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Today on Power Rangers: Rita goes for an old reliable in attacking the Power Rangers: evil clowns!; Billy and Kimberly finally gain real personalities thanks to Baboo (and Skull may have gained a girlfriend as a result); and a one-shot girl goes from awkward to adorable in the space of one episode...and if a monster has something to say about it, she may be the Blue Ranger too! (hey it works with the Trini stock footage so Blue could be a girl too!  Don't we want a girl Blue Ranger, folks?)


No Clowning Around: aka: I'll Take the Chicken

From fake roller coasters to an actual ferris wheel...this series really likes making people throw up.

Zack on maybe we should change his name to Turk?

Miss Balance Beam can't do stilts? It's all balance you know.

Zack, if you fall, you're not getting any liability payments.

And...down he goes...into Jason's arms.

Kiss him you fool!

The clown is a putty...should have figured with it's hovering.

It's a clown conspiracy! I knew they were up to something. Billy said so (Mandy's friend, not Cranston)

And thus, Trini enters the lions, clown car.

They're not going to miss that cotton candy.

Pineapple the Clown? Is this why Nick was so obsessed in getting the show rights?

He should juggle tangelo's next.

Juggle eggs? Really, are they hard boiled because if they aren't you're setting up for disaster.

They're pinheads now. They are not whole. They're pinheads all. Jocko homo.

Can we really stop with the warnings before the obvious visual humor, Skull?

Billy, why the hell did you do that? That's not helping conflict resolution.

Really if Kim put on a funny costume, she could join the circus.

Yeah, stay with the menacing clown. That's not going to lead to any problems. Not at all.

Evil clown smile!

Tinheads? They were just called pinheads earlier. Make up your mind!

It's a clown at the fair; of course people will fall for it.

Cardboard cutouts? So...we can sell them at FYE?

The problems with the monsters aren't Finnster's fault. Once he creates them, its out of his hands.

Squatt, you can't say that unless Mr. T joins you!

Human tower? Oh they do that all the time. No sweat.

A six-man team...could work, though I don't think the clown should be the sixth Ranger. Not "green" enough.

Clown stalker! Stranger danger!

How very "Strangers on a Train".

All these people and the clown takes Sylvia. What's wrong with all the others as bait; the Power Rangers will just save them anyway.

Unless he's a CPA, I'd never call a clown a friend.

And once the voice goes ominous, we start fearing for our lives.

OK, I love it: he sprinkles his cardboard juice as Sylvia calls him "friend". No dramatic tension or any of that bull.

I'd go with "I think your cousin's personality is a little...flat?"

If my cousin became cardboard, I'd feel the same way as Trini.

And thus the other four ride the rides as Rita takes over the park. They don't care about the nightmares in this park.

Seriously, she has more personality as a cutout; they even got her hair right!

2-Dimensional. So...she's become a cartoon character?

Wait, Billy has the answer? Why not just attack the evil clown. That should be the easy way.

Jason, don't just say "Rita's attacking the park" like that. Don't you think someone will just respond "who are you, a Power Ranger"?


And here comes the clown posse!

That Putty must really love his clown collar to put it on before transforming.

I guess Pineapple really just likes having work uniforms for his troupe.

Go with the clown, Billy. Go with the clown.

Neat they got the costumes to do their own adaptation this time around.

With the amount of times Rita's been on Earth, I'm not surprised that Putty would fall for that.

Get Billy, Pineapple! He's the only one who knows your secret!

Seriously, that should have been a gun.

Now you can have your own Putty cutout to beat up; only 19.95!

You know this is why there are warning signs on carnival rides.

Why isn't anyone starting the ride for that one trying to strangle Jason. Would eliminate the Putty like that.

Park violationn on that Putty! No hanging on from the outside!

And then the clown melts...creepy.

And it becomes...a Lovecraftian circus freak!

Pineapple's got this handled, we don't need Goldar.

And...back to the ampitheater.

Sad, the American footage here was more entertaining than the Japanese footage in the Putty fight.

Alpha, what are you doing on Earth? Couldn't you just wait for Billy to get back?

She's dehydrated? Funny: when the Batman movie did it, everyone turned into powder.

Wait, the park? So why are they in the ampitheater?

Now she's wet...and Trini's hysterical.

And meanwhile while Alpha overanalyzes...Sylvia's back to normal. We never needed the bot.


Pay no attention to that robot voice, Sylvia, Billy's just nuts.

Sadly Pineoctopus is nowhere as scary as Pineapple.

