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Should "Heartbreaker" and "Dreammaker" return this Valentines Day; and should there be a "Lovetaker" too? 

8 deviants said Yes, more Quinn and Brittany is good; but just keep it to them
6 deviants said Yes, that would be adorable; and I have an idea for Lovetaker (suggest)!
5 deviants said Yes...but shouldn't they be a Hyde and a bear?
4 deviants said No, it was just another one of your distractions, Ataru
1 deviant said No, you should do THIS for Valentines! (suggest idea)
No deviants said No, but here's my idea for Lovetaker!
This journal more or less just came to me having talked to another person on DA about "Adventure Time".  While not the best show on CN currently (Steven Universe is), it is something I have remained loyal to due to its consistent quality with its quirkiness.  But this ends up coming from this whole idea that the show is actually starting to head somewhere that could potentially lead to an end.  In particular, its just this nagging feeling in the back of my head of it being a show that is starting to solve a lot of the main mysteries of the series and getting closer to actually, possibly reaching a conclusion.  But at the same time its a show that seems to drive me nuts with some of its decisions: on occasion going with a "the more things change, the more they stay the same" philosophy with some aspects (letting Jake have kids but have them grow up overnight so he could stay with Finn all the time); while other times appearing to actually get closer to getting what could be a greater resolution of major story aspects...and then stringing them along while we get random dumb episodes between important elements; or sometimes giving us things we should have had long ago but doing it in a way where it just doesn't feel like it matters in the long run.  The last one sort of felt like a nagging aspect in last week's episode: while I like having another episode of Susan Strong, the episode just felt like it was just more randomness only Susan starred in it...and started to actually reveal something about her in a way which really just doesn't matter to the main story considering Finn and Jake are doing random stuff while this is happening. (I get the soda in the episode mattering to Marceline but to those two they just were there...because...and to have that stupid ending joke)  And even so, who knows if it really matters in the long run considering where the story is now and what's going on, particularly with really important things like "will Finn get the actual truth from his dad Martin and maybe meet his mom wherever she is?" or "will Betty actually find a way to finally save Simon Petrikov from the Ice Crown?" (though we are getting a Marceline mini-series this year so that isn't so bad)  But instead we'll probably just get more "Jake acts like a brick for 11 minutes" episodes...heh, all to just keep it going for whomever.

And its that which sort of just bugs me about the industry in general, whether it is TV, movies or anything: where does one draw the line between art and commerce?  I get the importance of having a TV show or movie or franchise out there, but when does one just finally say "the end" once and for all...or at least for a while while it recharges its batteries?  Some would probably say 'milk it for as long as you can', but when does that end and how long does it take until someone just says "enough, I want to tell my own stories" or "I want to do something different regardless of what the people or the network think"?  Its sort of one of the reasons I can't stand how some franchises just keep going on and on with no end even if even the creators seem  sick of it because the network or the fans or someone just keeps wanting it.

I sort of remember another conversation I had with :iconnoratcat: a while back about Spongebob of all things, in particular the new movie.  This movie (which I haven't seen) is the return of the creator to the franchise after the first movie was supposed to end the franchise once and for all.  But somehow someone at Paramount/Viacom/Nick saw that it should keep going...and keep going it did.  It got terrible but sadly people kept watching it and watching it.  The sponge just wouldn't go away and its been so long now that the creator is refreshed but the franchise just hasn't gone anywhere.  I wish it would end and that network would find something new, better or more interesting, but unfortunately its like someone is making money or someone is watching it no matter how putrid it becomes and thus it keeps going. (well outside them buying TMNT outright to right that nostalgia wave I'm intentionally avoiding even if I've heard good things about the Nick show)  The same  thing is sort of why I feel rather disgusted by someone like Matt Groening, one who originally saw a set time limit for "The Simpsons" back when it was good in the 1990s and wanted to move on to Futurama and other concepts.  And don't get me started on the tons of other franchises that continue to just pump out terrible movies just to remain out there just because someone is making money.

This all just makes me think of a certain movie line: "you either die a hero...or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain".  I'm not saying franchises are bad considering some appear, go away, then come back refreshed some time later.  But I just wonder when does creativity and completion win out over being shoved money and an obsessed fanbase that is willing to buy anything, no matter how horrible, because "its part of it".

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