you, here's some violence courtesty of Jason.

Second straight sexy sax episode?  Eh, not Marge but at least Zack likes her.

Angela...Zack can't eat, can't sleep, can't seem to find time anymore.

Sexy sax and hula hoops don't work well together.

Oooh that's cold.  There goes Zack's winning streak with the ladies.  Oh well, there's still Jason.

You're on the moon, Rita: who cares about Kim flying?

Pilot's almost like he's a Power Ranger too!

Must be a transitional Goldar voice.

Green stuff: just what soda needs.

And random Squatt cameo over.

And Bulk and Skull are at the airport and not the juice bar...why?

Keep dreamin' the dream, Skull.

He's still interested.  Yep, that punk bit really helped her love interests.

Don't brush them off that rude, they're just interested in you.

I like Uncle Steve.  At least he appreciates having guests.

Kim, you're being a snob.  Just let them join you.

Skull really put a lot of emphasis in the "uncle" repeat.

She did warn you it was a small plane.

Hey, this wasn't supposed to be decaf!

Sorry but unless we get a monolith, no Strauss ripoffs!


Good point, Bulk: the crash is the worst part of a disaster in the air.

That must be one good cola.  Didn't know sleep additives added taste.

Stock footage of the aerial view of the park!  At least it came in handy.

Cut away after the Youth Center.  Yeah, that works for transition sake.

The Snizzard: remember his name.

So the arrow has meth in it?

Um Skull...are you looking at Bulk's chest when you said that?

Yeah, flown by...don't forget to wave at Zordon when near the Command Center!


Putties randomly scratching their heads...don't remember that.

Oh great, Uncle Steve had the fish!

Yeah I think it's the perfect time for screaming.

Fainted, why don't you say he's asleep?

I think Rita's assesment is a tad petty...then again so's the whole plan.

It's a lizard with snake've got to love Japan.

Losing altitude in the burbs...yeah, deadly disaster imminent.

Skull, is that gum?  Altitude sickness I presume?

Stop talking about Uncle Steve and do something, Kim!

There, that's fainting.

Look, flying a plane is nothing like flying a sentient pteradactyl...just cross your fingers it is.

Great, Zordon is going to help?  What flight training do he and Alpha have?

Wait, the scanner knows her height but not her location?  What sort of scanner is that!?

Morph out of there and let Steve Bulk and Skull blow idea, machinehead.

Yeah the alarm tends to go off during crisis like these.

It doesn't necessarily mean a monster.  It generally is but it could just be her.

It's not terrible; it's just good timing and coordination.

See, Zordon explained it better than me: Rita attacks to screw with them when they have other crap going on.  That's the whole modus for many of the attacks up to now.

Great, Alpha is going to land it?  Lloyd Bridges you're not.

Um she's regaining control so it isn't that big a deal.

We must help get Kimberly to the ground?  What about Snizzard?

And here's the Snizzard alarm.  Thought so.

Don't leave Kim to the robot; he's never flown either!

Yay the random Moai heads!  Toei loves those.

Your weapons are no match for me; I'm high as hell and I'm not coming down!

The power is his his strength is good nutrition?

Why are you back in the mountains?  Do you even know where you're flying?

Yeah, Alpha's words are scary, I'd shut him up too.

Wait, you hacked into the airport?  Sure no one is tracking that message, Alpha?

Yes, I can see's a generic development!

And meanwhile, the Snizzard's now shooting snakes from it's maw.

Oh no, this plastic snake is wrapped around my body with my hands holding on to it in a non-threatening manner!

Meth tends to do that to people, even spandex-wearing ones.

And Skull wakes up...and casually mentions Kim's flight skill.

SHE'S FLYING THE PLANE! (oh great, if they crash it will be Bulk and Skull's fault)

And..they're out again.

They're in the same position as last time; they're not in danger.

Yeah you know they need the Power Bow cause you saw this Zyuranger ep, Zordon!

Four armed, not sure if it would work.

I still say this wouldn't be possible without some major hacking.

Hey, this is an emergency; don't tell her she can't land!

Kim, just answer the control tower!

And it's all over except the apologizing for the runway use.

And Uncle Steve wakes up just in time.

And at least he knows about contacting the tower and putting on the brakes.