You're wearing masks, you're immune to that powder...unless you're Shurikenger.

Fruitcake from the one who wanted to kiss Jason earlier?

He's doing the "I cannot be beaten bit"....can we have Pineapple back?

And thus he grows after the Rangers did nothing to stop him.

Was still Billy's device, Alpha just hit some buttons.

He's not a clown anymore. He's a...Lovecraftian...pineapple.

I actually like this fight; the Sentai had the mechs beat him and not the Megazord.

Pineapple pop. Refreshing.

Again, it wasn't Finnster's fault. Any monsters beyond creation are up to the monster itself!

Suddenly I want to sing "Ricki, Don't Lose that Number".

Wait, Veg-All. Where are Zack's stilts?

And what's with the laptop? You can't compute and stilt walk at the same time!

Invention = a bunch of stuff I tied up with ropes.

And down goes Billy. Maybe start with thicker cans.

Thoughts: This is an example of how to make your own story without following the Sentai and still be entertaining. The Zyu version was one of the worst episodes of the season, while here it's a little silly with cardboard cutout girls, but the menace of Pineapple and the Putty Clowns make up for it, let alone the great fairground fight.

Power Ranger Punks: aka: Smells Like Grunge Rangers

Surf music at a volleyball court? At least be on a beach you idiots!

You hang out with these four enough, even Billy can get physically able.

So the drink is...water? Or maybe vodka, it is clear enough.

Science, thy name is Baboo.

Rattlesnake lips? Do rattlesnakes have lips?

Punk Potion. Boy that's going to cause a lot of rebellion...or awesome music.

You know with the squeaky clean Early 60s feel of the Power Rangers, a little "punk" would be a nice change.

Baboo really needs his own bike so he won't borrow Rita's.

I say you two should have your volleyball skillz for any possible peace conferences coming up in the next year or so.

And...Putties. Should have figured.

All the frantic cuts in this fight, suddenly I wonder if I entered another show.

Baboo....when did you have time to send the Putties?

Hey, it's now Red Creme Soda!

And...kick in the air. Jason should have fallen for that.

Next, I say...NAPTIME!

Down the hatch.

And Billy's backhand prevented the whole team from going punk. That sucks.

Billy suddenly sounds like Skull for some reason.

Volleyball could be for punks; just add spikes to the ball.

Billy calling them just sounds so wrong.

So sun causes skin cancer and punk behavior?

So Rita still wants a monster despite Baboo's plan going accordingly?

Toad? That looks like Pudgy Pig's model.

AIDS what was the HIV rates in Angel Grove? Wait...does this and drug use?

Hey, he made the basketball fit in the locker!

When did Skull last take that book out of the locker? much food do you keep in there Bulk?

A Pineapple!? Great, that evil clown's back already!

Seriously, 90s punk looks...more like grunge than punk.

Really this feels more 90s than the five have been up to now.

KIm really looks like Courtney Love; if only she'd get rid of the spike collar.

So this is where the Kim/Skull subplot starts.

Those two are so perfect together.

I think Billy works better as a bully than his typical self.

Can we also have Bulk and Billy trade place with Bulk as a Power Ranger? He could be the next Kirenger!

Oh my goodness, they're listening to Nirvana instead of Donovan! They're evil!!!!

What to do, Alpha? As I said, switch out Billy for Bulk, find some other plant for the Pink Ranger and you'll be fine.

So that's what those bars in the Command Center are for.

KIm really needs something more to enhance her bust.

Zordon: the all-seeing plot device.

Hey it's Barza! Seriously, I think he was better as an apartment super than a giant head.

Seriously, we know what a Mandragora is in US pop culture; don't treat us like we're idiots!

I still say those two are more interesting like this than as their normal selves.

And oh yeah, here's the Terror Toad.

Hey, Kim likes it. She's not bad.

After Pineapple last time, Zordon, I wouldn't call this one evil.

Yummy, forehead mouth!

More like Trini's head on his belly.

Biiiig belly.

Yeah, as silly as it looks, it really is a problem.


I'd send those two for comedy purposes.

Now that's an "aye-yi-yi-yi-yi" I agree with.

Greenhead? I say Zordon's more sky blue.

Yes, Putties! Let's see what Alpha can do.

Eh, robots are just too much for them. I give up.

Someone should have said "candle jack" first before he pulled that thing up.

Meanwhile back in stock footage...things are going terribly.

Take it like a man, Jason; you just lost your BFF due to that cowardice!

