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-Well the good news is Total Drama Pahkitew Island and Gorenger are both done and I'm ready to write again. (making it easier: I've given up on Teen Titans Go finally so my 6PM watching time is now free to just walk)  The bad I'm trying to get through "One Piece: Romance Dawn" (its not that good a game but its a great reminder for a lot of what happened in OP I forgot since my manga are stored away and such); mostly so I can beat it and start "One Piece: Unlimited World Red".  Am I a hopeless case: yes I am.

-I swear that the whole mess of fixing up my room has lead to way more problems than good in the last couple years.  On one hand, we had this whole hell the last few weeks of flies going through our skylight (which we need to vent out hot water when we do baths and showers) and we had to get a new screen.  On the other: they removed some vents when they did the roofing back when my room (around my mom's room) was done...and now our ceiling is caving in!  And of course I have to pay for it...there goes some other thoughts I wanted to do with that money.  Its like I'm doing anything but planning my own future with it since its really hard for mom (and I'm living there anyway so why not).

-I've been getting into a discussion with a friend about OCs that really have "no purpose" and its just been a tough back-and-forth with them.  Just having characters just to have them I do agree is a waste (I have quite a few I created that have no story or nothing and that are just sitting there...if anyone wants them just ask if you think you can do better with them)  On the other hand, some OCs are used for stuff like role-playing or are just a person's mascot or a curiosity they want to see brought to life.  They may not have a comic or anything but it just is how muses work.  Trust me on that.

-I think I came to a decision and if anyone is willing to try and persuade me not to do this, then go ahead: I think after I finish ToQger, I'm not going to do a weekly watch of this sort ever again.  Its just too much of a hassle, being bugged on "if you've watched it yet" or trying to remember everything like when I do my end of series reviews, where at least its all fresh after 10 weeks instead of one episode a week for 52 weeks.  I will finish ToQ due to obligations and whatnot but I rather just have the whole series in my hand and watch it at my own pace.  It works the way I have had it for a few years now so why try to stop it?


Louis D. Blau
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United States
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Who OF These Do You Want in a Female Transformation Sequence Next? 

18 deviants said Liu Zhen (dragon)
18 deviants said Olivia Matthewson (cow)
13 deviants said Sheri Roberts (wolf)
6 deviants said Georgina Momozono (oni)
6 deviants said "Allure" Julie Hopkins (mink)
6 deviants said Brittany Sommers (bear)
5 deviants said Xiaofan (panda)
4 deviants said Other (list them below)


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