And there goes Kim to enter the stock footage.

Exxon sign!  So Exxon got into this episode and not Pepsi?

Did you have to tell Alpha first?  Just go and fight the Snizzard!

The Zapper Apple?  That's a terrible name.

And now the Mei footage.

Meth makes me throw snakes from my tonsils!

The Power Bow didn't matter until now.  Seriously, we get a plane plot instead of something to do with the Power Bow?

Seriousy, any of you four could have attacked that apple without her!

It's none of their fault's; it's just overcoming adversity.

And Bulk and Skull...are out cold.

And...there they go.  Last time they're going in the air.

Meanwhile, Trini has a class...and Bulk and Skull return to the juice bar.

And who is that guy?

I'm with Zack: Bleh.

Seriously, this relationship between Jason and Zack just really feels like the original "pairing" of the franchise.

And there's our "Bulk and Skull get hit by food" moment of the episode.

Thoughts: The Zyu version of the episode was trying too hard to make Mei into a hero; Kim feels like one with this episode but the plane flying bits are just really boring and it isn't helped that it's Alpha that sort of helps her get to the ground.  And while it's neat that Bryan Cranston voices Snizzard, he doesn't really do anything with the character at all, making him extremely unmemorable as a MotW.  Oh well, at least he does another monster later...

Dark Warrior: aka: Remedial Karate Lessons for Nerds

Random Asian scientist in a's relative I presume?

Why do we even need an invisible cactus?  That's really not going to help science.

You need a means to keep track of your invisibility, dummy.

It would be funny if your finger got bruised by that move.

I don't get Trini: she is a master of some kung fu style; so why go with Jason's generic karate?

Meanwhile Bulk handles a more important training session.

Um, Billy, you would have Jason's moves if you returned to his karate class!

Keep hitting it, it may give you a free play!

I think all of Billy's quarters are used for some sort of sciency doohicky.

All that spare change  Wonder what he was saving it for?

And...Trini knocks them out.

Uncle Howard?  Must be his Anglicized name. (and is he from nutty Sylvia's side or does she have another aunt/uncle with that brat?0

Seriously, he's not impressed?  Did Zordon make Billy that jaded?

Re-enroll?  Yeah, you shouldn't have quit the first time Billy.

Is it just me or does Howard remind me of someone familiar?

Invisible and Clever? (and is he STILL working on Pudgy Pig?)

Slime toads are strong?  I'd expect them to be messy more than strong.

Hey, that's a ninja!  You know what that means...

Random green liquid.  That the same as the sleep formula from last time?

Wait.  He just rejoined like that?  Um...wasn't that the same class as a few minutes ago?

Scientist and martial artist?  Seriously he's every Asian cliche combined in one man!

Billy needs a tutor when he has Jason?

Don't leave the invisibilty formula on the counter where Ernie can screw around with it!

This is Billy.  He's a nerd but he's well meaning. Trini is Japanese?

Ninja teleportation!  Ha!

Seriously, do not touch is written there...why?

Oh I remember what happens next...let's watch.

It had a lable; it did say "Do Not Touch"; they just don't know English...or any Earth language.

He knew it wasn't the formula how?  Then again they didn't turn invisible.

How quickly do they want to teach Billy this?  Or is it like when he learned to dance?

And where's his breathing click?

OK, seeing Howard fight is awesome.  Billy...not so much.  But at least they finally show some progress.

He's not your uncle.

I am the Dark Warrior!  Marvel at my blue-green jammies beneath my camo!

Really, all that dynamite isn't ninja tactics!

Great, an hour before it blows...Dark Warrior must be borrowed from Divatox, huh?

That is some abrasive rope holding Howard down.

And what the heck are Zack and Kim reading?

Seriously, they attack everyone you know; obviously if Putties attack then there's something going on.

Nice, pitch-black balloons!

That is one complex way to send a message.

Signed "The Dark Warrior".  Seriously he had a chance to create a cooler name and he blew it!

And he's absent minded...typical of the science type.

Meanwhile, Ernie keeps the mystery green liquid with his other artificial chemicals and flavorings...

And Zordon's mind-reading again.

Most evil plot ever?  I think that was probably Pudgy Pig at the point we're at.  Or was it Pineoctopus?