So you counter red creme creme? Makes sense

I wouldn't trust that drink, you two: Alpha made it.

I'm going to miss those two. Being punks made them so much more personable.

Kim, you should appreciate the fashion upgrade your bad side did.

Eh, evil Kim's Terror Toad reaction was funnier.

Um, why didn't you tell Jason that, Zordon. HE'S THE ONE WITH THE SWORD!

They're holding hands...which means...DUAL AURORA WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks better without the horn I suppose.

Guess he'll have to eat them the typical toad way. Yum.

That's just like #17 going down. Terror Toad mutation incoming!

Ewww..neck mouth!

Pink and Blue together...getting Houka/Urara vibes suddenly.

That wasn't smart, Billy. Stick with being a punk!

Hey, where did Baboo come from?

And a belly mouth too. All those mouths; must be Eye Guy's old partner.

Nice, Kim gets the kill...yeah it was Mei originally but seeing her kill a MotW on her own gives creedence.

I think the headache this time is just letting Baboo do...well, anything.

And back to boring Kim. Yawn.

Nice, Trini in a leotard.. She's got it going on. Front and back!

Hey, Skull got a jacket. Pants are still ripped but it's still classy.

Yeah...I wasn't in my typical clean cut mindset back when I said I wanted to date you...sorry.

Bulk and Trini? Nah, don't see i.

And there's generic Billy too.

Goggle Eyes. Seriously, that means he can use his Red Gem now to see Bulk's attack! Not a good idea.

Least he aimed for the right idiot.

And...down goes the net.

Get that shirt off, Trini! Let's see you shake it some more!

Thoughts: The infamous Inoue episode; and I think PR did a good job in actually making it work for itself. "Punk" Billy and Kim were way more entertaining than their time-locked typical selves and seeing them stretch themselves was a blast, particularly with the Skull dating thing. Sadly, the Terror Toad was rather dull as a plot point and the Barza fight footage is used in a flashback while Alpha...just shocks some putties.

Peace, Love and Woe: aka: Meet the Original Female Blue Ranger!


Wait, is Trini training with Jason? Or is it a karate vs. kung fu thing?

And here comes the demolition duo.

Trini, watch where you're going with Bulk skatin' around!

Giant cake incoming!

Hey at least Bulk got free cake before anyone else.

A monster when they least expect it? Isn't that your whole strategy, Rita?

Hey, maybe those two can make something from clay. They may have bigger ideas than you'd think.

This time? Did Madame Woe do anything last time Rita regrets?

Pay for the cake? They're not made of money; Ernie, and you seem to pay for things rather easily yourself with your insurance policy!

Teaching Billy to dance again? Then what was the point of "Different Drum"?

Not interested in feminine attention...are you sneaking that in for a reason, David?

Dancing for girls; yeah Zack would know of it better.

I wonder what Billy's into: women, men or machines?

Hey, weather's important science. Remember "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"?

Sexy saxophones! This must be something big!

Oh great a female Billy. Didn't we just have little Willie several episodes ago?

Nerd love is just so different from real love.

If it weren't for the Billy element, I could definitely see her as a young Kendrix.

More like a match made in science class, Zack.

And what was with that Rita cutaway? That...did nothing in the stream of things.

Baby geniuses!? Oh great, they were part of that dumb franchise? (and if they knew each other, what took them so long to meet up again?)

He's so nervous...its like he wants nothing to do with girls.

It won't work, nerd girl: he's too bound up with his cult of dinozord worshippers.

"Huh?" Yep, he's clueless.

Biggest one? Bigger than his own wedding!? Or Angel Grove's Senior Prom?

Billy's reactions either continues to prove he's gay or a coward.

Yep, she's asking him...he just isn't made for this thing.

He's only doing it out of courtesy...or if he didn't the Rangers will use him as target practice.

Yep, get to know one another...that's the words of an awkward person.

She's getting cuter by the moment and Billy's getting more and more lost.

"The weather" let's see how lightning strikes the ground, huh?

Wait, Madame Woe wasn't a creation? Seriously, which are Finnster's and which are just friends of Rita?

Hmm...maybe she's the one behind Madness Weather.

Another dimension? Again? We just had this with Eye Guy!

That's not a flower. But hey, could work.

So she thinks that nerd is a Power Ranger? Somehow wish she was but...Zordon's not giving Morpher's out to everyone you know.

She really needs better linking for that necklace.

Yep, she's screwed over. This isn't going to be a long relationship.

