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After my journal from last night I tried to figure out how to make it work with 32 episodes at least with what resources Power Rangers had (no Basco, no "extra teams" outside Dai and the 49 change quartet (Change, Flash, Mask, Five); the guests that have appeared in the last few years).  I made adjustments and ended up adding a couple extra but I only ended up with 40 sadly as such:

1: Gokai 1 ("Legend War", introduction)

2: Gokai 2 (Lead to first arc, could be a pt. 1 to work with the Briarwood/Newtech arc)

3: Gokai 3 (Magi/Mystic Force; pt. 1; use Chip or Xander)

4: Gokai 5 (Deka/SPD; pt. 2) - Connect Briarwood/Newtech connection; use Cruger

5: Gokai 4 (Gokai Blue focus)

6: Gokai 7 (Geki/Jungle Fury; Casey)

8: Gokai 6 (Use for getting to 9 instead of 8; link to Animarium with a book from the girl from this filler being the same "storybook" from Wild Force)

9: Gokai 9 (Gao/Wild Force, use Cole)

10: Gokai 13 (Gokai Pink focus)

11: Gokai 11-12 (Shinken/Samurai focus; Jayden)

12: Gokai 14 (Car/Turbo focus; TJ; potentially use some 24 elements so it wouldn't be a two-parter)

13-15: Gokai 17-19 (Gokai Silver introduction)

16: Gokai 23 (GoGoFive/Lightspeed focus; Carter/Dana; exorcise Basco but use another MotW with the Fireroid giant fight)

17: Gokai 22 (Gokai Silver focus)

18-19: Gokai 25-26 (Hurricane/Ninja Storm focus; try to get either Shane, Tori or Dustin; could use to connect to a bigger "space arc" due to the Earth/Space connection with Lothor)

20: Gokai 20 (Ginga/Lost Galaxy; Leo, pt. 1 of a "space arc")

21: Gokai 33 (Dai story; pt. 2 of "space arc", use to explain "Thunderzords power")

22: Gokai 39: (Mega/Space; pt. 3 of space arc, to link to "Angel Grove" storyline; Cassie and/or Karone)

23: Gokai 27 (Green/Blue switch)

24: Gokai 28 (Aba/Dino Thunder; pt. 1 of a "return to Angel Grove" arc, Tommy; actually have this start in Reefside to get him to go back to Angel Grove for 2-3)

25: Gokai 31 (Oh/Zeo; pt. 2 of "return to  Angel Grove", use another MotW suit for a general who conquers "the PR hometown")

26: Gokai 32 (pt. 3 of "Return to Angel Grove"; cannon created; try to link to MMPR/Zyu; hint at Ninjor)

27: Gokai 34: (Gokai Yellow story; end with unexpected gate between our universe and Cornith)

28-29: Gokai 35-36 (Go-Onger/RPM; Scott; two-parter to finally figure out how Cornith works into this whole thing)

30-31: Gokai 37-38 (Great Warz arc)

32: Gokai 21 (Bouken/Operation Overdrive (the Hartford duo); use to start a greater "Ninjor" story, have what could be Ninjor end up be Moltor with the real Ninjor lost "years ago")

33: Gokai 40 (Time/Time Force; Wes; pt. 2 of "Ninjor arc", time travel to fix the missing Ninjor)

34: Gokai 41 (Gokai Pink story; use arrival of emperor to prevent them from getting back to Ninjor immediately)

35: Gokai 42-43 (Gokai Green the "legendary hero"; Damaras' end)

36-37: Gokai 45-46 (Ninjor/MMPR 3/Alien Ranger/Kaku)

38-40: Gokai 49-51 (Finale)


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Hey I have a question? For Turboranger and Megaranger, did the high school setting work for it or do you think it limited it? Because I've been considering going for a high school setting with my sentai story. Just an idea.
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haven't seen Turboranger (it's coming January).  But with Megaranger, the HS setting actually was sort of interesting but balanced out due to the whole connection with INET.  I sort of wish the HS aspects were used more thinking it over, but I think it was used in the right sprinkles and more just gave color to the cast even with most of the important stuff associated with the INET connection.
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