And of course Zordon knows.  The Morphing Grid is just like American surveillance.

Yeah but if it dissapears, it's still there so...then Rita would have to fight an invisible Ranger army.  IT'S A TERRIBLE PLAN!

And right in front of the cave...HEY ISN'T THAT WHERE ROBOT MONSTER HAD HIS HQ?

Seriously Billy  needed those karate lessons.  But why did he quit before?

And surrounded...and there they go.

I think the Dark Warrior went a bit overboard with the dynamite.

18 seconds...already?

Karate training to defuse a bomb...isn't that what genius is for?

Wait did the time reset just a moment ago!?

At least it stopped before 1 second.

And there Uncle Howard goes...I seriously hope the entire Juice Bar is invisible by the end of the episode.

And oh yeah, there's still the Dark Warrior.

I AM THE DARK WARRIOR!  (um, at least say what you can do as the Dark Warrior, dummy)

Wait, grow already!?  What about letting Trini use her "ninja skills? (oh yeah, they made it a Billy focus)

Heh, they're just using the regular Megazord...forgot they had simple fights like this at this point in the season.

Did they have to rerun the Rita bonking them scene?

Oh great, I think Ernie put the jar be future light smoothie flavors.

I still say that there should have been continuity if Billy quit and then returned.

Great, Yellow Belt; that means he can actually do something against Putties finally.

I think Billy just needed to stay with Uncle Howard instead of sticking with someone as intense as him.

Took long enough for these two to show up.

Hoo boy there's the drink...get it before Ernie turns it into smoothies!

Seriously, no invisibility smoothies?  What was the point of that plot element?

Hoo boy, he's going to screw with those two...

And now they're fighting those invisible warriors from Cave Dwellers!

At least Billy..sort of won...

And that's what would have happened if the Power Rangers got the formula,, your plan was terrible.

Thoughts: It's weird that the plot point of Billy joining karate in the first episode was neglected until now, but my guess is that he quit and went through all the failures (quite a few if you've seen the episodes up to now) to decide to get serious again.  I sort of wish Uncle Howard was a bit more recurring to show him as a different sort of teacher for Billy compared to Jason, but he did his job.  The Dark Warrior was a waste compared to his Sentai counterpart, and the Rita plan with the invisibility formula was terrible if you realize that it would have lead to unstoppable invisible Power Rangers...well if they used it like Uncle Howard did.

Switching Places: aka: Glasses Make the Nerd

Squatt's at it again; you can tell by the music.

Wait, why is Billy's new invention that big a deal to Rita's minions?

Let's do a bit of this and that and...sure hope it works.

So...another diversion tactic...well it's worked so well up to now (or not)

Um, no monster until Billy does the brain doohicky whatever he does...OK?

The Genie?  That's...a rather generic monster name.

Wait, Kimberly?  Again!? (or Marge but...heh, didn't work out but as I said, CotD)

Why do you want Kim to read your mind?  That's not much of an invention considering how complex it is.

Hey, the Rad Bug...and two weirdoes behind it.

Hey you're right, it is a dog.

So reading Skull's mind would be...the path to enlightnement?

That thing...uses a lot of plywood.

Dark lipstick; still in your punk rebellion Kim?

And why are there arm holes?  Is this a Japanese game show?

Oh, nice Billy's or a neighbor?


That fading around is highly suspect.

So...the glasses were for show all along or did Kim's eyesight just plummet?

Kim looks great as a meganekko.

Scream at the camera!

Canine-4 of the Wolfshead Galaxy?  Nope, nothing suspicious about that name.

I always liked D'jinn/Dora D'jinn

Magic lamp minionship; it sucks when d'jinn get stuck into such violent wishes.

Hoo boy, this is going to lead to a calamity.  Didn't they just see what happened?

And here we go with another brain switch...

He still wants her.

Well if he has no brains, then maybe that would help.

And here we go again...WITH MORE SCIENCE!

Rapid cheek motion!

That cap looks dorky on Skull.


Hey look, real shallow valley girls.  Kim's at least got one up on them!

Great, "Billy" wants to be a clown.

And...another random boy in Billy's lab?  Yeesh, we need consistancy but we're not getting it.