This is the problem with Rita knowing who they are and the MotW not. But hey, Madame Woe didn't get photos of those five.

And what are flowers to do with the weather, Billy? Or is this part of your experiment?

Seriously, this is just like "I, Eye Guy", only at least Billy realizes nerd girl is gone now instead of not really! (wait, her name is Marge? And when did they reveal that?)

Surrounded by Putties and ducks...I wouldn't trust those ducks.

All that training and he's doing nothing? At least attempt something!

That was a quick run to the park.

Considering Trini wasn't in the fair fight two episodes ago, it's great to see her in American footage.

Putties shouldn't pin down Jason...ever.

Um, Billy, Marge did make it but her necklace was dropped. Get it straight!

Can't we just keep hearing Billy babble, Zordon? It's probably more interesting than your alert..

Of course Rita's behind it. She's behind everything in these guys lives now!

No it isn't your fault: Madame Woe just didn't pay attention to orders.

Woe or trouble? It doesn't sound as poetic; just say she causes woe and leave it at that!

Combine your powers? They do that all the time; so what do they do this time?

Awesome! Five-to-one combination; that's Kamen Rider logic there!

Seriously, Madame Woe's dimension hopping is rather sickening to go through.

Oh, hey Marge. Pay no attention to the guy who sounds like Billy...and who just said your name.

Just say you're the Blue Ranger. Madame Woe thinks its her so she wouldn't care...

Feel the power of prehensiled pigtail braids!

Your weapons are no match for...floating!

Water and wind together...that must be cold.

Seriously, Madame Woe; pay no attention to the Blue Ranger there and just keep tormenting Marge. It got you this far.


Super Billy's about as powerful as regular Billy. Sure this was a good idea?

Cold front dead ahead!

Really, she should be known for her pigtails more than her weather powers.

Maybe if we sent Zack or Jason or something, this wouldn't be such a problem.

Madame Woe's forehead looks so...bare...without that crystal.

So the power of five is for...crushing the gem. Well it did it's job.

Marge looks so confused being there with the spandex heroes.

I swear, being around Power Rangers had a cuteneing effect on Marge.

That is the most menacing I've seen Billy yet.

Yeah, no Power Slingers yet. But hey, any usage of the Power Cannon works too.

We'll miss you, Madame Woe. I think you're as adorable as Marge and powerful as the Rangers.

And the footage of the wrong weapon hitting's still shocking how late this ep was done in Zyu.

OK, Billy, you work well with her. Reveal your identity and that will seal the deal!

And Bulk and Skull...are in Groucho glasses? And is Skull's plastic?

And now her hair is down. Marge just keeps getting cuter the more this episode goes!

Considering your clothing, Marge, I think your color preferences...are obvious. (at least she hasn't met Honami Moriyama)

Hey, he may have an interest in girls after all...oops, never mind.

I say you're more into purple if the necklace has something to say.

And there Zack goes about dancing again.

You could tell even with the pink jacket, Ernie?

Yeah their a couple...of what, we'll see.

I'm with Skull, this is

Well that's one way to make dirty money.

OK, Ernie, you ruined that one yourself. You're even.

Sandwiches? At a party? Since when?

With all the cake smashing, they really need to work those calories off.

I'm with Bulk and Skull: Ernie shouldn't dance. Ever.

Thoughts: This one was on all cylinders from start to finish: good comedy, great monster in Madame Woe, no annoying fairies like the Zyu version...and of course, an interesting story with Billy's love life, despite what we find out about David Yost later. And can I please make it personal canon that Marge is actually Kendrix prior to college, space training and getting a job at Terra Venture? (she never shows up again so...)
A review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episodes 11-13: No Clowning Around, Power Ranger Punks, & Peace, Love and Woe
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Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
We actually have 2 female blue rangers. Their names are Tori and Madison
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I know (and heck, Megumi and Ako were prior to Zyu in Sentai in Liveman and Jetman respectively), but I was joking more or less considering it's only the 13th episode and we have a girl who a monster thinks is the Blue Ranger.
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
Ah when I discovered the show on Netflix I just skipped straight to the Green Ranger saga
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Eh.  That's the problem with the passage of time: those who weren't there can't really understand it like those who were.  Sue me, I watched the show from day one in 1993 and remembered there were things of note prior to Tommy and thus why I wanted to rewatch the show to rediscover them and maybe see what I didn't.
Zigs-Lotheon Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
I don't know who'd want to sue you I'm pretty sure if they tried to that lizard mafia girl of yours would be knocking on their door XD
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