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Halloween 2014 - Jijy Varghese by Strangerataru
Halloween 2014 - Jijy Varghese
Name: Jijy Varghese
Occupation: Second-in-Command, Browntail Pirates

The daugher of Indian merchants who did trade within China, she came in contact early on with Ming and became the conscious to prevent her from going too far with matters.  When Ming decides to head out to the sea (without telling of  her affliction), Jijy decides to come with in order to prevent the new pirate captain from diving off the deep end.  She has a love of curry dishes and a hatred for her mother who wishes her to live life more.

For some weird reason when I decided to make "Asian Pirates" with Ming and her crew, I knew I wanted a good swath of East Asia represented, not just China.  Jijy obviously I knew had to be on the crew and while probably she is capable of being a captain herself, I rather her as a second to make sure that Ming doesn't go too far.  If you know her, she probably left home due to family issues...which means she probably can commiserate with another character of mine.

Jijy Varghese, copyright :iconstrangerataru:
Art, copyright :iconhinomars19:
Halloween 2014 - Ming Huan by Strangerataru
Halloween 2014 - Ming Huan
Name: Ming Huan
Occupation: Captain, Browntail Pirates

The stubborn, ruthless captain of one of the most dangerous and rising threats to the reign of the Bluefins protecting San Genebra.  Ming had a peculiar rise in the arc of piracy: born to merchant parents in China who saw her as no good at anything, this chubby Chinese female ended up gaining a peculiar curse that transforms her into a bizarre monster unseen in the East.  Hearing of its existence potentially linked to the Americas, she followed a long path up through Asia, the Bering Strait and Tierra Del Fuego that ultimately lead to San Genebra, where she has quickly made her name  for  herself while trying to find the truth regarding her bizarre curse.

I was supremely surprised recently to realize that Ming, my original weremink, has a massive following; bigger than I imagined considering I haven't used her as much lately!  Thus when I knew I needed another pirate captain that was associated with an aquatic/semi-aquatic creature, I figured using her as a captain of a peculiar crew of "Asian Pirates"...which is probably weird in the Caribbean, but for our purposes really seemed to work out in the end.  Like Victoria, Ming kept her curse, which probably isn't associated with her problems in the main universes but I think allows for the captains to have something in common even if neither of them really realize it.

Ming Huan, copyright :iconstrangerataru:
Art, copyright :iconhinomars19:
Halloween 2014 - Ernestine (Jane) Blake by Strangerataru
Halloween 2014 - Ernestine (Jane) Blake
Name: Ernestine Blake (nickname: Jane)
Occupation: Navigator, Bluefin Pirates

A recent addition to the Bluefins crew; a studious, well educated girl who gives assistance to making maps  and plotting courses with the guidance of the captain.  However she has a paranoia that prevents her from speaking with the captain directly, always hiding behind a locked door due to what she claims to be seasickness but some claim may be a peculiar allergy to fish.  Some suspect she may be connected to a horrifying incident on an island involving a feral, humanoid "cat creature" who was causing chaos and stealing fish before vanishing just as Ms. Blake first joined the crew.  Due to her tough approach, she has just taken the nickname of "Jane" to not stand out.

This is the second of the girls from this set that actually still kept her "curse" from the regular, normal universe, though in this case its mostly because...having a catgirl on a pirate ship run by a girl who is secretly a mermaid is just funny.  Jane's mutation is probably caused by something else but she isn't telling anyone in this world her little secret and is trying to keep anyone from knowing out of fear and because of out of control and...nya...she gets in said form.

Ernestine "Jane" Blake, copyright :iconstrangerataru:
Art, copyright :iconhinomars19:
Halloween 2014 - Olivia Matthewson by Strangerataru
Halloween 2014 - Olivia Matthewson
Name: Olivia Matthewson
Occupation: Quartermaster/Cook, Bluefin Pirates

Though originally born of a devout Christian family and spending  much of her early days working on a farm (she claims they grew basic crops but some suspect she may have worked likewise with dairy cows), she had attempted to become a cook at a restaurant on San Genebra before circumstances lead her to be both cook and quartermaster to keep food rations manageable and edible.  Though she knows what to take on a long voyage, she does like making baked goods on occasion.