Cooking is a science, Billy; just remember that!

Eh, food shouldn't fly around unless Bulk or Ernie are involved.

Billy should have left Kim a huge computer manual to study.

Now that is one big souffle.

Monitors shouldn't shake in the midst of chaos!  That's just a display!

KIm has it easy compared to the home ec class.

The Politics of Energy; as true today as it was in 1993.

Send him down in the lamp to avoid Zordon?  But Zordon sees everything!

Bitchy Billy...yeah, David really just feels natural in this manner

Eh they were at each other's faces back when they were punks....well at least they were civil then.

Hey is that Prez Bill on the bulletin board?

Is Amy using a stereotypical "nerd voice" for her Billy impression?


Man that's one big hoagie.

Spaghetti and meatballs?  That's a meat and lettuce hoagie?

Why do they need putties with this Genie plan?

Don't say he'll drop it cause that's what Squatt does!

And...Zordon notices it.  There goes that plan.

And he mentions the lamp.  See, the plan failed already. (unless that's Squatt's fault for dropping it)

That was a quick then the Genie is missing?

It's just an antique oil lamp.  That's what they all say.

Why are we giving an empty lamp to Alpha?  No one really needs to protect it at this point.

And here's Goldar.  At least he takes charge when Squatt and Baboo screw up.

Wait, why send them to the Putties and not the Genie?  Priorities, Zordon!

And thus change of scene to the real battle.

At least the Genie was prepared for them.

And that was a short but pointless battle.

Neat we finally get them in the base in their suits.  No helmetless yet but one at a time.

So the answer is...believe in yourself?  That's crappy advice.

Oh yeah...Kim and Billy are still switched.  And yeah, Blue can work as a girl so...RESTART THE SERIES WITH MARGE AS BLUE!

Hey neat, Rita's directly attacking.  That's different.

And a giant genie.  They can do that too so no worries.

Where was it stepping; and why wasn't it close enough to the Power Rangers?

Kimberly...I mean Billy...I mean!

And yet Billy gets his role right in that stereo-equipped Pterodactyl.

Wait, a lunging Genie and Alpha's already panicking?

The source of the Genie's power is the lamp...haven't you read any Arabian Nights tales, Alpha?

Risking the Morphing Grid over a lamp?  Isn't there an Option B?

Rewiring?  You mean like what started this whole mind switch mess?

That is one cool drill he has.

Um, and the lamp is still on the control panel...why?

How did it used to be, Alpha?  Would be neat to know if you can't stand it so much now.

Well Zordon's tempting fate...the Power Rangers are doomed.

He didn't do anything!  It just vanished on it's own!

That was a quick elimination.  Lucky regarding how Zyu did it I suppose.

And the genie just "dissappeared" the moment the lamp left...yeah, let's leave it at that.

Heh, well they did it right the first time so...hey, maybe if a fly flew in  too...


The glasses transferred...yeah they're normal.

And you're you...never change, Kim, never change.

And oh yeah...these two need to switch back too.

Uh oh...Billy's on to them.

Trini, why are you being so cruel to them?

Eh, I think Zack's their angel if Trini's the devil.

At least they get to go back to normal too....we hope.

Yeah, I think they're normal...for them.

Steal it; Billy has no need; he'd just pass it even with your brain!

Thoughts: The brain-swapping bit was rather diversionary but still fun even if it really had nothing to do with...well anything.  It just feels like they were successful with "Power Ranger Punks" but without any real stakes at hand compared to just "let's screw with Billy and Kimberly again". (and Bulk and Skull were mostly just done for laughs)  The Genie likewise was rather wasted compared to the compassionalte storyline he got in the Zyu original; shame really.

Next time on Power Rangers: GO GREEN RANGER GO GO!
A review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episodes 14-16: Foul Play in the Sky, Dark Warrior & Switching Places
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subjub Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Man I forget how gonzo some these episodes could get 
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well outside their desire to repeat things amidst the actual important stories.  Seriously, why did we need more "let's screw with Kim and Billy's minds" several episodes after they became punks?
subjub Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Very true it always seemed that billy abd Kim tended to repeat a lot of those types of stories
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well partially they did last the longest of the original five but one knew that back in 1993.
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Ask Kimberly.
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