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-Its going to be a hectic few days here thanks to some new repairs (which I'm paying for mostly with mom chipping in a few aspects such as the storage facility that's on our driveway...again) in the living room.  Its been chaotic actually for a while now as we've been moving out stuff before the work starts but the real test is going to come when they start the work probably tomorrow.  I just sort of wish I'm able to get through this sanely but I fear I may not finish the tale I've been working on for a bit since I don't know who is going to be up or even where I'm going to be using my computer. (heck I'm even bringing it with me to work now but not to use but to keep out of the way while they do their work).  My only real hope is that there is no after-effects that lead to yet more repairs and more put into the money pit next time.

-I felt a bit bummed out the other day due to finally deciding to let go of a girl that I think just wasn't working out.  I don't mind long-distance relationships (I haven't even met anyone I've ever spoken to on the web so its no big deal if I don't meet a girl for a while) but trying to deal with someone half a world away who has a busy life of her own and who complains that you barely say anything other than "hello and good night" when you try to be courteous to them just felt like it was something that made me realize that it wasn't worth it. (well that and I'm not rich and I don't have connections)  I'm luckily talking to another girl now so its not like I'm completely a hopeless case but I think I'm sort of understanding what my sister says: marriage and love is just for the rich these days. (well I think its more "marriage is for the rich, sex is for the poor and us normal people get neither"...but lets' not go there)

-I've been thinking after rewatching a bit of a movie the other day about what the heck makes a girl "dowdy" to the media.  Mind you, it is a movie from another time but it made it seem like being "cute" with braids and having much more formality is "unattractive" while the lively, flapper-esque gypsy-like girl is the one everyone wants. (then again the movie was made in 1931)  Is there anything wrong with thinking the formal girl is adorable and the livelier one just seems a bit too lively at times?

-For those who are following my Sentai stuff: I will hopefully fully catch up with ToQger by this weekend or next; my hope being that I do three more eps (21-23) this weekend; maybe sneak in 24 and thus be finally back on track.  Meanwhile the Jetman going to be long I admit.  I'm currently up to pg. 48 of the review and talking about the main villain...and I still have a few other things to get to before I talk about the themes!  Yeah...this is going to be a long one.

-Thanks to those who gave suggestions on the "coloring" pics; I know I get tons of sketches but that's mostly as a money-saving factor.  I definitely would love seeing a few of the pics in color but unfortunately I get lazy or busy and just don't invest the time in getting more done with them outside just "get the pic and get it out there".  I like saving money, sue me.


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Would anyone like to see any of my pics inked and colored? 

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