Olivia I had a bit of a tough time figuring how she'd fit in a world of pirates.  For the most part I saw her as more a cook due to her own cooking skills that have emerged as of late, plus as a quartermaster to keep the food and protect it, which is important considering who/what else is on the boat.  Sadly dairy supplies probably spoil fast on a ship like this, so probably she would have to keep track of things that can last long voyages...though I do wonder if she keeps any salted beef on board for the Bluefins...

Olivia Matthewson, copyright :iconstrangerataru:
Art, copyright :iconhinomars19:
Halloween 2014 - Sheri Roberts by Strangerataru
Halloween 2014 - Sheri Roberts
Name: Sheri Roberts
Occupation: Musketeer, Bluefin Pirates

Though seeming rather forboding to some with her appearance and her clumsy nature, she is considered a rather sharp eye with the gun, having trained in the wilderness of the North American colonies before joining the Bluefin crew.  While many don't consider her the best gunman in all the seas, her notability within the Bluefins has made her a particular target for the leader of the San Genebra military, who believes taking her down will ultimately take down the entire crew.

Since the ideas of the "American West" at this point in time are colonies that probably stretch out to the frontiers of Kentucky and Tennessee, it probably is hard to imagine Sheri giving off the impression she typically has...well aside from what people tend to see in her (and trust me I don't want to know if any wolves live out in Tennessee!)  As such, she fit as a gunner for the Bluefins; dunno how accurate she is but she has long as she doesn't trip on any cannonballs or anything.

Sheri Roberts, copyright :iconstrangerataru:
Art, copyright :iconhinomars19:
-I seriously hate that I have to be on alert at all times for anything that my family pulls or doesn't pull, particularly on matters which I want nothing more to do with anymore.  For instance, my mom had been helping out for the last few years with working at a polling place during primary and general elections and generally would have to go to a class just to assist in it (she can't escape it if she has to do it).  The only classes this election are Saturday...I originally had planned some carwork that had to get done (oil change, inspection, new wheel well), but due to my sister (who is a matter of her own) I was forced to potentially push it back to next weekend at first.  But now mom claims they aren't calling her and that I'm good to go for 10/11/14 for my carwork...except I know how the world goes: I prepare to go to the dealer Saturday morning and then BAM, someone calls mom to do the polls and she now has to go to the class, no excuses.  The good news is nothing has been said as of yet and my inspection/oil change is still going to presumably be on Saturday...but I'm just on edge thinking something will happen...because it always is.

-Meanwhile I'm once again stressing over things in the world I can't control; I hate when this happens and I know I shouldn't let it get to me but it does.  Something always does.  I should probably stop watching or reading the news but then I'd wouldn't be aware of anything and then I'd be blind and I hate being like that.  I know of ways to try and just let it roll off me but then something randomly makes me fret again.  Its part of who I am sadly.

-I know I try to appease people in what I get when I get them with regards to art but unfortunately I can't do that all the time.  I can't control my muses even if I wanted to and if I come up with an idea then I'll do it, even if it isn't necessarily popular, notable or even good.  I know people were excited seeing something different in my gallery recently but I dunno if I'll be getting too much of that sort of thing unless it really leads to motivation; I was motivated to do that and got it but now its like people want to see more and its just not my sort of thing I suppose...or at least in commisioning it.  If people want to commish my girls that's fine but for me to do it would really need motivation.

-I've been getting into an arguement with someone who says that things shouldn't end when I say otherwise.  I believe I admit that if something reaches its natural end then it should be allowed to end.  Nothing can and should last forever, regardless of popularity, relevance, notability or anything.  If something lasts a long time but has an end in site, that's one thing, but if it just keeps going meandering then really it will lose its spark somewhere and it wll overstay its welcome.  I'm not negative, I just like seeing things reach their potential and then go out while they still matter or still feel good or interesting.  And while some things can't or won't end, that's a matter of its own and should be taken case by case I suppose.


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