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Seeing this as probably something a bit more than a typical musing, I had a really "interesting" trip today to Harrisburg.  I go there actually for a two-fold reason:

1: Bass Pro Shops is the only store I know of that sells Arthur Bryant's spice rub outside the Kansas City area and I hate paying for shipping charges. (plus the ride is a nice one to and from)

2: Due to various differences in soda distribution between Philly and our state capital, they have access to RC Cola...and we don't. (likewise since Pepsi owns the Dr. Pepper license there, they have "real sugar" Dr. Pepper as I discovered today too; Philly's Dr. Pepper license is with Coke so we're out of luck on the good stuff...then again if the world was fair then Moxie and RC would be the dominant colas and Coke and Pepsi would be the harder to get ones)

The trip out there was great, having figured out a fun ride on 322 that avoids all the mess around the Lancaster strip and goes around Ephrata and Hershey; the only potential trouble area is near Hershey but if you leave early enough there won't be anyone going to the theme park there yet. (plus there's a great truck stop that's locally owned...its not open on Sundays but that's like Chik-Fil-A so I assume it has to do with the religion of those who run it)  And Harrisburg Mall, where Bass Pro Shops is, went off without a hitch.  However before I left aside from getting the spice rub, I also picked up some buffalo jerky thinking it was going to be a bit before I had lunch.  Boy was I ever right about that...and that's where my trip gets interesting.

-Not too long beyond Harrisburg, I stopped in a Giant supermarket to get my soda...and it happens to be the Giant that happens to have a power outage.  The good news is it didn't affect me (since I was getting a 12-pack of RC Cola; which you have to search for but its there even if it isn't out with the displays of the big brands) but it was probably a foreboding of things to come.

-I decided to take PA283 back due to my desire to go down to West Chester to try a place that claims to be the only New Haven-style pizza in the Philadelphia area (and having had Modern Apizza on my trip up to Maine, I wanted to give it a chance).  I always forget about that snag that occurs when you hit that one strip of merging (it reminds me of a couple points on the Schukyll) and decided having hit a dead zone with music to listen to something on my cell.  Of course stupid me had to forget that there are some parts the satellites/transmitters don't reach (let alone a few local cable companies fighting to let you access their cable networks thus blocking your phone from playing) so my listening of ELO's "Out of the Blue" was cut off. (and on one of my favorite songs on the album too)

-And then...came West Chester.  A city in the Philly area I've never ever been to in my entire life having lived here as long as I have.  First of all, I end up missing the exit I need because I hate Google Maps' new method of giving out instructions. (its become terrible as of late and there really are no other options out there...seriously, Mapquest and Microsoft, isn't there an "Option D!?") There is hardly any parking until somehow I lucked out.  And then...after all I've been through...after everything I had gone through to get there...the New Haven Pizza place decides to take a week's vacation.  Yeah...I just crawled back to my car and left.  Didn't even eat for a long while after that and it was ultimately take-out at a Chik-Fil-A near the Wegman's mom wanted me to get stuff from.  

So I guess...not quite mission accomplished.  Harrisburg was perfect, the way back was crap.  So...50/50?

BTW: yeah I know now about Shout Factory's little announcement about a dinosaur fantasy series coming to DVD finally.  I hope this means more...but that's a dream honestly.  Zyuranger has the luxury because of Power Rangers (even with its importance otherwise in the Super Sentai meta-series for a lot of reasons) and it would be just insane to get everything in the US finally even with the potential of no one buying them but the crazy nutty fans  At this point I just want to see the 7 series that were in the "basic PR series that were adapted in a different way" (Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger, Ohranger, Carranger, Megaranger, Gingaman) come out here and I'd be satisfied.  And the 15 before...well I can see Jetman due to fans but I'd say the other 14 are hard-sell, even the important ones like Gorenger or series that have US roots like Battle Fever/Denziman/Sun Vulcan.  Definitely getting the Zyu set though when it does come out...


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